Dr Oz Black Bean Extract | C3G Black Bean Extract Burns Fat

Dr Oz Black Bean Extract Burns Fat

Dr Oz’s new antioxidants to live years longer, in this next segment of the Dr Oz Show today research tested to cut stress, boost memory and lose weight with a high fat diet. Antioxidant Chicoric acid-Chicory root coffee for stress, memory booster Antioxidant Pterostilbene supplements, Black Bean Extract C3G fat busters.

Black Bean ExtractThe new antioxidants Dr Oz talked about can change how long you live. We see antioxidants on just about everything we buy in the grocery store which has become a multi million dollar market. Antioxidants help fight disease and extend your life according medical sleuth Dr Eva Selhub MD, Harvard Medical School, Author, Your Brain On Nature.

These new antioxidants help with brain function, memory, they help fight fat, help fight stress, but what’s most important is these studies are not being done on animal models but in humans.

Dr Oz: Black Bean Extract – C3G

What was that new antioxidant that Dr Oz talked about today that burns fat?

The third new antioxidant today on Dr Oz, C3G fat busters, this antioxidant, when you have a high fat diet, it causes the gene to express itself as fat storage. When you take C3G it actually turns off the gene expression for fat storage and turns on the gene for fat metabolism. Research has found that even though you may be having a high fat diet, you still don’t store the fat.

The natural way of getting C3G in foods: Black beans & black rice. Dr Selhub told Dr Oz you can take a cup of each, cook it up and eat it….simple! It is hard to get it straight what it is, C3G, 3CG or did Dr Oz say 3GC. I guess it isn’t really important just remember it is “Black Bean Extract” Dr Oz’s antioxidant to burn fat.

Dr Oz: Black Bean Extract

If you don’t want to eat black beans or black rice Dr Oz says to Black Bean Extract supplements – 1 gram of black bean extract is equivalent to 20-30 mg of C3G.

I think we are going to have a hard time finding and being able to buy black bean extract supplements online and in health foods stores.

Even if we did know where to buy black bean extract it will be flying off the shelves like hotcakes because if black bean extract burn fats fat like Dr Oz says and Dr Selbum says the internet will be flooded with sales.

You may have to resort to eating the black beans and black rice! Black Bean Extract|Powerful Weight Loss Formula |Pure C3g| 1 Bottle |60 Mg Serving|60 Count Bottle

Dr Oz: Pterostilbene

This next new Dr Oz antioxidant Pterostilbene will help you live longer by slowing down the aging process. Pterostilbene is in the family as resveratrol. Dr Selhub told Dr Oz what she liked about Pterostilbene, unlike resveratrol this antioxidant gets right into the cell and crosses over the blood brain barrier which means it helps your brain.

Pterostilbene is the one antioxidant that has been used in human studies with older patients, average 76 years of age and found that their memory improved and cognitive function improved. Now you don’t need to be old to take Pterostilbene.

If you do not want to take Pterostilbene supplements, you can get this Pterostilbene antioxidant in cranberries. Eat 1 cup of cranberries per day or eat 1/4 cup of peanuts 2-3 times per week.

Take 50-100 MG Pterostilbene supplements daily – 50 MG if you weigh if you weigh about 160 pounds, if you weigh more than that you can adjust to more.

Dr Oz: Chicoric Acid

The first new antioxidant found in food is Chicoric acid: A natural stress buster & natural antidepressant. Chicoric acid is found in basil & chicory root powder Eat 4-5 servings of chicoric acid per week.

Dr. Selhub gets her chicoric acid through dandelion root tincture. Add 30 drops of dandelion root tincture to water. If you are having a lot of stress or muscle aches you can take chicoric acid up to 5 times a day, Dr Oz said he would drink the chicory root coffee everyday to get his dose of chicoric acid.

You can buy Pterostilbene supplements online for under $10.

Product Description:

Black Bean Extract aka C3G is a powerful antioxidant found naturally in Black Beans. Black Bean Extract c3g helps the body metabolize fat which allows it to discard it more easily. Black Bean Extract c3g is an all natural alternative is sure to be a big hit with would-be dieters especially because it seems to work even with those who indulge in high fat diets.