Dr Oz William Shatner’s Question How Long Do I Have Left

Dr Oz’s Mystery Guest Today Is William Shatner. Star Trek’s Captain James T Kirk Of The USS Enterprise – Dr Oz’s Hero!

Today On Dr Oz William Shatner is the mystery guest. Dr Oz doesn’t know who this mystery quest is, nor the question he has for him. He is hiding behind a screen and gives Dr oz 3 clues to guess who he is.

Clue #1. Auctioned of a kidney Stone to charity for 75,000
Clue #2. Some people call me the negotiator
Clue #3. I was Captain of the USS Enterprise

Dr Oz was like a kid in a candy store, saying ” No it can’t be, is it Captain Kirk?” William Shatner is Dr Oz’s hero.

William Shatner’s Question For Dr Oz

His question for Dr Oz – “I just realized I have gotten old, and how will I know how long I have left”.

Dr Oz told him that he thinks he has a long time, and he will do everything he can to help with that. Dr Oz told him there are 4 risk factors

Dr Oz questions to William Shatner

1. Do you smoke
2. Are you eating 3 meals a day that have some elements of fruits and vegetables
3. Are you having at least 2 hours a week of exercise
4. Are you having more than 1 drink a day

William Shatner’s answers to Dr Oz’s questions

1. No – he doesn’t smoke
2. Yes he eats healthy
3. Yes – He was riding horses on the weekend
4. No – he doesn’t drink – then he said he hardly ever drinks and he he does he has a beer.

Dr Oz told him that one drink a day for guys and women is associated with increased longevity.

Dr Oz asked William Shatner to answer a question for him along with everyone else “Which of these can lower the risk of heart disease..

A Daily crossword puzzle
B Avoiding Alcohol
C Funny Movie

Now before Dr Oz would answer the brain buster question he looked at William Shatner and said “I wanted to do this for a long time” he grabbed William Shatner and planted a kiss on his cheek.

By the way, the answer to the question “Which of these can lower the risk of heart disease…” was the funny movie, laughter is the best medicine, it relaxes the blood vessels and lowers your blood pressure.