5 Best Weight Loss Supplements for Men

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Although modern beauty standards for men aren’t as unattainable as they can be for women, many men still want to lose weight by any means. Sometimes, this may call for the occasional use of the best weight loss supplements for men to accelerate or jump-start the transformation.

But finding the right supplement can be challenging if you don’t start your search with an already filtered list. Hopefully, the following comparisons will help you identify your best supplement.

Comparison Chart

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The Cleaner 7Day Men’s Formula Ultimate Body Detox (52 Capsules)
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Cellucor C4 Ultimate Shred Pre Workout Powder, Fat Burner for Men & Women, Weight Loss Supplement with Ginger Root Extract, Strawberry Watermelon, 20 Servings, 12.3 Ounce (Pack of 1)
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Powercut Triple Burn MLT-97 for Women & Men, Weight Management Supplement, Includes Green Coffee Bean Extract, 30 Days Supply
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Performix SST V3X – 60 Capsules – Dietary Supplement for Supercharged Energy, Intense Mental Focus and Fast Metabolism – Caffeine, Dynamine, and Teacrine – 3X Longer Lasting
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DetoxOne for Weight Loss​ by NutraOne | ​30​ Day Extra Strength Detox Cleanse Supports Healthy Digestive Function*| Promotes Detoxification*, Boost Energy​ & Improves Nutrient Absorption*

Best Weight Loss Supplements for Men: Reviews

The Cleaner 7Day Men’s Formula

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If you’re interested in shedding a few pounds and want to cleanse your body in the process, the Cleaner 7Day Men’s Formula might be the right product for you.

Product Highlights

Weight loss supplements often focus on simple ingredients. But adding a supplement to your diet isn’t always enough to boost your metabolism.

Many natural ingredients can accelerate your calorie burn rate and benefit your body in other ways. For example, the Cleaner 7Day Men’s Formula is a detoxing supplement.

While it doesn’t specifically induce weight loss, it can prepare your body for a weight loss journey and help you sustain it.

Ingredients like dandelion root, senna leaf extract, ginger root, clove, black walnut bark, and others will rid your body of unwanted waste. This cleans the liver, kidneys, and other organs of toxins that prevent proper nutrient breakdown and make you gain weight.

At 52 capsules per bottle, you should have enough for almost two weeks.

What I Like

The long list of natural ingredients that can rid you of toxins and attack internal parasites is ideal for a quick cleanse. Another important aspect is the vegetarian-safe formula and its positive effect on bowel movements and gut bacteria health.

What I Don’t Like

The indications to achieve optimum bowel movements, remove toxins, and maximize weight loss results make this a pricey product. While starting with four capsules, you may have to take up to eight per day to see the effects, suggesting that the formula isn’t fast-acting for everyone.


  • Waste cleansing formula
  • Improves bowel movements
  • Promotes internal flora health
  • Natural ingredients
  • Improves functionality in multiple organs


  • Not the most powerful formula
  • Not specifically aimed at weight loss

Cellucor C4 Ultimate Shred Pre-Workout Powder, Fat Burner

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Although you can burn up to 1,500 calories daily without doing anything, how much you burn during workouts makes a difference. So if you’re lacking intensity and willpower, the Cellucor C4 Ultimate Shred Pre-Workout Powder could be the supplement for you.

Product Highlights

First, unlike other supplements, this one doesn’t contain sugar, which is very important. It also includes a healthy cocktail of vitamin C, B6, B12, calcium, and folic acid. These are essential for maintaining a good metabolism and help in recovery.

But vitamins and minerals alone won’t help you burn fat. This is where the Cellucor C4 Powder shines. It uses CarnoSyn beta-alanine, albeit in a small concentration, and citrulline malate. Both ingredients are popular supplements for boosting the metabolism to burn calories and give more energy.

Furthermore, the C4 Ultimate Shred has a proprietary thermogenic blend of artificial and natural extracts, with just one gram of taurine per serving.

What I Like

Thermogenic fat burners are some of the best weight loss supplements for men. The Cellucor C4 is even better because it can be taken as a pre-workout shake for maximum fat burn effect and a boost of energy to help you endure high-intensity workouts.

What I Don’t Like

A thermogenic blend won’t agree with everyone, mainly when mixed with a high caffeine dose per serving. In addition, it could be a bit too powerful for a casual user who doesn’t train hard in a gym or doesn’t have intense cardio workouts.


  • Sugar-free supplement
  • Powerful pre-workout fuel
  • Improves the thermogenesis process
  • Enhances muscular and cardio endurance
  • Helps you sweat and release toxins


  • Better suited for athletes
  • Not recommended to take it at night

Powercut Triple Burn MLT-97

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If you’re a fan of nutraceuticals or have heard great things and want to try them, the Powercut Triple Burn MLT-97 is one of the best weight loss supplements for men.

Product Highlights

The Triple Burn MLT-97 was designed for the average consumer’s ease of use. Its 14 ingredients can work on your body throughout the day if you simply take one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon.

What’s one of the best things about it? One bottle is enough for a 30-day weight loss regimen.

Additionally, you don’t have to pair this with your workouts. Instead, think of the formula as a passive boost for your metabolism and energy levels that can keep you active and focused during the day.

While some ingredients are natural, like the black pepper, white kidney bean, and green coffee bean extracts, the formula also contains L-carnitine, vitamin B12, biotin, and L-phenylalanine.

These are some of the best ingredients to focus your metabolism on burning calories and fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

What I Like

This formula seems efficient for casual users, and hard workers sweating away at the gym but isn’t contingent on you working out immediately after. Its passive and long-term metabolism-boosting qualities are the standout features.

What I Don’t Like

Building a tolerance to the Triple Burn is possible in as little as five days. While this can vary between users, it makes it slightly pricier to get the full effect.


  • L-Carnitine and L-Phenylalanine formula
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Good energetic and metabolic boost
  • High-quality packaging
  • Can be efficient with a lower water intake


Builds tolerance faster than other supplements

Performix SST V3X – 60 Capsules

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If you’re interested in an all-day metabolism and energy booster, the Performix SST V3X could be your best supplement.

Product Highlights

The SST V3X tackles weight loss in three ways. First, it uses a combination of ingredients that speed up your metabolism, gives you a hearty dose of energy, and help improve your mental focus.

It could be a winning formula for people leading busy lives and struggling to balance a healthy lifestyle, regular workouts, stress, and lack of willpower.

Although it contains a long list of ingredients, three of them stand out the most – caffeine, Dynamine, and TeaCrine. Everyone knows what 350mg of caffeine can do to their energy levels, which is what these pills offer.

But, you may not be familiar with the latter. TeaCrine is somewhat similar to caffeine and is a complementary supplement to caffeine, beta-alanine, branched-chain amino acids, creatine, and other performance-enhancing ingredients.

Dynamine also boosts energy levels but can also keep you more alert and productive, making it helpful with more of your daily tasks.

What I Like

While this formula is heavily geared towards providing a massive jolt of long-lasting energy and focus, it also contains plenty of natural ingredients to supercharge your metabolism. As a result, the combination is great for weight loss and an excellent alternative for users sensitive to thermogenic products.

What I Don’t Like

The high concentration of coffee and TeaCrine won’t agree with everyone. If you’re caffeine intolerant or have blood pressure issues, this formula can feel too strong, which will have the opposite effect to what you’re seeking.


  • Crazy amounts of energy
  • A good alternative to thermogenics
  • Improves mental focus
  • Accelerates the metabolism
  • Helps with recovery and endurance


  • Not for the faint of heart
  • Can have capsule packaging issues

DetoxOne for Weight Loss by NutraOne

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Another contender for men’s best weight loss supplements is the DetoxOne by NutraOne. This formula offers a bit of everything and complements weight loss diets.

Product Highlights

Plant-based formulas are all the rage these days, and it’s not hard to see why. While they’re not as fast-acting or efficient as their alternatives, they can be less aggressive and are more tolerable by sensitive users.

So, what are you getting from DetoxOne? A lot. Its full-spectrum ingredients tackle waistline reduction by improving liver function and assisting in a proper nutrient breakdown. Another benefit is the detoxifying effect it has on the gallbladder.

Apart from that, DetoxOne does an excellent job of reducing bloating and inflammation and helps regulate digestive health.

When your digestive system is firing on all cylinders, losing weight becomes much easier, as long as you follow a good diet and work out.

Regular bloating can sometimes prevent people from losing weight because they have difficulty adapting to new diets. If that’s one of your primary concerns, this might be a fantastic supplement to accelerate and sustain your weight loss transformation.

What I Like

It’s a natural formula with superior detox properties that improve overall health and can make losing weight and exercising much easier. This makes it particularly helpful to users coming off lazy, unhealthy lifestyle habits.

What I Don’t Like

Due to its natural approach, you can build a tolerance to DetoxOne in as little as a week. In addition, this weight loss supplement is contingent on having a proper workout regimen and sticking to a strict diet. It’s not a replacement for other weight loss products but a complementary formula.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Impressive detox properties
  • Supports digestive, colon, and liver health
  • Reduces bloating
  • Improves the body’s nutrient absorption process


  • Not a weight loss-targeted formula
  • Can work up a tolerance

Buyer’s Guide

Buying the best weight loss supplements for men isn’t a simple matter of getting the pill, powder, or capsule with the most reviews or highest ratings.

You have to look deeper into a few things, like ingredients, to determine if it has what you need. Also, not everyone can use the same products due to potential intolerances, allergies, or previous bad experiences.

So, here are a couple of things to look for before buying.


Unless you studied chemistry or pharmacology, you’d unlikely know all the ingredients on the back of a weight loss supplement package.

Sometimes less is more, and sometimes more ingredients result in more efficient formulas. It always comes down to having the right combination and concentrations.

But here’s why you should always look at the ingredients.

Even plant-based formulas can contain ingredients that don’t agree with you, maybe due to a sensitive stomach or an allergy. So, crosscheck each component to ensure that the supplement is safe for you.

Another reason to look at ingredients is to determine how many filler ones you can spot. Supplement manufacturers often use filler ingredients.

This isn’t to make a formula less potent but to improve its texture, taste, or lower production costs. For example, magnesium stearate, a common ingredient in these formulas, has nothing to do with weight loss.

It’s only a binding agent that makes it easier to process other ingredients. So, don’t assume that a high concentration of magnesium stearate instead of something else will make a formula superior or worth the money.

Raspberry ketones and other ketones are mostly buzzwords when it comes to essential ingredients. But unfortunately, few are ever natural, and their effect could be minimal in many cases.

Weight loss supplement components with proven effects in aiding weight loss are L-Carnitine, coffee extract, green tea extract, thermogenic compounds, branch-chain amino acids, probiotics, and many others.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to spend more time researching the ingredients on the packaging, especially the ones in the highest concentrations.


You should always take note of the dosage before deciding which of the best weight loss supplements for men suit your particular needs.

Say a bottle comes with 60 capsules. You might think that will last you an entire month, and you’re getting a great deal.

Don’t be surprised if some weight loss supplements make you take up to four pills every day or more.

In some cases, you’ll be instructed to increase the dosage every couple of days. Unfortunately, this is where the experience can turn bad.

If a single dose is close to the maximum you can handle for specific ingredients, adding more just to get the benefits from other components won’t help you. On the contrary, it might make things worse.

Dosage and ingredient concentrations can be all over the place. If you’re not careful when picking your supplement, you could take too much of a harmful substance or spend too much on something inefficient.

Here’s another reason to check the dosage before buying. Many supplement manufacturers advise you to raise the dosage after a while because they know you can build a tolerance.

Sometimes the dosage changes in such significant increments that you can start wondering if that product even delivers the advertised effects.


Typically, you’ll get weight loss products in pill, capsule, or powder form. The latter option is prevalent when your weight loss supplement is combined with a pre-workout supplement.

Is one better than the other? No.

All pills, capsules, and powders can be made for fast absorption. However, regarding the packaging, you’ll want to look for a few things.

First, it’s best to get an opaque bottle or jar that doesn’t let sunlight penetrate and ruin the formula.

Secondly, having an extra protective layer, preferably resalable, under the bottle cap will be of high value. This prevents too much air from getting in and maintains a more stable environment for your pills, powder, and capsules.

If you want to extend the shelf life of your supplements, good sealing is mandatory. The thickness of the container is another aspect to look for. Thicker walls generally mean the product is better protected against accidental spills, UV rays, and temperature swings.

It should also make the supplements easy to ship so there’s less risk of you getting a broken container.

Another packaging element you can check has to do with the capsules. Although made for quick release, capsules shouldn’t be flimsy.

You’ll find thousands of negative supplement reviews from disgruntled customers stating the same problem. Some, if not most, of the capsules were already split when they arrived. That just results in wasting money on a product you can’t use.

Finding a thick container with a tight plastic seal, thick cap, and blacked-out exterior should be one of your primary concerns.


Looking at pricing alone is never a good idea. These days anyone can make the same supplement with different production costs.

Therefore, you shouldn’t begin with the misconception that cheaper supplements equal the worst supplements.

Sometimes higher prices indicate premium branding. In other cases, high price points do come with better ingredients, better effects, or more concentrated doses.

Unfortunately, this won’t always be easy to determine just by reading the ingredient list.

Many supplements don’t go through extensive trial testing phases, and there are limited studies that demonstrate certain effects on the body.

For many people, weight loss supplements are about trial and error because not everyone reacts similarly to the same formula.

With that in mind, you should still use pricing as a reference.

One of the best ways to do that is when checking dosage and concentrations.

Imagine you’re looking at a premium product. It’s sold in capsule form at 30 capsules per bottle. But the manufacturer advises you to take two to four capsules daily.

Then, you find another product with very similar ingredients and concentrations. This one comes with 60 capsules per bottle, and you’re advised to take no more than one or two daily. Say this one is also cheaper.

There’s a strong possibility that the 30-capsule premium supplement is trying to squeeze more money from you by giving you the same effects as a cheaper alternative but fewer capsules to consume.

This is standard industry practice for supplement manufacturers because they count on the consumer to not look for more information on their supplements.

So, take pricing with a grain of low-sodium salt when judging the quality. But don’t let someone push unnecessarily expensive formulas on you either.

You can find excellent quality products at either end of the pricing spectrum.


Do Men Lose Weight Differently Than Women?

Men lose weight differently and faster than women. During the initial stage of weight loss, both men and women experience up to six weeks of fast weight loss. However, men can shed more pounds during this time frame because they tend to lean muscle mass more than women. Unfortunately, many of those lost pounds will come from excess water and lean muscle.

Women lose weight differently. They can lose stored fat much faster than men because they don’t have as much lean muscle mass. Therefore, once the weight loss transformation begins, it takes less for women to start burning fat.

In addition, women are known to have an easier time burning fat uniformly, whereas men struggle to burn fat around the belly and chest areas.

How Much Do Good Weight Loss Supplements Cost?

Weight loss supplements can range between $20 to hundreds of dollars depending on the branding, ingredients, concentrations, packaging, and other factors. Therefore, good weight loss supplements should be identified based on ingredients, formulas, and effects rather than cost.

What Happens if You Lose a Lot of Weight Fast?

Losing weight too fast, especially if you’re not following a healthy diet and exercise regimen, can have many adverse effects. Muscle loss and physical and mental fatigue are some of the most common side effects due to the lack of nutrients and time to adapt to a new diet.

A weakened immune system is possible if your body is depleted of nutrients when losing weight. Some people can even develop gallstones when starving themselves to accelerate weight loss, and the gallbladder doesn’t get to use its digestive juices enough.

Choose a Supplement That Agrees With Your Body

Many supplements on the market can help you cut weight and even achieve a shredded look. But, of course, don’t think there’s a magic capsule or powder that will eat away excess fat without you putting in the work and eating healthy.

From this list, the Performix SST V3X is arguably one of the best weight loss supplements for men. It has a good balance of natural and artificial ingredients. While it boosts the metabolism, it also gives you a massive energy boost to last you all day and help you balance a healthier lifestyle, workouts, and other daily activities without losing focus.

But if you’re looking for a different approach and want to improve your overall health, the DetoxOne by NutraOne is an excellent alternative. However, it doesn’t impact weight loss much unless you’re on a clean diet and regularly pushing your body to its limits.

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