Dr Oz: Headache Type Not All Headaches are Created Equal

Headache Type; December 3/12. Do you get headaches? Do you know what your headache type is? Is it a throbbing headache, a type of headache that feels like a tight band around your head? Is your headache type a searing pain in your eye?

Headache Types


Dr Oz asked if we get throbbing headaches or tension in your neck or head? Not all headaches are created equal and shows us what type of headache may be causing pain. Dr. Audrey Halpern joined Dr Oz in this segment of the show to discuss headache types, triggers and solutions.

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Dr Oz Headache Type – What Type Of Headache Do You Have

Dr Oz has 3 questions about headache pain to know your type of headache to stop the pain. Scientists have found evidence that headaches can leave parts of the brain starved for oxygen, altering brain function in significant ways.

Dr Oz: Headache Quiz

Headache Type & Locations: Dr Oz claims that knowing your specific type of headache can get you quick and easy pain relief. There are 3 questions you can ask yourself to help determine what type of headache you have.


    • Where Do Your Headaches Occur Most Often?

      A. Is Your Headache Forehead, Neck & Back of Head
      B. Is Your Headache One Side of the Head
      C. Is Your Headache Behind One Eye or Side of the Face

      Which Best Describes Your Headache Pain?

      A. Is Your Headache Consistent Tightening Around Head
      B. Is Your Headache Throbbing
      C. Is Your Headache Intense

      How Long Do Your Headaches Last?

      A. Is Your Headache 2-6 Hours
      B. Is Your Headache Up to 3 Days
      C. Is Your Headache 30 Minutes to An Hour

      Pick a letter for each answer.

      Dr Oz said if you you answered mostly an A to your headache type you may have a tension headache.
      If you scored mostly B’s Dr Oz says your headache type Migraines
      If you scored mostly C’s on the headache quiz it is cluster headache

      Dr Oz said we could have multiple symptoms and fall into more than one category. Now that we know what type of headache we deal with we need to know what triggers them and what we can do about it. Different headaches require different treatments

      Dr. Audrey Halpern told Dr Oz the first mistake people make when trying to manage their own headaches is that they think all headache types are the same. Identifying what type of headache you have can be crucial to finding the right treatments.

      For tension headaches that can be in either side of the head, or feels like a band around the head, or tension on the neck and shoulders which happens in over 80% of women take Ibuprofen or naproxen. This help reduce the pain of tension headaches.

      For Tension Headaches:
      Naproxen 300-500 MG
      Ibuprofen 200-400 MG
      Look For Liquid Gel Caps

      Also try peppermint oil by rubbing into your temples.

      Treat Migraine Headaches:

      Prescription Triptans for migraine headache
      500 MG Magnesium
      Valerian Root Tea

      Treat Cluster Headaches:

      Cluster headaches are excruciating pain that lasts up to 30-60 minutes and are usually on one side of the head causing pain in the eye and behind the eye. This headache occurs night after night and usually on a seasonal basis. This pain from a cluster headache will cause a droopiness in the eyelid and a runny nose.

      Avoid Alcohol During A Cluster Headache
      Get A Triptans Prescription
      Capsaicin Nasal Spray

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