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Dr. Oz Combo Diet Pills-Diet Pills To Lose Weight Without Exercise Or Dieting

Dr. Oz Thursday – March 17, 2011 – “Combo Diet Pills – The New Revolutionary Weight Loss Secret That Is Legal And Risky”

Dr. Oz Combo Diet Pills; Combo Pilling; Take two drugs together that are more affective with fewer side effects than just taking one. The new diet craze that is sweeping the nation diet pills to help you lose weight without having diet or exercise. They’re not weight loss pills, they are pills for serious conditions like depression and epilepsy, this new prescription is legal but these diet pills can be dangerous said Dr. Oz today. Combo Pilling Benefits VS Risks with Dr. Skversky and Dr. Henry Lodge.

Pill Combo Fen-Phen- Fenfluan-Fenfluramine; Fen Phen became an overnight sensation but in 1997 half of that combo Fenfluramine was pulled because it was associated with heart valve disease.

Dr. Oz had a bottle of Alli on display and said Alli is the only available drug that is FDA approved for long term weight loss called Orlistat commonly known as Alli. Alli does have some side effects such as cramping and leakage so instead many doctors are prescribing weight loss cocktails including appetite suppressants, antidepressants, anticonvulsants for seizures and anti diabetic drugs.

Dr. Skversky had his patients on Fen-Phen for obesity problems and seen dramatic weight loss over a short period of time, but when half of the Fen-Phen combination was removed from the market he began to substitute other medications that basically did the same thing, the results were almost as good even though the weight loss was a little bit slower.

Robin a patient of Dr. Skversky lost 165 pounds and has kept it off for 2 years now by taking these combo diet pills, and Leslie lost 40 pounds and has kept it off for nearly 9 years now.

Dr. Skversky is convinced combination drug therapy the wave of the future is already here. His patients lose an average 34 to 35 pounds from combo pilling. One part of this pill combo that Dr. Skversky uses is Topamac as he said this anticonvulsant can be used in children as young as 2 years old for seizures so he figured it must be safe drug.

Not all doctors think pill combo’s are safe and Dr. Henry Lodge joined in on the discussion and Dr. Oz asked him his views on combining pills and is it dangerous?

Dr. Henry Lodge said the trouble with pill combining is we don’t know what happens when you combine them in the body. Combining medicines for different conditions and not know the sum of those combinations. There is far more danger below the surface than we see above the surface. If you look at the thirty year history of these approaches in all areas of medicine it’s turned out to be more dangerous than safe every time we’ve looked at it.

Leslie who has lost the 40 pounds and maintained that weight loss for nearly nine years spoke and said she has had no negative side effects up until now and it has helped her maintain her weight loss over the years. My question through this whole combo pill thing is do you still have to take these pills everyday after you have lost the weight.

Combo Pilling For Weight Loss

We next heard from a Theresa who had a scary ordeal from combo pilling for weight loss. She had been on antidepressants that caused her to gain a lot of weight, she went from a size 10 to 18. She started taking appetite suppressants which didn’t help. The her doctor told her about an anti seizure medication that also had positive results with people losing weight when combined with an appetite suppressant. The side effects for her were her taste buds went haywire, her hands and feet were going numb, she would forget what she was talking about, she felt disconnected from her thoughts, her body and felt like she was going crazy and wasn’t losing any weight. Then she started losing her hair-after being on the medication for six months she called her doctor and told him of the side effects she was experiencing and he told her to go off the pills immediately.

Theresa told everyone if you do decide on combo pilling, do your homework and pay attention to your body and talk to your doctor constantly. She said she would rather be a little over weight and have her memory, feelings and her hair that worry about permanent damage caused by diet combo pills.

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Henry Lodge “The FDA has been looking at different kinds of drugs for decades, why is it we don’t have a drug that we can use for weight loss? What is taking so long ”

Dr. Henry Lodge: The question in this discussion is do you run ahead of the solution and take all the risks, I am out there in front, I am going to get it first.”

Dr. Oz Combo Pilling For Weight Loss

Dr. Oz Combo Diet Pills:

If I had a twelve percent chance of having a complication from pill combining and I knew what they were and they were reversible, an eighty eight percent chance of the weight loss that Dr. Skversky talks about without having big time complications that maybe that patient should be allowed to make that decision, maybe the FDA should say this is a bigger problem than losing those last five pounds.

Let me be clear on that, we are not talking about the last five pounds, we are talking about the forty pounds that’s making you morbidly obese and causing diabetes and causing ailments that we do treat with life long medications.”

Dr. Oz said to everyone “I know that no matter what I say on this show a lot of you are going to pick up that phone and call someone to try and get these combination drugs as soon as you can because you want the holy grail to weight loss, no exercise, no diet. So let me give you some very important tips to make sure you do it the right way.

1. Ask your doctor what the side effects are, if your doctor can’t tell you what the side effects are in a way that you can understand, then switch doctors.

2. Get a list of your medications and other medical conditions you have, to have this combo pill discussion because it is roulette when mixing drugs together.

3. Drugs are a crutch not a long term solution, they take you to where you may need to get but from then on you need to carry the ball the rest of the way.

If you don’t have a life threatening problem with obesity you need to be off the pills because the risks aren’t worth it.