Dr Oz Alzheimers Risk Factors Breakthrough

Dr Oz Risk Factors For Alzheimer’s With Dr Murali Doraiswamy

Leading expert in Alzheimer’s research Dr. P Murali Doraiswamy Joins Dr.Oz today. Dr Oz talks about how it is possible to treat Alzheimer’s years before you show any symptoms. Certain populations are prone to Alzheimer’s more than others. Learn more about what Dr Murali Shares with us today in this segment called Dr Oz Alzheimers Risk Factors Breakthrough.

You have the power to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s prevention can make it possible to stop Alzheimer’s before it starts. Dr. Oz and a leading expert in Alzheimer’s research explain how.

Some incredible new advances are allowing us to diagnose Alzheimer’s years before we start showing symptoms. Dr Oz asks the question “Could you have Alzheimer’s and not even know it”. Today Dr Oz tells us what we need to know if we are at risk for alzheimer’s. Plus Dr Oz Top 3 Foods That Fight Brain Deterioration

Dr Oz Alzheimer’s Symptoms

Alzheimer’s early symptoms usually go unnoticed, it’s the little things like misplacing your keys, then subtle symptoms turn into obvious signs. You don’t recognize yourself in the mirror, you can’t find your way home. By the time your doctor exams you and gives you specialized memory tests your Alzheimer’s is likely already advanced.

Then it hits you hard, a life time of memories and special relationships will slowly fade away and lost to you forever.

Dr. Oz Tests For Alzheimer’s

But now to game changing breakthrough’s are giving doctor’s their very first tools to diagnose Alzheimer’s earlier than ever before.

The first test measures your spinal fluid, you may not realize it but spinal fluid is made in your brain. It provides a distinctive fingerprint of your brains health. Scientists can now test your for certain levels of two proteins that considered key bio markers for Alzheimer’s.

The second breakthrough for Alzheimer’s is a specialized scan that images your brain to detect the telltale plague typically found in Alzheimer patients. Experts believe Alzheimer’s Disease begins ten years before symptoms first appear. Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s a reality for the first time ever opens the window for early treatment, which may be your only chance to slow down this dreaded disease. Alzheimer’s literally shrinks the brain!

Dr Oz What You Can Do To Prevent Alzheimer’s

Stage One Alzheimer’s No Outward Symptoms – Dr Oz asked Dr. Doraiswamy how is possible that some people can have Alzheimer’s and not even know it? Researchers believe there are 3 stages of Alzheimer’s Disease said Dr. Doraiswamy. The first one is completely silent stage that can start as early as twenty years before someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. During this stage the brain is under attack and shows no symptoms.

Stage 2 Alzheimer’s Mild Memory Loss
– Very mild symptoms that are taken as not so worry some and be mistaken as normal aging.

Stage 3 Alzheimer’s Major Memory Loss And Diminished Daily Functioning
– The third stage is what doctor’s call full blown Alzheimer’s where your losing your memory, your having trouble functioning. Dr Doraiswamy says it’s totally possible for someone in the early fifties and sixties could have early signs oz Alzheimer’s and not even know it.

Dr Oz Scans For Alzheimer’s

Pet Scans positron emission tomography (PET) scan are able to viualize the plagues building up in the living brain. Now Dr’s can monitor the pathological changes in the living persons brain, as where before it could only be found during an autopsy.

The (PET) scan helps doctor’s make a more accurate diagnosis, but more important an early diagnosis, and the earlier you can make the diagnosis, the earlier you can start treatment and keep people functioning at a higher level.

Bio Markers in the spinal fluid – The spinal bathes the entire brain, so all the chemical changes that take place in the brain can essentially be measured by doing laboratory tests of the spinal fluid. So the same plagues and tangles that are taught to destroy the brain in Alzheimer’s Disease can be measured from the spinal fluid and doctors believe they have a test that can predict very accurately who will get Alzheimer’s and who won’t. But it still under standardization and still under research but Dr Doraiswamy says we will very soon have a test like this.