Dr. Oz Two Week Gluten Free Diet

Dr. Oz Gluten Free; Gluten Free Diet Myth; Could this diet actually be making you fat? Dr. Oz busts the myth of the gluten free diet. Not all dishes that are gluten free are low in fat or even carb-free. Behind a wall today Dr. Oz had what he said was the number one thing that millions of us think is keeping us from losing weight. It’s not sugar, t’s not carbs, it’s gluten.

Dr. Oz Gluten Free Diets To Lose Weight

Gluten is what gives dough it’s elasticity and makes bagels wonderfully chewy. Gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye and 99 percent of us have a sensitivity to gluten and don’t even know it. Even though gluten is contained in foods chalk full of carbohydrates like bread, cereal, pizza and pasta, gluten is a protein found in the center of a grain.

It’s not that many years ago that you would see gluten free products, but nowadays there are gluten free products everywhere. It’s a trend that was born to the response in the growing number of people with either an intolerance to gluten known as Celiac disease or a sensitivity to it. Now it’s the latest diet craze.

Can cutting out gluten actually help you lose weight? Or does gluten free products make you gain the weight?

Dr. Oz Gluten Free Diet | Is A Gluten Free Diet Making You Fat

Mark Hyman, M.D. Founder Of The Ultra Wellness Center joined Dr. Oz today to find out if gluten is the bad guy here in the problems of gaining weight. Dr. Hyman said there is a lot of new research out that shows gluten can hurt a lot of people, where gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye is causes inflammation in the body and has linked to over fifty diseases that people don’t even know they have like Autoimmune diseases, Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), digestive problems, irritable bowel, psychiatric problems such as depression and anxiety, nutritional problems like anemia and vitamin D deficiencies that causes osteoporosis, and gluten has even been linked to an increase in heart disease and cancer.

Dr. Oz asked everyone in the studio audience “How many of you think a gluten free diet is a low carb diet? Is Gluten making us fat?”

Dr. Hyman said for most Americans gluten is not making them fat, but for those who have a problem with gluten which affects up to twenty million Americans and ninety nine percent of us don’t even know you have this gluten problem or been diagnosed with it. This ninety nine percent of us who do have a gluten problem makes us fat. How does it make us fat if we have this gluten sensitivity problem?

It increases inflammation, anything that increases inflammation causes insulin resistance and that means that your body has to produce more insulin to get more blood sugar, when that happens you get fat.

Insulin is a fat storage hormone, makes you store fat around your middle, people are walking around with all sorts of symptoms and diseases, problems and weight gain and they don’t even know they have this problem and it’s one hundred percent curable says Dr. Hyman.

Gluten Free Foods Are Not Good For You

Dr. Oz said there are a lot of people eating gluten free diets and doing it for reasons that doesn’t make medical sense, and we are bombarded with products in the supermarket that are gluten free. Oz asked Dr. Hyman are these gluten free products good for you and is eating these products good for you if you don’t have a gluten problem?

Dr. Hyman said there is nothing good about it, it’s just processed foods. If you you eat a whole food diet that is gluten free beans, nuts and seeds, gluten free grains, fish, chicken and vegetables that’s ok. Most Gluten Free Foods are not good for you.

These gluten free foods can cost twice as much or more than the regular wheat containing products, you pay extra money for it and it’s really gluten free junk food.

Dr. Oz said by going gluten free your not actually helping yourself to lose weight, you are doing the opposite, you’re putting weight on.

Dr. Oz 3 Ways Gluten Free Can Make You Fat

Nutritionist Samantha Cassidy joined Dr. Oz and Dr. Mark Hyman and said calories is one of the biggest problems. When they looked at dozens of foods they found that the gluten free versions had more calories than the regular wheat containing versions.

1. More Calories In Gluten Free Products
2. Gluten Free Products Are Lower In Fiber
3. Carbs In Gluten Free Products

Using waffles as an example the gluten free waffles contained 270 calories and the wheat containing waffles 140 calories which is 130 calorie difference. For 5 crackers the gluten free contained 130 calories and the regular crackers were only 70 calories. In many cases there are more calories in the gluten free products and there is no reason to eat gluten free junk food said Samantha.

Fiber is a dieters best friend it fills you up and helps you from over eating later. The regular version of a english muffin has 3 grams of fiber to help keep you full, the gluten free english muffin has 1 gram of fiber. The gluten free grain bread has 2 grams of fiber and the gluten bread has 4 grams of fiber. So if you’re eliminating gluten you could be eliminating things that can help you lose weight.

The third way that a gluten free diet hurts us is in the carbs, it’s not about the total carbs, it’s about the good carbs like beans, fruits, vegetables, whole grains. The refined carbs that are the white products, white flour, in gluten free products it’s often potato starch and rice flour. Refined carbs spike your blood sugars which make it harder to control cravings, control your appetite that can lead to over eating and that can lead to weight gain.

The good carbs the whole grains, the brown rice if your going gluten free, beans and fruits. These things cause a steadier rise in your blood sugars which makes it easier to manage your cravings, manage your appetite and lose weight.

Dr. Oz asked Samantha “If you didn’t have a gluten abnormality would you eat a gluten free diet?”

Samantha said “There is no reason why anyone should be eating a gluten free diet unless it’s medically necessary. Even with whole grains we know that studies have shown people eating whole grains have better body weights and less belly fat. You are eliminating foods that can help you lose weight”

The only way gluten can make you fat is if you have a problem with it, and as Dr. Oz stated 99% of us who have this problem don’t even know it.

Can this be the reason you can’t lose a pound?

Dr. Oz reveals The Gluten Free Two Week Plan to determine if gluten is making you fat. Dr. Hyman said we have to try to get rid of gluten in our diet as an experiment. Many of his patients come to see him and they are tired, depression, headaches, migraines, digestive problems and joint pains and they don’t know if it’s related to gluten. The only way to really find out, is to do a two week elimination of gluten. It has to be 100% gluten free with not even a drop and see what happens, then you introduce and see what you feel like. If you get stomach aches, headaches and your joints start to hurt and your tired and depressed and you can’t sleep you’ll know the gluten may be causing your symptoms which will give you a clue that should look further into it.

Dr. Oz And Dr. Hymen designed a series of recipes for a two week period to help you get of gluten and find out if gluten is a problem.

Gluten Free Breakfast:

Sweet Potato Hash With eggs
Gluten Free Protein Shake made with soy proteins, rice proteins with added nuts and yogurt

Gluten Free Lunch:

Waldorf Salad with tofu, apples and nuts
Vegetarian Chili

Skip the turkey sandwichs and soup, turkey could be a problem because processed meats have gluten. Soups have thickeners and flours added to them.

Gluten Dinner Choices:

Chicken or fish-pan roasted tilapia with oven roasted potatoes, wild rice, quinoa, chicken stir fry with cashews and broccoli and brown rice. Dr. Hyman said this is what he normally eats as his diet, it’s good healthy whole real food and this is what we should be eating.

Skip the pizza and the pasta

Snacks: Stay with the popcorn, nuts and dark chocolate, they are all gluten free. People ask does popcorn has gluten in it, Popcorn does not have gluten in it, it’s what you put on it.

Dr. Oz has all these recipes on the doctoroz.com website.

There are sources of gluten that are in products you don’t eat such as lipstick, hair care and body products, play dough, tooth paste and gluten is also in medications as fillers and thickeners. Ask your pharmacist if your medication has gluten in it if you are gluten sensitive. Gluten is also in envelopes the seal that you lick every time you seal that envelope, it’s the glue that seals it together.

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Hyman “If you did the gluten free diet for two weeks and you’re still not sure, talk to me about the blood tests?”

Dr. Hyman does the celiac panel test-Celiac Panel tests measure your immune system’s response to gluten in the food you eat. Research has shown that 8% of us have these antibodies that make us sick. It is easy to get this blood test just ask your doctor. It is a very specific test