Dr. Oz 5 Step Plan Move It And Lose It

Dr Oz 5 Step Plan Customized For You | 11 Week Move It And Lose Challenge

Dr. Oz 5 Step Plan Move It And Lose It: How to lose weight starting today with Dr Mike Roizen, the enforcer explains how this Dr. Oz 5 Step Plan Move It And Lose It will work. He said in the old days we would give you a plan and you were basically on your own, now were with you every minute of the way with some revolutionary tools online, you’ll never be without someone to help you, the best thing is it’s totally free. Dr. Oz says “Get fit with my Move It and Lose It 11-week program”. Learn how you can get your customized fitness plan, access to personal trainers, and a chance to win a pair of Nike shoes.

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Start off the new year with the ultimate Resolution Revolution. For the first time ever, you can get a Dr. Oz customized 11-week plan that will guarantee your success in 2011.

It’s the first comprehensive nutrition and fitness program of its kind! All you have to do is follow the Dr Oz 5 steps below to get started today for the Move It And Lose It 11 Week Challenge – Plus follow Dr Oz Roadmap To The Grocery Store:

Dr. Oz 5 Step Plan Move It And Lose It Challenge

Step 1. Assess Your Health

The first step to realizing your goal is understanding where you stand right now. As a starting point, you’ll need to know your height, weight and BMI. Mike Roizen said the BMI is so critical to know because the body mass index works for everyone, there’s no fooling it. Your BMI tells you how much fat you have and how much fat you got to lose and where your goal should be.

Take your weight divided by your height, times the height and multiply it by 703. Dr Oz says not to worry about figuring it out because they are going to do it for you online, plus a detailed health evaluation when you go to droz.com.

Christina volunteered to help Dr Oz today by getting on the scale which she hadn’t done in years, she weighed 260 pounds, then he measured her height so he could get her body mass index. She was 5’5″ and her bmi was 43 and the normal bmi should be 25 and below for everyone.

BMI Danger Zones – Overweight is 25 to 30 – Obese is 30 -40, Morbidly Obese 40 or greater. Dr Oz had a line of paper dolls which showed the calculation of how much you should weigh for your height, and Christina should weigh 127 – 150 lbs because her height is 5’5″. Dr Oz said everyone can do what Christina just did to calculate your body mass index by going online and register with droz.com.

Dr Oz Set Your Weight-Loss Goal

Step 2.
Based on your height, you can calculate your ideal weight. You can track your weight loss on your personalized page to stay focused and visualize your success.

Dr Oz Become a Food Logger

Step 3.
On this Dr Oz 11 Week Plan your going to account for every bite of food you eat. A food log will help you track all your calories and can serve as a real wake-up call. The online version will make it simple to log everything you’re eating. There are 70,000 foods listed in this program, foods from popular restaurants, supermarket brands to make it super simple says Dr. Oz.

It was pretty cool how it all works as he showed Nancy from the studio audience. What ever you eat it will calculate it instantly how many calories you have had so far as the the day proceeds. Better still it will offer up better food choices with less calories, which means you can plan out your menu for the day.

There are 8 different food plans, there’s one for vegetarians, there are 5000 different meals based on what calories you want individualized for you so you can pick one. You want to have a night out? It saves your calories for the night and tells you what foods you can have at night. Mike Roizen says it’s so simple, it lets you know what to do, you don’t have to think about it, it’s automatic!

Dr Oz Join the Weight-Loss Community and Chart Your Progress

Step 4.
Losing weight successfully isn’t a solo effort. It’s done with help from coaches, friends and people with similar goals.

Dr Oz Commit to 30 Minutes of Exercise a Day

Step 5.
Dr. Oz has teamed up with Nike SPARQ Trainers to customize a workout plan especially for you! They are giving you the NIKE SPARQ Elite Trainers at your service to help you lose weight. They are going to do webcasts, give information, answer questions, do everything for you to guide you along your path to train at home.

Join the program now at DrOz.com and get your Dr Oz personalized plan free.

What are you waiting for? Dr Oz 5 Step Plan Customized For You, 11 Week Move It And Lose Challenge sign up now!