Dr. Oz: Fat And Fit | Dr. Glenn Gaesser Goes Head To Head With Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz: The Doctor Who Says Dr. Oz Is Wrong About Weight Loss | Dr. Gaesser

Dr. Oz: Dr. Glenn Gaesser Fat And Fit; Dr. Oz is under attack – Being over weight has no harmful effect on your heart or your health; Dr. Oz goes head-to-head with the doctor who thinks everything Dr. Oz believes about weight loss is wrong! He says an individual can be fat and fit, right now there is no epidemic of obesity in America, the statistics are wrong. Who’s right? You decide. Could the Number on the Scale Mean Nothing?

Dr. Oz flat out said he doesn’t agree with what Dr. Gaesser is saying, he respects his work, the endeavours he made to come after him with that video and wanted to hear his apposing views.

Dr. Oz Weight Loss

There’s an obesity crisis in the United States, but there’s a doctor who believes it’s not a threat to millions of Americans. Can you be fat and fit? Meet the man who doesn’t believe the scale is a measure of your health. Dr. Glenn Gaesser says that being overweight has nothing to do with being unhealthy, and disagrees with everything Dr. Oz has to say about weight loss. Could an individual be fat and fit after all?

Dr. Glenn Gaesser; Exercise physiologist Glenn Gaesser explains his controversial belief that excess body fat is not harmful to your health in his book ‘BIG FAT LIES’ says you can be fat and fit and that number on the scale is meaningless and right now in America there is no epidemic of obesity. Dr. Oz gets pretty frustrated with Dr. Gaesser’s claims.

It’s a very controversial show today on Dr. Oz – Are there no health risks to being fat? Dr. Oz says there are a growing body of doctors and researchers that believe that very idea, that’s contrary to what Oz tells us every single day. These doctors along with Dr. Gaesser think that being over weight has no harmful effect on your heart or your health. This doctor feels so strong that Dr. Oz is wrong about weight loss that he posted a youtube video.

Dr. Glenn Gaesser, responds to The Dr. Oz Show segment, “Are Carbs the new Cocaine?,” setting the record straight about the health benefits of grain foods and debunking the ridiculous notion that carbs could be as addictive as illicit drugs. Here is what Dr. Gaesser says in a Dr. Gaesser youtube video about Dr. Oz

Dr. Gaesser youtube video

Dr. Gaesser believes he knows the secret to staying healthy. He levies it is a big myth in America that if you are over weight you’re going to die sooner than someone who is not overweight. An Individual can be fit and fit and weight is a very poor predictor of one’s health.

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Gaesser ‘What is it that we doctors have gotten so wrong’ and he told Oz that fitness is much more important than being thin. This data has been around for a long time.

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The first thing Oz and Gaesser disagree on is that Dr. Oz says obesity is an epidemic, Dr. Gaesser says obesity crisis is making us obese. Gaesser says if you look at the data on the body weight of americans over the last few decades they have risen from about 1980 – 2000 the average weight of the average american increased. Over the last ten years it has levelled off, so I don’t think we have to focus that much on the weights of americans but how they got so big.

Gaesser goes on to say we have an epidemic of physical inactivity, we don’t exercise enough, don’t have good eating habits. Those led to weight gain. He says the weight gain is basically a marker of an imprudent lifestyle. The weight is just basically telling us something about our lifestyle, the lifestyle is the critical factor. If we change lifestyle we will improve our health, studies like this have been published over the last 30-40 years, they show every single weight related health problem, blood pressure, lipids, insulin, glucose, inflammatory markers all of these can be improved with exercise and diet even if people don’t lose any weight at all.

Dr. Gaesser said

“several studies show that individuals that weight cycle a lot (yoyo dieting) are actually more likely to die a premature death from cardiovascular disease. One of the key predictors of weight gain after you diet is the number the number of times you have actually dieted before so weight cycling is a predictor of future weight gain. So if you want to make americans fatter, put them on a diet.”

Dr. Oz has this really intense look on his face right now after this comment from Dr. Gaesser saying ” I’m nervous about this conversation, we are sending a message out to a lot folks that they can actually begin to forget about all theses dieting tips we have been throwing at them and just figure out another way”.

Oz goes on to say to Gaesser “You think yoyo dieting is a big reason why obesity is making us sicker and talk to me about carbohydrates?”

Dr. Oz believes carbohydrates is the root evil of the obesity epidemic and Gaesser said that this notion that carbohydrates make us us fat is a big fat lie, as carbohydrate intake goes up body weight goes down. It is exactly opposite to conventional wisdom, but in this case conventional wisdom is wrong. High carb intake is generally associated with lower body weights!!!

Gaesser says you can take people who have diabetes, in 2 weeks time with a heart healthy diet they will be off medications. Dr. Oz said he was stunned by this study and was making it a point to read up on it.

Gaesser said one of the dirty little secrets of the fitness business they don’t want you to know about: Overall exercise is not a good means to lose weight but it is a fantastic way to maintain weight loss once it is achieved by any mechanism. If you start an exercise program by itself be prepared, if you are a woman you’re going to gain weight as a result of it.

Dr. Oz Secretly Obese

Can you be skinny and unhealthy? Can seemingly slim women be obese?

This is one area where Dr. Oz & Dr. Gaesser agree – it’s called TOFI

Thin on the
Fat on the

Fat on the inside and slim outside means: An individual can have a normal BMI but have a lot of body fat on them says Gaesser and Oz.

Dr. Oz had 3 women on stage that looked relatively slim and Oz checked their body mass index

Dr. Oz’s Are You Secretly Obese Checklist: The 3 signs you could be secretly obese – How you accumulate fat on the inside

1. Family member dies suddenly of a heart disease
2. Exercise less than 3 times per week
3. Eat junk food & fast food more than once a week

Laura – BMI 23 but her body fat was 30%
Jenae – BMI 25 Body fat 27%
Marybeth – BMI 18 Body fat percentage 22%

Dr. Oz finished of this segment today saying that your BMI is not going to tell you everything about how healthy you are anymore. If you understand what your body percentage fat is, may be an even more important predicted to your health. So even if you look slim you may not be as healthy as you think.