Best Dumbbell Exercises for Weight Loss

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Do you have a dumbbell routine that you’ve religiously followed, yet for as hard as you’re pumping the iron, the pounds remain? Does it seem as if no matter how much effort you put into it, you can’t seem to lose the weight you want?

Fear not; you’re not alone. Many others have struggled to shed a few pounds even though they are dedicated and committed to their dumbbell routine.

This article will cover some of the best dumbbell exercises for weight loss. Then, we’ll give you detailed instructions on how to do each one correctly to ensure you’re not missing out on their fat-burning potential.

Dumbbell Exercises for Weight Loss

There are several different dumbbell exercises that you can do either in the gym or, more conveniently, at home. It doesn’t matter where you do these exercises. What matters more is if you stick to your routine and give it all you’ve got.

For these dumbbell exercises to help shed those unwanted pounds, it’s essential to be in a caloric deficit state. To lose weight while exercising, you’ll need to eat fewer calories than you are burning. This will help ensure that your body will need to burn your unwanted fat for energy instead of the food you are consuming.

The 10 Best Dumbbell Exercises for Weight Loss

Here we’re going to explain 10 different dumbbell exercises that are the best for losing weight. Our selections will cover movements that use different body parts so that you can vary your routine. It’s best to give each group of muscles a few days to recover between dumbbell workouts so they can heal. Changing your routine will also keep it interesting.

You’ll want to perform each of the exercises listed below at least four to eight times. The idea is to get your heart pumping and not take long breaks between performing different activities. If you’re new to using dumbbells or working out generally, do as many as possible. As you gain experience and muscle strength, you can increase the number of repetitions.

We’ll point out the specific muscle groups that each exercise will target. However, all of these are good for losing weight. It’s best to avoid over-targeting the same muscle groups, which could cause injury.

Dumbbell Squat

This exercise will target your core, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps.

  1. Beginners can hold one dumbbell with both hands at chest level. If you’re strong enough or have some experience, try holding one in each hand, elbows bent, and shoulder level.
  2. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and your toes pointed slightly outward.
  3. Tighten your core muscles and slowly descend into a squatting position. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground and your back straight.
  4. Once you’ve dipped down to as low as possible, get your thighs parallel to the ground, push through your heels, and stand back up.
  5. Repeat.

Dumbbell Deadlift

With the dumbbell deadlift, you’ll be targeting your glutes and hamstrings.

  1. With a dumbbell in each hand and resting on your front thighs, stand with your feet at hip distance apart.
  2. Tighten your core and bend your knees as if to put the dumbbells on the floor. The movement is as if you were going to place each dumbbell in front of your toes.
  3. Squeeze your glutes and return to an upright position.
  4. Repeat.

Forward Lunge

This exercise will target your calves, quadriceps, core, and hamstrings.

  1. Beginners can hold one dumbbell with both hands chest-high or hold a dumbbell in each hand by your side.
  2. With your toes pointed forward, stand with your legs shoulder-width apart.
  3. Tighten your core and take a step forward. Once you place your foot on the ground, bend both knees as if you were lunging forward. The knee on your stationary leg should be an inch off the ground.
  4. Push from your front foot and place it back next to the other one.
  5. Using your other leg, do the same lunging movement and return your foot to a standing position.
  6. Repeat.

Leg Loop

The leg loop will primarily target your core. The secondary target is the arms and shoulders.

  1. Begin by sitting on the floor, preferably on a yoga mat, and have a dumbbell beside you.
  2. Slightly lean back and lift both legs so they are off of the floor. You can have your legs slightly open and your knees bent.
  3. Grab the dumbbell with one hand.
  4. Bend one knee towards your chest while keeping your other leg off the ground and as parallel to the floor as possible.
  5. With the arm holding the dumbbell, pass it to your other hand, which should be located on the other side of the leg that is bent.
  6. Once you’ve grabbed the dumbbell with the other hand, pass it back through and place it in your other hand.
  7. Repeat.
Best Dumbbell Exercises for Weight Loss

Standing Shoulder Press

This exercise will target your shoulders, chest, triceps, and deltoids.

  1. From a standing position, hold a dumbbell in each hand.
  2. Raise both arms fully upright, ensuring that your palms are facing forward.
  3. Bring both arms down to your shoulders by bending your elbows. Again, make sure that your palms are facing forward.
  4. Once the dumbbells are by your shoulders, pause for a brief moment. Engage your core and push your arms back upward. Be sure to keep your back as straight as possible.
  5. Pause again in this upright position before bringing them back down to shoulder height.
  6. Repeat.

Side-to-Side Squat and Swing

This exercise will target your chest, quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings.

  1. With a dumbbell in your right hand, stand with your feet a little more than hip distance apart.
  2. Take a small step with your right foot to the side and sit back into an almost squatting stance.
  3. Let the dumbbell naturally swing between your legs and then back up to chest level and a bit off to your right side while hopping back up.
  4. Swing the dumbbell between your legs with your right hand, but now pass it to your left hand while slightly squatting.
  5. Repeat.

Overhead Triceps Extension

The overhead triceps extension will target your triceps.

  1. Standing with your feet shoulder distance apart, hold the dumbbells with both hands behind your head so that the dumbbell hangs downward.
  2. Ensure that your elbows are bent so the dumbbell can be held securely behind your head.
  3. Bend your elbows so your arms are now straight up. The dumbbell will be above your head.
  4. Lower the dumbbell so that it is again behind your head. Again, be sure that your back is straight and you’re not hunched over.
  5. Repeat.

Upright Row

With the upright row, your targeted muscles are your biceps and triceps.

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand using an overhand grip (palms towards you).
  2. While tightening your core, pull the dumbbells upward to about shoulder height. Don’t twist your wrists. Instead, you want to move your arms upward. When doing the upward movement, your elbows will point out to the sides of your body.
  3. Hold them at this position for a brief moment before slowly bringing them back down so that your arms are fully extended.
  4. Repeat.

Renegade Row

This exercise will target your core, back, and triceps.

  1. To start, lay down on the floor in a plank position with dumbbells in both hands and arms extended. If you don’t have the upper body strength to do a full plank, you can also perform this exercise with your knees on the ground.
  2. Ensure that your back is straight. Next, tighten your core and lift your right dumbbell towards your right hip bone. Keep the dumbbell close to your body.
  3. Hold it for a brief moment before putting it back down on the ground.
  4. With your left hand, repeat the movement.
  5. Repeat.

Dumbbell Surrenders

Surrenders will target your glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, and quadriceps.

  1. Begin in a kneeling position holding dumbbells in both hands.
  2. Take a step forward with your right foot, and then stand upright while pushing both weights overhead with arms fully extended.
  3. Kneel back down, one knee at a time, and return to kneeling with both dumbbells by your side.
  4. Do the same movements, except using your left leg to step forward.
  5. Repeat.

A Few Notes About Dumbbell Exercises

The exercises outlined here can be done without special equipment other than dumbbells. Make sure that all of your movements are controlled and smooth. Don’t feel bad if you can only do two or three reps when you begin. With regular practice, your strength will increase, and you can gradually add more repetitions to your workouts.

Lose Weight With Dumbbells

Working out with dumbbells is a great way to shed unwanted pounds. By varying your workout routine, you can prevent injury by not overworking the same muscle groups. A great side benefit to losing weight with dumbbell exercises is that you’ll have more muscle tone and overall body strength.

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