Dr. Oz: 5 Fruits And Vegetables For Anti Aging

Dr. Oz: Anti Aging Fruits And Vegetables

Dr Oz: Anti Aging Produce List, how to age proof your whole body. In this segment Dr. Oz talked about the 5 fruits and vegetables for anti aging. Scientists are now unlocking secrets to combat aging and one of the simplest and most potent, the fruits and vegetables in your kitchen.

Their secret age defying ingredient antioxidants, your body’s miracle molecules that can help make your skin look fresher, your hair shinier, fight off cancer and heart disease and possibly ward of Alzheimer’s.

Every fruit and vegetable has it’s own special properties – Dr. Oz asked us if we knew which ones were best for anti aging?

Kate Geagan says to aim for color, if you see a brightly colored fruit or vegetable you can be sure of one thing, mother nature put it there to protect it there to protect the plant usually from that free radical damage caused by the sun. The most powerful part of these supermarket is the produce aisle, mother natures pharmacy.

Dr. Oz Anti Aging Produce List

1. Watercress-Watercress is like an anti ager for our eyes, it has a nice peppery taste, mix it in with your salad greens, top of grilled fish, chicken or lean protein

2. Apricots-1 apricot has 20 to 30 calories, loaded with potassium which helps with cardiovascular health. Apricots have beta carotene which is a strong antioxidant to fight anti aging from the inside out. New research out this week suggests it gives our skin a nice winter glow. The orange pigments will translate to glowing healthy winter skin says Kate.

3. Cucumbers-Dr. Oz said the skin of the cucumber is the most important for anti aging. The skin of the cucumber is loaded with silica which is an essential component of connective tissue and silica helps plumps wrinkles and boost collagen production. Get the unwaxed cucumbers!

4. Blood Oranges-Blood oranges have more Vitamin C That purple pigment that only blood oranges have which is called Anthocyanin which acts like an antioxidant for our skin. Kate said when making a salad throw some fruit in, fruit perks up the flavor

5. Eggplant-Eggplant does double duty as a meat substitute, but Kate says the power is in the peel, that dark purple pigment is loaded with anthocyanin a powerful antioxidant. Nasonin has been shown in some research to selectively protect the fat membrane of our brain cells. Your brain is 60% fat so it literally acts like brain food.

Dr. Oz’s Anti Aging Salad Recipe:


1 apricot
1 cucumber
1 blood orange
½ eggplant
Olive oil
Black pepper
Apple cider vineger

Use watercress as your greens. Chop up one fresh apricot, one small cucumber, and add to water cress.

Cube 1/2 of an eggplant (add more if desired), drizzle with olive oil, garlic and black pepper. Roast in oven for 40-45 minutes at 400° F. Place on top of salad.

The Dressing
Juice one blood orange; mix juice with 2 teaspoons of olive oil and ¼ cup apple cider vinegar in a bowl. Toss over salad.