DR. OZ: Colleen Williams | 700 Pounds And Losing

Dr. Oz: Colleen Williams | Dr. Oz Challenge Updates On Colleen | 700 Pounds And Losing

Dr. Oz Colleen Williams; Dr. Oz Challenges; On today’s episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz brings back severely obese viewer favorite Colleen Williams and her husband, Derrick, for their third appearance on Doctor Oz. The 31-year-old Phoenix woman, who recently tipped the scales at 700 pounds, is working with Oz and his team of trainers, nutritionists and shrinks on a weight-loss program. (she’s shed 30 pounds so far) Oz also has reality star Ruby from The Style Network — herself a former 700-pounder serving as Colleen’s mentor. Colleen’s Story…Click Here!

Dr. Oz- Colleen’s Update May 19th…Click Here. Dr. Oz sends Colleen on another challenge. Lose 100 pounds by September.

700 pound Colleen Williams is back today for a dramatic update. Dr. Oz gave Colleen two challenges to help her to stand on her own. Challenge #1, food shopping all by herself so she controls everything that goes in her mouth. Colleen hasn’t been a store by herself for at least 3 or 4 years. While Colleen is out shopping Derrick uses his time to do a little job hunting. The grocery shopping took Colleen a few hours, and after loading the groceries and her buggy into the trunk of the car she was totally exhausted, hard time breathing and in pain. Once home she carried all the groceries in on her own.

Her second Dr. Oz challenge is releasing anger in a positive way with her trainer in which she forcibly slams a basketball on the floor for every bit of anger she had to release.

Dr. Oz asked Colleen “What was the hardest part?” She told Oz the the grocery store was particularly difficult, the loading the car and unloading the car was the hardest part of this challenge. There have been a lot of issues about Colleen’s scooter which has been causing a lot of anger problems, and Dr. Oz asked her “How can you let a scooter control your life?”

Colleen said the biggest thing she has figured out in the last 5 weeks is that “I’m not who I was 5 weeks ago, I have an ability to push through things when it’s really hard, I’ve spent years caving when it’s really hard and enabling myself and expecting everyone else to do the same thing.”

Dr. Oz asked Colleen “How has taking control of your life again impacting your life with Derek, your family and your home?”

Colleen told Dr. Oz that if she is not asking Derek to do something then she’s not nagging him, not complaining and not being impatient because she is doing it. She went on to say it’s been very nice because there is not as much tension, yelling and fighting.

Oz moved on to talk with Derek about the job search situation which apparently is coming along pretty well, and that trying to find a job, has become a job in itself but has a job interview lined up for monday.

Colleen angry with Dr. Oz? – Dr. Oz confronted Colleen to ask about her being angry with him after the last show. She said she felt like she wasn’t painted as a bully. Dr. Oz showed a clip on what happened after the show at the hotel. Colleen confronted Derek about the cheating, how he looked like the good guy for making all the sacrifices and taking all the abuse from her.

Dr. Oz explained to Colleen this show is not about Derek, that it was about healing her, and asked her what happened when they got home. She told Dr. Oz she had ate pizza at the hotel and ate candy from the gift shop. Dr. Oz’s face was a look of sheer disbelief. She said it was the one thing she knew how to do to suppress those awful feelings and that was to eat, she did this for 8 days!

Dr. Oz looked like the father of a child that just told him about the horrible thing they had just done.

Dr. Oz told Colleen it doesn’t bother him that she fell of the wagon, he said he doesn’t care how she falls, he cares about how she gets back up again.

She told Dr. Oz on the day of Dereks’ job interview the car was parked a distance from the home, so she had to walk to the car and discovered she could do this now. She said she was so proud of herself and that little victory was all she needed. She see’s this as ‘if I can do this now, what can I do 50 pounds from now.

Colleen’s Truth Tube #’s

Colleen’s Weight 701 Pounds – Colleen weighs 667 Pounds Today-loss of 34 lbs. in 5 weeks!

Blood Pressure 180/100 – Today Colleen’s B/P 134/84

Resting Heart Rate 119 – Today 108

Dr. Oz then moved on to Colleens relationships, especially with her mom. Dr. Oz confronted Colleen’s mother and said “I can’t see how your relationship couldn’t be part of the problem with what’s going on with Colleen.” and apparently Oz sent Colleen and her mom to therapy with Lim Lipsman, Dr. Oz told her that a lot of people are going to say it’s the mom’s fault Colleen was 500 pounds when she graduated high school.

Oz asked her if she was guilty of enabling Colleen and her reply was yes, but as of today she said it’s not her fault anymore, she can’t continue to take blame for everything.

Dr. Oz has a challenge for both Colleen and her mom and Derek is involved in this one also. And WOW what a shocker this was!

Dr. Oz wants Colleen to move in with her mom for 5 days, she is to do all the cooking and all the little things that everyone has been doing for all these years, and 30 minute workout each day together. All while Derek is just shaking his head and laughing while Oz tells Brenda she has to eat the same foods Colleen eats and at the end of everyday for 5 minutes they are to look at each other and say why they love each other.

After 5 days they are to take a shoe box and write down all the past issues they’ve had, the guilt, anger, frustrations, the let downs and then take it out back and bury it. Oz told both women this relationship has to heal or Colleen cannot heal.

Derrick got 5 days to go out and keep looking for that job and make it happen, and Oz said he wants him to come back with a pay stub.

Colleens’ Previous Update On the Dr Oz Show March 24th: We got to check in and see how Colleen, the 700-pound woman was doing, Colleen has lost 35 pounds so far, and it got personal. Now Colleen returns, at 700 pounds can she face Dr. Oz ‘s new challenge, or will it push her over the edge. Dr. Oz did an intervention on her last month and she agreed to get medical treatment for her weight problem.

Dr. Oz challenged Colleen to do everything for herself for one day, which meant not asking or forcing her husband Derek to do everything for her. Colleen accomplished the dishes, laundry, and bathed herself which was always done by Derek.

We found out in this update on Colleen, that in the past Derek had cheated on her. Dr. Oz says Colleen is addicted to being in control of Derek and punishing him. Dr. Oz challenged them to spend the next week taking care of themselves first and then each other. Colleen has to do all the food shopping and preparation and self care. Dereks task is that he had to figure out what he enjoys doing and spend time doing that.

Dr. Oz 700 Pound Woman Colleen Williams Returns April 12th Update

It’s an epic undertaking, complicated by the Williams’ increasingly strained relationship. For years, Derrick a classic enabler has waited on Colleen hand and foot, feeding and bathing her because she can’t (or won’t) do things for herself. During their last appearance, Dr. Oz labeled them both addicts: She’s addicted to being a manipulator; he’s hooked on being bossed around. “And both fear that dynamic will change when Colleen loses the weight,” says Oz.

Dr. Oz gave myfoxny.com an update on Colleen Williams, 700 pound woman on April 11th before doing the Stress Test Show in which he talked about the bioharness and wanted to know about weight loss, it’s on everone’s mind especially with summer coming. Oz told Fox that Colleen is is this fascinating woman who was 500 pounds when she graduated high school. Her mom is one of the culprits in the equation. Colleen has an issue with anger but she doesn’t see it that way and it’s all about control. Oz went to say people are fascinated by her, but also fascinated by her husband Derek as well.

The Fox team asked Dr. Oz if he has considered the bypass surgery for her because it’s not like she has 20 or 30 pounds to lose, it’s a few hundred pounds. Dr. oz said these always fail if you don’t deal with the emotional issues first