Dr Oz Deepak Chopra 4 Secrets to Reverse Aging

Dr Oz Deepak Chopra 4 Secrets to Reverse Aging

Dr Oz Deepak Chopra 4 Secrets to Reverse Aging
; Deepak Chopra Mind Body Medicine shares his revolutionary ideas on how meditation can reverse aging. Alternative Health All Star Deepak Chopra Body Mind And Spirit. He’s revealing his ultimate secrets to reverse aging, apparently these secrets have even stunned Dr. Oz and the effect they can have on your body may stun you. Plus Deepak Chopra’s Meditation To Loose Weight!

Deepak says our mind, brain, body and our environment are an integrated process, and how our thoughts can affect our health. Our thoughts influence everything, our emotions, they influence our biology it’s very important to recognize that we have this enormous potential to rewire our brain, this is the best way to recover.

After almost 60 books including his latest “The Soul Of Leadership” now at 64, Deepak Chopra wants to transform our approach to the most universal of human concern, aging. people can empower themselves to actually not only slow down aging but reverse the biological markers of aging. Genes are very fluid, there are about 500 genes that influence things like inflammation, heart disease and certain types of cancer. In 4 months you can turn on the good ones and turn of the bad ones which is a huge insight.

Deepak Chopra said when I reveal my secrets of the aging process the implications are huge. Deepak Chopra says close your eyes and watch your breath for about 5 minutes, put your attention on your heart and ask yourself “Who Am I? What Do I Want? What’s My Purpose?”. You don’t need to know the answers, live the questions and life will move you to the answers.

Deepak Chopra says the biggest mistake people make is that they think there is a pill or a magic bullet that will solve all their problems, healing comes from within. How we interact with the environment, how we think, how we behave, how we relate to each other actually can turn on the good genes or turn off the bad genes. The most significant are heart disease, cardiovascular disease in general inflammation which is linked to many diseases including autoimmune diseases and certain types of cancer, these genes can influence them by the way you think, the way you behave, the way you relate to other people, exercise, good sleep and stress management.

Deepak Chopra’s Program To Reverse The Aging Process

Deepak Chopra Manage Stress Secrets To Reverse Aging

1. Manage Stress – Stress effects everything, it leads to addictive behaviour, which then influences other things like cancer, infections, heart disease, etc. Deepak Chopra secret to manage stress is breathing, you take your thumb and your third and forth fingers – take your thumb and put it on your right nostril and you breathe in through the left nostril. The take those third and fourth fingers and put on your left nostril and breath out through your right nostril and you keep alternating and close your eyes. Do this 5-10 minutes a day.

Dr Oz says it gives you head rushes, but Deepak says it balances the parasympathetic nervous system and sympathetic nervous system so they dance with each other instead of one dominating the other.

Deepak Chopra 6 Tastes Of Life

2. Deepak Chopra’s Reverse Aging Through Diet – Favor fresh food, avoid dead foods such as prepackaged foods, can foods, there is no life energy in them. Life energy comes from the sun, so the closer your diet is in direct contact with the energy that creates life on our planet.

Deepak Chopra says there are 6 tastes of life and 7 colors of the rainbow, this is how we ingest the information of the universe into our bodies, we metabolize the information of the universe into our biology.

1. Sweet
2. Sour
3. Salty
4. Pungent
5. Bitter
6. Astringent

Sweet, sour and salt lower your metabolism and if you dominate in sweet, sour and salt which is what our society is about french fries, ketchup and hamburgers, that’s what slows down your metabolism. Yet we do need a little bit of sweet sour and salt says Deepak Chopra because otherwise we feel unsatisfied. Try to minimize these tastes from yogurts to citrus fruits to blueberries, blackberries anything that is a berry or a cherry they are very high concentrations of phytochemicals. These phytochemicals are antioxidants, they anticarcinogenic effects, they are anti-inflammatories, so they are very good for you.

You need a little bit of salt because it’s what keeps our blood pressure at least in the normal range, do have some otherwise you will get cravings.

Pungent tastes which include radishes and ginger, also includes other spices such as cinnamon, mustard, horseradish. These things are anti-inflammatory and they also speed up your metabolism says Deepak. Studies have shown if you want to lose weight emphasize Pungent, bitter, anything that is yellow or green like spinach and all the bitter tastes of vegetables they will speed up your metabolism and anti-inflammtory as well.

Astringent is a very interesting taste it puckers the mouth, dries the mouth a little bit. Astringent foods such as mushrooms, lentils, figs and also green tea or even black tea a little bit. These too will speed up your metabolism, the combination of these 3 tastes bitter, pungent, astringent are ideal if you want to lose weight.

Deepak Chopra Secret To Reverse Aging Restful Sleep

Deepak Chopra says sleep is under emphasized, a lot of people are drugged sleep which doesn’t give them rest, or alcohol sleep doesn’t give them rest. If you have 6-8 hours sleep at the optimal time between 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. in the morning that’s when our sleep is cycles lock in with the rhythms of the universe, which is called circadian rhythm, that’s the best time to get rest.

Deepak’s 3 secrets for a good sleep are;

1. Try eating a light meal before 7 – 7:30, ideally speaking before sunset
2. Take a 30 minute walk after dinner – Get to bed by 10-10:30
3. Download your thoughts

The amount of time you can carve out before midnight to go to sleep will be correlated in how well you sleep, and how much that sleep helps you.

Download your thoughts, whatever comes to your mind because that’s a way of actually getting rid of stress as well.

Dr Oz Deepak Chopra Aspirin, Multi Vitamins, Fish Oils, Vitamin D3 To Reverse Aging

Deepak and Dr. Oz now moved onto nutritional compliments. Dr Chopra says that’s a better word than supplement.

Deepak Chopra takes these daily as well as Dr. Oz

1. If your over 40 take an aspirin a day, it’s anti-inflammatory
2. Take two generic multi vitamins
3. Fish Oils, especially Omega 3 Fatty Acids-about 2000 mg of fish oil concentrate
4. Vitamin D3 2000 IU with a little bit of magnesium and calcium which is available in a lot of vitamin D3 preparations