PGX Benefits | PGX Controls and Balances Blood Sugar Levels

PGX Benefits | PGX Controls and Balances Blood Sugar Levels | PGX Weightloss

Read More On Dr. Oz: Fantastic Four Disease Detectives With the New Power to Heal You; Functional Medicine; Advice on fighting fatigue, losing weight, ending medication dependencies and combating effects of menopause from Dr. Oz’s “disease detectives” The Fantastic Four (Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Susan Blum, Dr. David Perlmutter and Dr. Wendy Warner). Friday January 13th 2012 Dr. Mark Hyman Talks About PGX For Diabesity.


PGX counteracts the effects of carbohydrate-heavy meals to control and balance blood sugar levels. The same highly viscous fibre complex created by adding PGX to your meals, the one that helps you feel full and retain that feeling of satisfaction longer, is also your source of assistance in regulating blood sugar levels. The slowed digestion that you experience when using PGX Powder also slows the conversion of carbohydrates and other foods into sugar, resulting in a more gradual release of glucose into the bloodstream.

Blood sugar levels are less likely to spike when using PGX Powder. And when they don’t spike, blood sugar levels don’t tend to fall far enough to trigger excess production of insulin. Once PGX is incorporated into your diet and the recommended dosage is achieved, blood sugar can effectively be controlled and balanced.

“Dr. Oz did a show show today with John Gray called Dr. Oz How Hormones Affect Your Marriage With John Gray and he told us about a shake that he (John Gray) has been making and drinking them everyday for the last ten years, using PGX Powder along with Maca Powder and De-Natured whey protein powder, gogi berries, acai berries, cocoa powder, molasses and stevia. Dr. Oz called it the Marriage Saving Smoothie.”

What Is PGX

PGX, with its high-fiber composition, mixes with food to create a highly viscous fiber complex that reaches full viscosity 60-90 minutes after taking PGX with a meal. This gel matrix maintains its viscosity despite the influence of stomach acids, resulting in a slowed digestion process that helps keep you feeling full and satisfied longer after meals.

PGX is available in soft gelatin capsules, as well as in granules, meal replacement powder and capsules.

PGX Research Results: Using PGX as a weight-loss aid has been assessed in weight loss programs conducted at the Canadian Centre for Functional Medicine in British Columbia. In each of these programs, participants received healthy eating guidelines and were encouraged to be more physically active, in addition to being asked to consume 5 grams of PGX two to three times per day. Over 14 weeks the people that took PGX lost between 4.93 and 20.55 lbs (2.24 and 9.34 kg) with an average of 12.74 lbs(5.79 kgs).

Where To Buy PGX Powder

PGX is taken with meals and is available as a softgel capsule or in granular form. PGX is sold through grocery stores and pharmacies, health food stores, and through health care professionals and natural dispensaries. You can feel confident in using PGX, because it has been proven to be safe in two independent clinical trials.

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