Dr. Oz: Green Coffee Bean | Burn Fat Fast with Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean | Lose Weight without Diet or Exercise with Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr. Oz: Green Coffee Bean; Oz’s new miracle pill to BURN YOUR FAT INSTANTLY! Dr. Oz is talking about Fat Burners again today and Belly Bloat Cures. How we can melt away our fat from all our problem areas in just one week! How to set your fat on fire to LOSE WEIGHT FAST.

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The great thing about Green coffee bean extract is that people don’t have to do anything different when taking this food supplement. They don’t need to exercise, and they don’t need to diet; they just appear to lose pounds fast. Burn Fat Fast and you can lose up 17.5 pounds 22 weeks.

A new study by the American Chemical Society found green coffee bean extract can significantly increase the rate of body fat loss in overweight people. Participants lost an average of 17.5 pounds in 22 weeks, equaling 10.5 percent of their body fat. It’s been a huge breakthrough for green coffee bean extract, putting it on the map for the first time in years.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract has a high concentration of chlorogenic acid, which is a polyphenol important in plant metabolism. It seems to have the same effect on humans. The chlorogenic acid speeds up metabolism by slowing down the release of glucose from the liver into the blood. When glycogenolysis slows down, the body uses fat cells for energy instead of sugar. Burning up these fat cells can cause weight loss.

On the March 22 episode of “Dr. Oz,” Dr. Mehmet Oz recommended green coffee bean extract as an effective antihypertensive supplement for individuals who are currently taking medication for high blood pressure and are looking for a natural alternative.

A 2006 study conducted by Health Care Products Laboratories Kao Corporation in Tokyo, Japan found Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract significantly reduced high blood pressure in rats and humans. They credited the chlorogenic acid found in the extract for this change, which metabolizes nitric oxide. The vascular endothelium in individuals with high blood pressure produces nitric oxide in abnormal amounts which can be helped by taking green coffee bean extract.

The key to weight loss with Green Coffee Bean pills is in the potent, natural compound called Chlorogenic Acid. The Chlorogenic Acid may work by slowing down the release of glucose into the body after meals while at the same time boosting metabolism. The Chlorogenic Acid is only present in the raw Green Coffee Bean, and not in the aromatic roasted familiar version of brown coffee. That’s because the Chlorogenic Acid is removed during the roasting process (which is done at over 400 degrees Fahrenheit) as the acid is extremely bitter.

The key to this incredible weight loss is not attributed to the caffeine. The green coffee bean supplement has only around 20 mg of caffeine per serving, whereas your daily cup of coffee has over 100 mg.

The daily dose of Green Coffee Bean contains only about 15 – 25 mg of naturally-occurring caffeine whereas your average cup of coffee contains up to 200 mg. In fact, the green coffee bean has actually shown in some studies to help lower blood pressure – while still boosting metabolism.

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If you think can get the same effects from the coffee you drink with breakfast in the morning the answer is NO. Green coffee beans are unroasted, have little aroma and are extremely bitter – because they contain over 50% chlorogenic acid.(bitter is better)

Because the green coffee bean is so bitter, it is recommended taking green coffee in capsule form. It is suggested we try finding 400 mg capsules online – make sure it they are pure and contain absolutely no fillers or binders! Take two capsules about 30 minutes before meals; I recommend taking them two or three times per day with a full glass of water for the best results. And remember that combining green coffee bean with a healthy diet and exercise can improve your results!

Take 800 MG Green Coffee Bean Extract twice daily with a large glass of water 30 minutes before eating

Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean Extract