7 Best Dumbbells for Women

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Are you bored of bodyweight workouts? Although they’re a good strategy for staying in shape, nothing beats strength training. It builds lean muscle mass, promotes long-term weight loss, and bolsters overall health. As a result, many women have started incorporating dumbbells into their routines to reach fitness milestones quickly. But with so many options on the market, how can you be sure which dumbbell is the perfect fit?

This article will discuss the best dumbbells for women, break down their benefits and drawbacks, and help elevate your fitness plan.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Comparison Chart

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FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbell,25 lb Single Dumbbell for Men and Women with Anti-Slip Metal Handle,Fast Adjust Weight by Turning Handle,Black Dumbbell with Tray Suitable for Full Body Workout Fitness
31n2EWkr8OL. SL500
Amazon Basics Neoprene Hexagon Workout Dumbbell Color-Coded Hand Weight – Set of 6 (2, 3, and 5 Pound Weights) with Storage Rack
51sN8UmWoHL. SL500
Gaiam Hand Weights for Women & Men Soft Dumbbell Walking Hand Weight Sets with Hand Strap – Walking, Running, Physical Therapy, Aerobics – 4lb Set (2 x 2lb Weights)
CAP Barbell Neoprene Dumbbell Set with Rack, 32 Pounds
41rymMzEGCL. SL500
WF Athletic Supply Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Set with A Frame Storage Rack, Non-Slip Grip & Hexagon Shape, Space Saving Home Gym Equipment, Color Options Available
41izY8PaFbL. SL500
Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)
31zFEEFWmqL. SL500
Neoprene Dumbbell Pairs by Day 1 Fitness – 7 Pounds – Non-Slip, Hexagon Shape, Color Coded, Easy To Read Hand Weights for Muscle Toning, Strength Building, Weight Loss

Best Dumbbells for Women: Reviews

FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbell

41V+ruAjInL. SL500

If you’re considering adding more resistance to your training sessions, this adjustable dumbbell from FLYBIRD is an excellent choice.

Product Highlights

This stellar dumbbell boasts a sleek design most training equipment lacks. The simple yet sturdy construction holds the weights firmly in place, stopping them from sliding as you lift the dumbbell. A thick layer of black plastic covers the handle, giving you a firm grip and more control over your movements.

In addition, the long 14.6 x 7.9 x 6.7-inch handle means you don’t have to worry about losing your balance during intense training sessions.

What I Like

This product features a lock design that prevents the weights from falling off. With this trusty dumbbell, accidents are a non-issue. Moreover, the product is versatile, and you can take off the weights without difficulty. You can use the weight stacks for triceps extensions if you want to train your upper body.

The dumbbell arrives with an instruction manual that contains 15 exercise suggestions to help you spice up your workout routine. The manual also explains the weight-changing mechanism. All you have to do is place the weights in the tray and twist the handle. Thanks to the anti-slip plastic coating, the process only takes a few minutes.

Since the product is available as 25-pound and 50-pound models, it caters to women of different fitness levels. In addition, this reasonably priced product is a high-return investment that will last for years. The weight plates feature a frosted powder coat that combats abrasion and rust.

What I Don’t Like

Although this product has many benefits, some may view the round shape of the weight plates as a drawback. For example, when you set down the dumbbell to catch your breath, it could roll away due to the horseshoe-shaped weights.

In addition, while you can adjust the resistance level with a twist of the handle, there are only five weight options. More options allow you to build strength gradually, so this dumbbell might not be the most beginner-friendly product.


  • Compact and sleek design
  • Plastic layer provides a firm grip
  • Longer handle for more stability
  • Weight plates come off easily
  • Lock mechanism prevents accidents


Round weight plates may roll away

Amazon Basics Neoprene Workout Dumbbell

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Many sell home workouts short, believing they can never be as challenging as a sweaty gym session. However, with these Amazon Basics Neoprene Workout Dumbbell hand weights, you can find a balanced blend of comfort and resistance, achieving the challenging workout you’re after.

Product Highlights

This 20-pound set includes one pair of two, three, and five-pound weights. It arrives with a storage stand you can assemble in less than five minutes. You won’t have trouble fitting the rack into small spaces, so sacrificing a significant portion of your home gym is a non-issue. In addition, the durable cast iron construction makes this product stand out from the competition.

It offers impressive resistance to heavy lifting environments, and you can trust these weights to stay in great shape for years. Another advantage of these hand weights is the long-lasting neoprene coating. It provides a non-slip grip and bolsters durability and safety. The coating is also fade-resistant and will retain its bright color after years of use.

What I Like

Although lightweight, these dumbbells are very sturdy, and you can use them for outdoor and indoor workouts. Thanks to the ergonomically designed handle, your wrists won’t hurt after strenuous exercise.

The hexagonal shape protects the flooring from dents if your drop the weights and prevents them from rolling away. This feature allows you to try different activities and set more challenging goals. For example, you can place the weights on the floor and use them as support when doing pushups.

Most importantly, the neoprene coating is an effective insulator. No loud sounds will disturb the peace of the household if you drop the dumbbells or bump them together. This affordable set is a good option for those on a tight budget.

What I Don’t Like

Although the neoprene coat prolongs the service life of modern workout gear, it has an odd smell that may distract you during intense sessions. Furthermore, the eight-pound model features a long handle that might not work for those with smaller hands.

So while this bundle caters to fitness lovers with a light to moderate skillset, you may need to invest in heavier gear to see serious gains.


  • Great option for home workouts
  • Set includes three pairs of weights and a storage stand
  • Easy to use and store
  • Fade-resistant colors
  • Neoprene coating for insulation and durability


  • Neoprene has an odd smell
  • Long handle on heavier model
  • Experienced weightlifters require more resistance

Gaiam Handweights

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Walking is a convenient way to get in shape, and you can make your walks more challenging with this easy-to-use Gaiam Handweight set.

Product Highlights

Gaiam’s sand-filled hand weights are available as two-pound and four-pound sets, making them a perfect choice to ease you into exercising. The soft fabric is moldable and will fit snuggly into your hand. No matter how sweaty your palms get, you’ll have a firm and comfortable grip on the weights. As you pick up the pace, you can rely on the neoprene straps to keep the set in place.

Unlike traditional strength training products, these hand weights don’t require a high fitness level. Gaiam’s sand-filled set can help you build strength through controlled movements if you’re confident about heavy lifting.

They’re relatively lightweight and allow you to march in place, lift them over your body, and perform overhead presses. As a result, you can increase your energy expenditure and burn more calories, with no bulky dumbbells required.

What I Like

These hand weights are ideal for those short on time who want to combine strength training and aerobic exercise into one effective workout. Although some think frequent use would damage the soft fabric, that’s not the case. The polyester shell is durable, easy to clean, and wrinkle-resistant.

Clammy hands are no match for this quick-drying material. Moreover, it prevents spreading bacteria, mold, and fungi, an essential feature if your walks take you through areas with thick dust and heavy traffic.

Women of all ages can enjoy the benefits of this workout set. Gaiam hand weights are popular among older people with limited mobility who want to train their upper body without overtaxing themselves. They’re also an excellent addition to recovery programs for those regaining their strength after injuries.

What I Don’t Like

Several customers have reported that the set has a strange odor. Sweat is full of odor-causing bacteria that latch onto polyester. While this may not put you off from investing in these weights, the smell may prevent some people from focusing on their training sessions. Another potential disadvantage of this set is the non-adjustable straps.

Although the neoprene straps are flexible and water-resistant, they may not fit those with larger hands. Additionally, getting used to walking with weights may take some time. Make sure to slow your pace and avoid swinging your arms suddenly to prevent muscle and joint injuries. Then, you can pick up the pace and carry the weights confidently after a few walks.


  • Lightweight and easy-to-use
  • Long-lasting polyester shell
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Excellent for those with limited mobility


  • Odd smell
  • Non-adjustable straps

CAP Barbell Neoprene Dumbbell Set

With the CAP Barbell Neoprene Dumbbell Set, lack of space won’t stop you from building a functional home gym.

Product Highlights

This superb set will tick all your boxes if you want to improve core strength and build muscle. It includes an easy-to-store rack that can hold three pairs of dumbbells of three, five, and eight pounds. It caters to beginners and experienced weightlifters looking to spice up their routine. The dumbbells feature a practical design, so the handle will sit comfortably in your hands.

Aside from easy gripping, the hexagonal heads are another benefit. Wherever you place them, the dumbbells will stay and won’t roll around. Hence, you can work up a sweat in your living room and set the equipment on the floor without worrying about damaging the floor.

In addition, the large numbers on the dumbbells are easy to read, and you’ll always know which pair to grab.

What I Like

With most workout equipment, training stays at home during vacations. However, this set makes exercising on vacation a breeze. You should have little difficulty packing the rack and the three dumbbell pairs in your suitcase.

Then, wherever you go, your training sessions will follow. The neoprene coating guarantees a secure grip, while the plastic stand is lightweight and boasts impressive sturdiness and toughness.

The frame is easy to assemble and will neatly organize the weights for easy access. This set’s weight range works well with strength training, aerobics, and cardio. These dumbbells will be reliable training companions for years and fare well in outdoor and indoor settings.

What I Don’t Like

The stand features a compact design that allows it to fit in tight corners, but you might struggle to take the weights off the rack. A bit of wriggling will do the trick, but some fitness lovers might prefer a more convenient storage option.

Another potential drawback is the price. While some similar sets are more budget-friendly, CAP is known for developing top-grade products.

If you value durability and quality in your workout equipment, this CAP set is good value for money. However, moving the rack while all weight pairs are in place can be challenging. Make sure to remove the dumbbells before repositioning the stand.


  • Includes three pairs of weight and a storage rack
  • Anti-roll hexagonal shape
  • Easy-to-read numbers
  • Convenient to use and store


  • Small rack
  • On the expensive side

WF Athletic Supply Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Set

41rymMzEGCL. SL500

This dumbbell set might become your next prized possession if you’re in the market for multipurpose and reliable workout equipment.

Product Highlights

The bundle is available in multiple colors, allowing you to add a dash of style and brightness to your training sessions. The set includes five dumbbell pairs weighing two, three, five, eight, and 10 pounds.

The dumbbells arrive with an A-frame storage rack in an attractive blue color. Thanks to the sturdy frame, those who don’t have time to hit the gym can develop a home exercise program without much hassle. The appeal of these dumbbells lies in more than just bright colors. They feature a cast iron core while the hex shape prevents sliding and rolling.

What I Like

This bundle is suitable for those just embarking on their strength training journey. The weights are compatible with most beginner to intermediate workouts, so you won’t have to invest in new equipment as your performance improves.

The neoprene coating helps the dumbbells withstand the rigors of daily use, and they’ll remain well-kept and pristine for a long time. In addition, the smooth coating feels comfortable in your hands, so sweat won’t deter you from reaching your fitness goals.

Moreover, the rack is simple to assemble, and you don’t have to waste time figuring out how its components fit together. This portable set is ideal for traveling and allows you to keep up with your exercise plans even when away from home.

What I Don’t Like

Although this product is a good starting point for newcomers, seasoned weightlifters may need more resistance to see results. Additionally, the heavier weights have a thicker handle that some may find uncomfortable.

Finally, several users have noted that the rack comes with long screws, which could negatively impact its durability. If you want to move it to a new location, remove the weights and gently reposition the storage rack to avoid damaging it.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Bundle includes five pairs of dumbbells and an A-frame rack
  • Anti-rolling hex shape protects flooring
  • Protective neoprene coating
  • Relatively inexpensive option


  • Heavier weights feature a long handle
  • Not the best option for those with advanced exercise skills
  • Rack features long screws

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbell

41izY8PaFbL. SL500

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells would make an excellent addition to any home gym. This adjustable product can match your skill level without issue, whether a beginner or a professional athlete.

It combines 15 pairs of weights in one neat package that’s no bigger than a shoebox, taking the hassle out of storage. The dumbbells are comfortable and sturdy, and the dial mechanism allows you to adjust the weight settings in no time.

Product Highlights

Even when fully loaded, the product takes up little space, so you can say goodbye to using bulky workout gear. There’s no need to cram your living area with a large frame rack. Instead, stack the free weights onto the dumbbells, and they’ll fit in tight spaces without issue.

But this product is more than a space-saving accessory. It features a high-tech dial mechanism. When activated, the mechanism automatically attaches the relevant weight plates. The process only takes a few seconds. All you need to do is adjust the dials on both ends, remove the dumbbells from the holding docks, and start building muscle mass.

What I Like

Many who value quiet workouts have invested in these dumbbells. The dial mechanism holds the plates securely in place during intense workouts, eliminating rattling and sliding.

As a result, it creates a distraction-free environment where you can focus on proper form. Removing the dumbbells from the holding dock is a breeze, making the set more user-friendly than similar products. As the dials offer 15 weight options, using the product is relatively straightforward, even for newcomers.

In fact, after buying this set, you likely won’t have to spend money on weights for years. The rubber handle provides excellent grip, a feature many weightlifting products lack. As a result, the dumbbells will remain in your hands no matter how heavy the load.

In addition, this pair is equipped with protective dividers that secure the weight plates and minimize the risk of injury during more demanding training sessions.

What I Don’t Like

Although this set is a smart purchase, it’s not without potential drawbacks. For example, while the wider weight plates are not a problem for experienced lifters, they could be inconvenient for exercises like goblet squats and bicep curls. Moreover, more attractive products are available, which may matter to those who appreciate visually appealing exercise equipment.


  • Combines 15 pairs of weights
  • Straightforward dial mechanism
  • Dividers secure plates
  • Rubber handle for firm grip


  • Wide weight plates
  • Not the most attractive option

Day 1 Fitness Neoprene Dumbbell Pairs

31zFEEFWmqL. SL500

If you dislike going to the gym and using bulky weight machines, these Day 1 Fitness Neoprene Dumbbell Pairs are the way to go. They’ll help you improve your strength and stamina from the comfort of home.

Product Highlights

These dumbbells are available in multiple bright colors and feature an attractive neoprene finish. This synthetic rubber coating will remain damage-free when faced with twisting, abrasion, and flexing, making the product more durable.

The hexagonal design doubles as an anti-rolling feature, and you can set the dumbbells down without worrying about them rolling away. It also adds to the product’s compactness, so storage is a non-issue.

The dumbbells are available in 12 sizes, with weight options ranging from one to 20 pounds. Beginners can start with the lightest pair and slowly work their way up to heavier lifting.

What I Like

The sturdy cast iron core makes the dumbbells incredibly resilient and won’t bend or break after extended use. In addition, the product is versatile, allowing you to perform various exercises regardless of the size and weight option you choose.

A pair of these trusty dumbbells can help you hone your strength training, cardio, yoga, and aerobics skills. The neoprene coating offers a comfortable grip, fends off sweat effortlessly, and prevents the dumbbells from slipping out of your hands.

This product is among the most affordable options on the market, so you can build lean muscle without breaking the bank. Furthermore, Day 1 Fitness backs its dumbbells with a 30-day return policy to ensure customer satisfaction and unmatched quality.

What I Don’t Like

These dumbbells are non-adjustable. While they may work for beginners, you’ll have to invest in a heavier pair as your strength improves. Another possible drawback is the thick handles. Those with smaller hands may struggle to hold this dumbbell set, which could throw them off balance during workouts.


  • Multiple size and weight options
  • Hexagonal design
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use, store, and stack


  • Non-adjustable
  • Thick handles

Buyer’s Guide

Although dumbbells are essential tools for weight training exercises, they’ve become increasingly popular for other activities, including aerobics, CrossFit, yoga, and cardio. But with so many options available, how do you pick a product that meets your needs? We’ll highlight the most important features you should consider when looking for the best dumbbells for women and help you make an informed decision.


Selecting the appropriate weight depends on multiple factors, including your fitness goals, body type, and body weight. Also, think about the kind of activities you intend to do. For example, those who prefer strength training and want to build muscle will benefit from lifting heavier loads.

On the other hand, cardio and aerobics focus on gentle toning and usually require lighter weights. If you’ve never used dumbbells, start small and slowly increase the resistance as you grow stronger.


Dumbbells are typically made from rubber or solid metal. Some even have a vinyl coating.

The most popular options feature a metallic rod with silver discs on both ends. However, beginners often go for other models since dropping the metal dumbbells can lead to severe injuries.

Rubber dumbbells are more beginner-friendly. A layer of rubber covers the weight plates, protecting them from rust and scratches. The protective coatings lower the risk of damage or injury.

Note that rubber has a distinct smell. If your dumbbells are brand-new, the odor may take some time to disappear.

Finally, vinyl-coated dumbbells usually feature a cast iron core and a vinyl coating. In addition, they come in multiple colors to help you identify the different weights.


The handle and grip are integral to how effective your dumbbell workout will be. Metal handles often have a cross-hatch pattern that provides a firmer grip and helps prevent slipping.

Rubber-grip handles are superior to traditional steel models because they’re more comfortable, so even those with sweaty or calloused hands can exercise without difficulty. In addition, the rubber is rust-resistant, making these models a long-lasting and affordable solution.


Dumbbells are available in various shapes and sizes. Which model will work best depends on the activity you want to perform. If you select a dumbbell that’s too large, exercising might feel uncomfortable, and you risk overexerting and injuring yourself. Before committing to one option, test out other models to see how they fit in your hands. If a dumbbell limits your range of motion, size down and go for smaller weights.


Adjustable dumbbells have remained in demand for years due to their user-friendly nature. With traditional models, you must manually adjust and load the weight plates. However, the market now offers an assortment of easy-to-use models you can quickly modify.

Twist locks are the fastest weight-changing system. You place the dumbbells in their cradles and twist the lock to select the weight you want to lift. The extra plates will remain in the cradles when you pick up the dumbbells.

If you want to try offset lifting, dial mechanisms are another excellent choice. All you need to do to modify the weight is turn the dials on both ends of the dumbbell.


What Size Dumbbells Should a Woman Use?

Women who are beginners should start their weightlifting journey with five, 10, or 15-pound dumbbells. You might want to grab a smaller two-pound model for isolated arm exercises. These sizes work well for beginners because they create enough stimulation and tension to promote muscle growth.

If you have prior weightlifting experience, don’t hesitate to pick up a heavier set for optimal resistance.

How Heavy Should My Dumbbells Be?

Dumbbells should be heavy enough to work your muscles without causing injury. Women who haven’t worked out in a while should go for an adjustable five-to-fifty-pound set. You can rely on approximately 10 to 20 pounds to train your upper body and switch to heavier loads for your lower body days.

An adjustable three-to-twelve-pound set should be enough for beginners to promote muscle growth.

You can always invest in a heavier set if it matches your fitness level.

Will Dumbbells Make You Bulky?

Many women are reluctant to try weight training, feeling it will make them bulky and ruin their figure. While strength training promotes hypertrophy and leads to muscle growth, it won’t negatively impact your appearance. Instead, it will give your body a toned, lean look.

Take the Weight Off Your Shoulders With the Perfect Dumbbell

In the race for the best dumbbells for women, the FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbell beats the competition to the finish line. It’s available as a 25 and 50-pound model, helping women of all fitness levels get ahead in their strength training journey. In addition, the adjustable weight-changing mechanism and soft handle make this product very user-friendly.

The Amazon Basics Neoprene Workout Dumbbell emerges as the runner-up. This product is affordable and will give your muscles an intense workout.

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