Dr. Oz: 700 Pound Woman | Colleens Story

Dr. Oz: 700 Pound Woman Colleen Williams | Dr. Oz Intervention

Dr. Oz: 700 Pound Woman – Colleen Williams is 31 and weighs 700 pounds, she signed up for the “Move It and Lose It” challenge on “The Dr. Oz Show”. Dr. Oz was so touched by her story, that he flew to her hometown in Phoenix to get her started on a life-saving weight loss journey. She’s trapped in her own body. At 700 pounds, Colleen knows her addiction to food is killing her – and wants to change her fate. Here, Coleen tells her story, from childhood to the struggles she faces every day. Dr. Oz begins his intervention with a house call. During a tearful confession with Dr. Oz, Colleen admits her greatest fear is not only dying, but letting go of her only source of comfort: food. This segment of the Dr. Oz: 700 Pound Woman | Colleens Story in case you missed the show today.

As of today October 20 on Dr. Oz 700 Pound Woman Colleen Williams Lost 120 Pounds

Dr. Oz April 12 Colleen Williams Update:Dr. Mehmet Oz brings back severely obese viewer favorite Colleen Williams and her husband, Derrick, for their third appearance on Doctor Oz. The 31-year-old Phoenix woman, who recently tipped the scales at 700 pounds, is working with Oz and his team of trainers, nutritionists and shrinks on a weight-loss program. (she’s shed 30 pounds so far) Colleen Williams | 700 Pounds And Losing

Dr. Oz In Case You Missed It Woman’s Life At 700 LBS.-Colleens Story:

“I’m addicted to food, I am addicted to eating, I’m addicted to the feeling it gives me, the calm that it brings and it’s killing me.” At ten years old Colleen was 180 pounds, at age 16 she weighed 240 pounds and at 21 she weighed 581 pounds.

“I’ve been overweight my entire life and now at 31 I am a little over 700 pounds. I was beyond bullied when I was growing up. I was called names, people would make animal noises when I would walk down the hallway, people would throw food at me, I was emotionally mutilated everyday.

I hurt every single day, the pressure that is being put on my joints, my muscle and my back, I can’t really walk that far maybe 30 forty steps before i’m winded. I have problems breathing when I sleep, so I sleep sitting up. My poor husband has to sleep at the foot of the bed just so I have enough room to move around. I can’t lay next to him and whisper with him and have those quiet night time talks because I am across the bed.

Derek does so much for me and I feel like such a burden, there are just certain things you want to be able to do for yourself and you can’t stand long enough to take a shower by yourself or even take a normal shower anymore, it’s so humiliating.

I want to have a family, I want to be a mom, but if I don’t do something were never going to have that. ”

Dr. Oz showed up at Colleen’s home and explained to her that he came so he could understand what was going through her mind and understand how she got here. Dr. Oz asked her to talk to him about food and the role it plays in her life. She told Dr. Oz her relationship with food is she constantly looking to avoid the stress of everyday life, the stress of all the things I carry with me from growing up and bury it under mountains of food.

Colleen: “There are just so many things I don’t want to feel, there’s so much pain and when I eat it somehow numbs it, makes it go away, makes it tolerable. It’s the one thing that’s ever been stable for me, the food has always been there.”

“I feel trapped, I just can’t get up and do what I want to do, I want to be able to get behind the wheel of any car, I want to be able to run a 5K, I want to be able to dance with my husband. It would be nice feel like I could wake up in the morning and anything could be possible, I can do anything with this day that I want to do and I have never had that luxury as an adult.”

Dr. Oz:What are your big fears

Colleen: ” I am afraid I am going to die, and I am afraid the people that I love are going to so resentful because I actively made choices that brought me here and that’s just heart breaking. I’m afraid I am going to suffer as I die. I’m afraid if I don’t do something in the next years of my life while i’m dying from this disease it will be painful and I don’t want to suffer like that. It’s not that I don’t want to get better, it’s not that I don’t want to face things, it’s not that I don’t want a better life, it’s I don’t know how to get it!”

Dr. Oz said he is going to do everything he can to help Colleen, he told her he is committing to her and that she has to commit back to him. She told him she would commit to this 150% because she knows what an excellent opportunity this is, and that too many great opportunities have passed her by.

Dr. Oz promised her his help and with tears streaming down her face she told Dr. Oz Thank You!

Dr. Oz & Colleen’s Intervention

Within a couple of days of Dr. Oz making the house call to Colleen’s they were on stage at the Dr. Oz Show. Colleen told Dr. Oz she was really nervous but also really excited to see what happen’s because she doesn’t want to feel like this anymore. Dr. Oz asked Colleen who is trapped in there under all that weight and what’s that colleen like?

She told Dr. Oz she is “challenged in expressing good things about myself, but underneath all this ultimately is someone who is really hurt but has infinite potential, I think I am a smart person, a good person. I’m generous, I’m loving, but I don’t get to show that to very many people because I don’t let anyone get very close. I’m scared, i’m scared of being hurt, i’m scared of being rejected, i/m scared of being abused. I was verbally and emotionally abused in public and my own home growing up. ”

My dad was pretty rough around the edges, he was very emotionally and verbally rough on all of us, so home wasn’t safe and then I would go to school or go to the park or wherever and that wasn’t safe either. I got pushed, I got shoved, I got hit, I got dirt thrown in my face, I got food thrown at me. I was in high school, 16 & 17 year olds, people who in two years are going to be able to vote and make decisions about our country were throwing food at me. I look at it now, all these years later and it’s just unreal to me what I endured and then I kept going everyday.”

Dr. Oz asked Colleen what she feared most about losing the weight?

Colleen: I think for me it’s the fear of letting go of the one thing that I have always been able to turn to. If I can’t turn to the food I don’t know where I’m going to go and I don’t know what I’m going to do and I don’t know how it’s going to turn out and i’m afraid of having something to lose.”

Dr. Oz: “You’re such a smart woman, you understand this so well. What would it take for us to move you from a victim to a survivor, get past that fear you’re talking about so honestly?”

Colleen:I think at the end of it all it’s up to me, I got to commit and got to go 100% at everything I do. I’ve got to love myself with as much fervour as I love the people in my life.”

Dr. Oz & Colleens Family

Colleens husband Derek joined Dr. Oz and Colleen on stage at this point and Dr. Oz told Derek that he could see how much he loved Colleen by the bathing to the support he has given her at every level. And after spending those couple of days, Colleen has trouble walking 30 feet, so someone has to get the food for her, someone actually has to all the things that allow her deal with things in her life that aren’t ideal. Dr. Oz asked Derek does he feel responsible for that and he answered him saying “In a lot of ways yes.”

Derek told Dr. Oz Colleen gets angry with him when he tries to push back a little bit and not do some things for her and they can get into some heated arguments and her telling him to leave her alone for a few minutes.

Dr. Oz asked Colleen if she thought she was manipulative? and she replied “I use anger as a manipulative tool. Like anyone who is addicted to anything, if you try to stand between them and their drug of choice their going to get angry. I think that is what happens, I/m strong arming the people I love into giving me what I want because I give them two choices ‘Give in or fight’. At some point your just exhausted you just can’t keep fighting all the time. Unlike me who when I want what I want, I’ll fight for it.”

Colleens Mom Brenda joined into the realm of everything and Dr. Oz asked her if she felt responsible in any way for Colleen being over 500 pounds as a teenager graduating high school? She replied “Yes I feel responsible and I have a lot guilt over it, I was going through an awful lot at the time and I obviously have a weight problem myself and have lost over 100 pounds but it’s an ongoing thing if there is addiction going on throughout the family, everybody is over weight, it’s a common thread. I had Colleen when I was very young, not to make excuses I should have said no and I didn’t. My biggest fear for Colleen is she won’t survive this “.

Colleen: I eat because sometimes just the physical feeling of fullness of having that food in my body, somehow that physical feeling can supercede my emotional feeling and I don’t have to deal with it. Sometimes I will eat to the point I am sick, miserable and don’t feel good, but at least I am so preoccupied with how I physically feel, I don’t have to emotionally acknowledge what’s going on.”

After refusing medical tests for 15 years, and at 700 pounds Colleen Williams begins treatment at a top weight-loss clinic. Colleen took the first steps when Dr. Oz took her to meet her new team of doctors at Arizona Weight Loss Solutions and she drove while Dr. Oz sat in the passenger seat. Every member of the core team at Arizona Weight Loss Solutions met with Colleen individually. Nutritional education and tools to use for morbid obesity.

Before the team could even begin to help Colleen they needed to get her baseline numbers and that meant Colleen had to face her deepest fears which brought Colleen to tears while she repeatedly told Dr. Oz she was really scared and and felt like she was going to throw up, she had so much panic and anxiety she felt like she couldn’t breathe .

They went through an hour long battle to get her blood drawn, as much as she knew she needed to know the numbers, it was a very emotional moment. They did 250 blood tests with the blood drawn from Colleen that day. Dr. Oz picked a few of the results today to talk to Colleen about while on the show.

Colleens Truth Tube Numbers:

Blood Pressure-180/110
Fibroblast Growth Factor-158 should be <35 - Dr. oz said that number needs to change or she will die of a cancer. CRP-Immeasurable - CRP should be <1 Vitamin D Level-10 - Vitamin D Level should be >30 – Dr. Oz said that was the lowest Vitamin D level he has ever seen. Which means that Colleen’s bones are crumbling, which will cripple her and told her when she can’t move she will die.

Colleen told told Dr. Oz she is dying and he told her is not going to let her die! Dr. oz told her he doesn’t know what it’s like to weigh 700 pounds and Colleen told him she doesn’t know what it’s like to be skinny.

Dr. Oz told Colleen: “I know how important it is to have a mentor who’s been down this path who knows your struggle, I love you dearly and I think I’ve found the perfect person, Ruby.

Dr. Oz also found Williams a mentor in television personality and formerly catastrophically obese Ruby, who has her own show on the Style Network.

Ruby was 716 pounds her weight was controlling her every move and she knew she had to beat this herself. For the last 3 years Ruby has allowed America to follow her every step with obesity. With the help of trainers, doctors and nutritionists Ruby has lost over 300 pounds and in doing so has become a role model for millions.

With a very emotional Colleen Dr. Oz introduced Ruby, it was an emotional moment for all of us, not just Colleen. Colleen said ” Ruby was the only person in public that looked like me.”

Ruby told Colleen when she starts to feel the pain and she will feel the pain and want to give up she will be there for her and not let her give up.

Ruby told Colleen until you fix why you are eating which is mental, emotional, psychological nothing is going to help you and you got to be honest.

Kim Lipsman-Behavioral Health Therapist Eating Disorder & Trauma Therapy said: “we are going to build a relationship over the next year that is built around trust. We are going to take that emotional stomach and that physical stomach and start moving them apart and we”ll deal with the emotional stomach in the emotional realm and were going to get that physical stomach on track so it eats when it’s hungry, stops when it’s full but that takes small steps, really, really, really small and that’s the fastest way for us to get there.”

Bally Total Fitness gave her a one year membership and personal trainer Frank will be there waiting for her.

Dr. Oz will be following her story as it transforms!

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