Dr Oz: 3 Tests every Woman Needs to take


Dr. Oz has the 3 LIFE-SAVING tests every woman must take to PREVENT HEART ATTACK, DIABETES and CANCER. They’re not all what you think! Plus – what to eat and take to LIVE LONGER!

Dr Oz 3 Tests Every Woman Needs: Blood Pressure; Comprehensive Weight Assessment Test; Blood Test For Glucose & Cholesterol; Today Stacia Woodcock from Walgreens and Dr. Oz to review the 3 tests every woman needs. Dr Oz has partnered with Walgreens to get the information out there for you and me. The whole studio audience got on the “Walgreens Way To Health Bus” that provides free testing around the country to people to get their numbers free of charge. 3 tests tests that take 20 minutes! Knowing our numbers can help ward off heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Supplements recommended on Dr Oz JUNE6 2012 In Case You Missed It:

The first test that every woman needs to take said Dr Oz is Comprehensive Weight Assessment Test. This test is more than just pounds on the scale it measures, visceral fat, skeletal muscle and resting metabolism.

Dr Oz went on to explain how much skeletal muscle you have in your body, this is stuff most of us never even thought of, to us it all adds up to pounds and inches. Oz explained as women women we want to preserve and sustain muscle mass to be able to burn off more calories.

The key to building muscle mass is lean protein, Stacia starts her mornings off with eggs. Dr Oz recommended Creatine, but it only works if you are exercising.

How to build muscle: Dr Oz had “CREATINE MONOHYDRATE 100% PURE POWDER” on display and recommended taking 2g Creatine per day energy, start off with 2 mg per day in a smoothie or a shake. People in gyms use creatine a lot to give the muscles a little more energy.

Test #2 Blood Pressure Test, Dr Oz says your ideal blood pressure should be:

Hypertension-140/90 or over
Prehypertension is in the middle

Lower your blood pressure with CoQ10: Dr. Oz recommends taking 200mg CoQ10 per day. What does Dr. Oz take everyday? Oz eats a clove a garlic every day, because it is a food and garlic may lower your blood pressure.
with Ubiquinone

Test #3 is Dr Oz’s blood test for Glucose & Cholesterol, your fasting blood sugar numbers are:
Under 100 Normal
100-125 Prediabetes
126 Or Higher Diabetes

Stacia recommends Magnesium for diabetes or pre diabetes because a lot of diabetics are low in magnesium. By taking a magnesium supplement it will help manage the blood sugar level.

Dr Oz recommended Chromium Polynicotinate to lower your blood sugar numbers. Take 200mg Chromium Polynicotinate per day, it has been shown that deficiencies in Chromium Polynicotinate shows poor control of blood sugars.

Dr. Oz stressed that you never want your blood sugar number to go over 200 no matter what!

Lower your blood sugar: Stacia and Dr Oz recommended taking Magnesium and Chromium Polynicotinate to lower your blood sugar. Take 400mg magnesium per day-200mg Chromium Polynicotinate.

Your total cholesterol Numbers:

Ideal: Less Than 200

Dr. Oz recommended Coconut oil to reduce your cholesterol, use coconut oil in place of butter, use it in a stir fry or whatever. Stacia recommends Red Yeast Rice which is almost like a natural prescription drug. It works just like a statin drug in the body and stops the formation of cholesterol in the body. Red Yeast Rice is a great prescription alternative if you have high cholesterol.

Dr. Oz recommended this product on two different shows. For helping with cholesterol, take 1200mg twice per day. He has also recommended taking as low as 600mg twice per day. This all-natural product is one that Dr. Weil takes and is good for genetically lowering LDL. Red Yeast Rice. Did you know that Red Yeast Rice can reduce your cholesterol by 30 points. Take 1200 mg of Red Yeast Rice 2 times per day

“The Way To Well” buses are touring all across the country, just go to Walgreens website and find out when “The Way To Well” is in your area so you can get your 3 tests done for free.