Turbo Charge Your Metabolism For Your Body Type | Dr. Oz and Dr. Jeffrey Morrison

Turbocharge Metabolism: Body Type Apple, Pear or shaped like a Box!
Dr. Oz and Dr. Jeffrey Morrison has a customized plan to “TURBOCHARGE YOUR METABOLISM” and “BURN CALORIES FASTER”. Whether you’re apple or pear-shaped- or fat all over- how to spark your metabolism and burn fat 24/7!

Dr. Oz: Turbo Charge your Metabolism Burn Calories 24/7

Harissa: Turbo Charge Your Metabolism

Turbo Charge your Metabolism Burn Calories 24/7. Whether your body shape is a box type, pear type or apple shaped Dr Oz says your body type has a direct affect on the metabolism. Today Oz gives us the secrets to turbo charge your metabolism based on your body type. We just need to determine our body type to be able turbo charge our metabolism. Before you can turn on your body’s fat burning potential you need to know your body type specifically. Are you an apple shape, pear shape or do you have the box shape body type.

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Dr Jeffrey Morrison has studied the link between metabolism and body types for over 10 years, he explained how the body affects the metabolism. When we were eighteen we could eat anything we wanted and our weight never changed, but with each new decade our metabolism slows down and hormones change.

When we reach our 40’s our metabolism starts changing even more and the hormones keep on getting imbalanced and our body shape changes based on hormones and fat accumulates where the hormones are imbalanced.

Dr. Morrison told Dr. Oz the body shape has a lot to do with which hormones are imbalanced, whether they are too high or too low. Certain hormones will cause fat to accumulate in the hips vs the midsection to all over body fat which could be a predictor for what kind of health problems a person could be at risk for.

Apple Shape Body Type

To be able to burn calories 24/7 for the apple shape who have excess fat around the middle. The apple shape woman as she ages estrogen levels naturally decrease triggering your body to redistribute fat around the mid section. Stress causes cortisol to accumulate fat around the belly which basically suffocates the organs.

According to Dr. Morrison, apples should eat foods low on the glycemic index. One way to do this is by cutting out carbs. Carbs spike blood sugar – so reducing or eliminating them from your diet would prevent this and keep cortisol controlled. The less cortisol, the less belly fat.

Apple shaped women can blast belly fat, turbo charge your metabolism burn calories 24/7 — Apples can replace simple carbs with the following foods:

  • Lentils, which are packed with protein and require more energy for the body to break down.
  • Red pepper hummus, also rich in protein; the spices can also boost metabolism
  • Eggplant makes a great carb substitute. When used in certain recipes, for example an eggplant lasagna, it gives you the same density and texture as pasta.

Pear Shaped Body

If you store fat on your hips, thighs and but you have “junk in the trunk.” Pears carry most of their weight on their lower hips, thighs and butt. Dr Morison says this kind of fat is not as dangerous as belly fat, but it may be more unsightly, as it can become that cheesy, cellulite-type fat that is every woman’s nightmare. And while an apple cannot become a pear, with excessive weight gain, a pear may wind up transforming into an apple.

Apparently women pear shaped body’s are at a higher risk for osteoporosis. During menopause, pears make much weaker estrogen, which is not strong enough to keep calcium in the bones. Other health issues for this type are cellulite, varicose veins, and joint problems.

The secret how pears can turbocharge metabolism burn calories 24/7 is with high fiber foods.

High-fiber foods For the pear shaped woman:

  • Edamame, rich in phytoestrogens to regulate your estrogen levels
  • Whole wheat pasta – a great swap for regular pasta that will fill you up fast
  • Figs are a fruit with one of the highest levels of fiber. If you have a sweet tooth, dried figs are a healthy way to help you get your fix.
    • Box Shape Body Type

      If you are an apple and a pear shape, you are “Box” Body Type, this means you have the attributes of both an apple and a pear. Women with the Box shaped body type have health concerns that affects the thyroid gland, and those carrying excess weight with this body type can run a greater risk of experiencing depression, memory loss, high cholesterol and an enlarged heart.

      Dr. Morrison tells Dr Oz if you are a box and you are lacking enough thyroid hormones, every cell in the body gets fatter due to a slowing of your overall metabolism. Since the thyroid controls the metabolism, all the body processes are slowed, including digestion, mental clarity, and even absorption of vitamins.

      To turbocharge your metabolism burn calories 24/7 for the “Box” shape start using iodized table salt when seasoning your food.

      • Seaweed, a great snack packed with both nutrients
      • Shrimp – and it’s also a good source of vitamin D
      • Sunflower seeds, just one-third of a cup makes for a great daily snack

      Dr Oz: Harissa

      Today Dr Oz talked about Harissa Spice Blend to turbo charge your metabolism. Harissa is a metabolism-boosting spice blend of hot chilies, garlic, cumin and coriander. Spices that “burn” provide an immediate metabolic boost.

      Harissa Spice is available at your supermarket, or you can buy all four ingredients separately and make your own blend; mix with olive oil to make its nutrients more available. All you need is one-eighth of a teaspoon per meal. Sprinkle it on everything from eggs to protein to vegetables.

      Harissa Recipe

      Make your own Harissa: For a metabolic burn try this Harissa Recipe to turbo charge your metabolism.


      10-12 dried red chili peppers
      3 cloves garlic, minced
      1/2 teaspoon salt
      2 tablespoons olive oil
      1 teaspoon ground coriander
      1 teaspoon ground caraway seeds
      1/2 teaspoon cumin

      Soak the dried chilies in hot water for 30 minutes. Drain. Remove stems and seeds.

      In a food processor combine chili peppers, garlic, salt, and olive oil. Blend.

      Add remaining spices and blend to form a smooth paste.

      Store in airtight container. Drizzle a small amount of olive oil on top to keep fresh. Will keep for a month in the refrigerator.

      Dr Oz: Metabolism Boosters for Every Body Type

      Along with Harissa here are Dr Oz’s Body Type metabolism boosters to help you burn calories 24/7

      • Grapefruit – Grapefruit accelerate your body’s ability to break down fat and digestive assistant that breaks down proteins so that they are ready to be used more quickly.
      • Jalapenos – Jalapenos are heat-producing substance that quickly increases metabolism.
      • Sardines – Sardines are packed with essential fatty acids that your body needs to tackle belly fat plus help reduce inflammation.

      Did you know that by having extra muscle means you can eat more and gain less because muscle burns more calories than fat. Try a short intense anaerobic workout, which consists of short bursts of motions done in a very short amount of time. This kind of exercise has lasting effects on your metabolism.