Dr. Oz: Cancer Myths Exposed | Cancer Lies Dr. Dara Richardson, Dr. ILana Cass and Dr. William Li

Dr Oz: Biggest Cancer Lie #1. You Don’t Have Cancer; Biggest Cancer Lie #2. You Can’t Catch Cancer; Biggest Cancer Lie #3 The Only Place To Check For Breast Cancer Is Your Breast; Biggest Cancer Myth #4 You Can Only Get Female Cancers From Your Mother; Dr. Oz exposes the biggest lies about cancer. FEBRUARY 3, 2011 – “THE BIGGEST LIES YOU’VE EVER BEEN TOLD ABOUT CANCER”
 Cancer Myths; Secret Weapons to Cancer Prevention,
 Dr. Oz debunks the biggest cancer myths. Learn the truth about family history and the biggest breast cancer myth. Hear from top experts in the field and learn what you can do to prevent this dangerous disease. Leading breast cancer experts Dr. Dara Richardson, Dr. ILana Cass and Dr. William Li join Dr. Oz In Case You Missed It Feb. 3rd.

Dr. Oz Cancer: It’s the second leading cause of death, But are you afraid of all the wrong things asks Dr. Oz. Today Dr. Oz reveals the biggest lies you’ve been told about cancer. These aren’t lies doctor’s tell you, their lies and misconceptions we tell each other. When we spread misinformation it could be deadly.

Dr. Oz Biggest Cancer Lie #1. You Don’t Have Cancer-You do all the right things, you eat healthy, exercise, get 8 hours of sleep every night, you don’t drink, don’t smoke or even sit in the sun without sunblock. You drink plenty of water and eat only organic food, there’s no way you have cancer cells growing inside of you.

Dr. Oz: “Dr. Li is it true you don’t have cancer, why isn’t it”?

Dr. William Li: “The truth is we all have microscopic cancers growing inside of us all the time, the human body is actually made of more than 50 Trillion cells that are continuously dividing just to keep us healthy. All it takes is one of those cells to make a mistake or mutate and presto we have actually have a potential microscopic cancer that’s actually formed. The good news is that most of these abnormal cells never become dangerous because our body has an excellent defence systems against cancer like our immune system, our body’s ability to resist blood vessels from growing into and feeding cancers”.

Dr. Oz: “Dr. Li do you think every single person has a cancer cell in them”?

Dr. Li: “Absolutely”.

Dr. Oz: “What can we do to prevent these potential cancer cells that may not be able to grow like they could if they became even more aggressive, how can you prevent that from happening”?

Dr. Li: “For one thing it is important to avoid certain things that we know that can provoke cancer cells to grow like cigarette smoke, including second hand smoke. Avoiding too much sun exposure, or excessive alcohol. It’s a quantity that matters, too much is bad for you, or eating to many preserved meats”.

Dr. Oz: ” We’ve talked about different kinds of food habits, Dr. Li processed meats are what you’re worried about”?

Dr. Li: ” Studies have shown there are many preservatives and other nitrates that accumulate in processed meats that our bodies have difficulty in digesting and the become carcinogens. Anything that dwells in the body that can provoke cancer cells to grow are bad for you. On the other hand it’s equally important to add things to our life that can boost our body’s cancer defence system like exercise, getting enough restorative sleep”.

Dr. Oz: ” Everybody, if you can hear my voice you have cancer in you, we are remarkably capable of holding down those cancer cells from growing by taking advantage of some of the things we talked about on the show”.

Dr. Oz Biggest Cancer Lie #2. You Can’t Catch Cancer; You can catch a cold, you can catch the flu, same with measles, chicken pox and mumps, but there’s one disease we all know you can’t catch from anyone else, cancer is definitely not contagious or is it?

Dr. Oz: ” can cancers be contagious

H Pylori Stomach Cancer:

Dr. Ilana Cass: “There are certain bacteria and virus’s that can actually cause cancer, and these bacteria’s and virus’s are actually contagious, you can catch them. Some examples include Helicobacter pylori or H pylori as it’s known which probably affects about 30 to 40% of Americans. It’s most commonly a cause of inflammation or a peptic ulcer disease in the stomach but it can actually go on to cause stomach cancer. We really don’t understand how it’s spread, most of the infection appears to occur in childhood and there’s certain groups of people more at risk for H pylori but it’s exceedingly common”.

Dr. Oz: “So you could never have ulcers but still have H Pylori”?

Dr. Cass: “Exactly, the problem is there’s not a lot of good data to show that treating the H pylori actually has an impact on stomach cancer. So it’s one of those associations that we don’t completely understand and how we can use that information to prevent stomach cancer”.

HPV Cervical Cancer;

Dr. Cass: “Another example is the Human papillomavirus, HPV is exceedingly common in sexually active men and women. Probably 20 Million Americans have been exposed to HPV, this is as I said is passed along through sexual exposure and probably 5% of all cancers are related to or associated with the Human papillomavirus which makes it a very big health concern, this is more than cervical cancer, it affects men and women. Throat cancers, anal cancers penile cancers”.

Hepatitis B Liver Cancer:

Dr. Cass: “The third virus is Hep B- Hepatitis B can cause liver damage and in some percentage of those individuals with liver damage they can go on to develop liver cancer”.

“With H Pylori and people who are symtomatic is that you can treat that successfully with antibiotics. The other two, there are now vaccine’s available. At the present time girls the age 11 to 26 should be vaccinated against HPV. There is some preliminary data that it would be beneficial to boys, but not yet recommended for boys. Hepatitis B vaccinations are available and recommended”.

Dr. Cass said she would vaccinate her son for HPV

Biggest Cancer Lie #3 The Only Place To Check For Breast Cancer Is Your Breast
– Breast cancer can be cured if you catch it early enough, and by now it has been drilled into your head the only place you need to check is your breast, but is that really your body’s only warning sign for breast cancer?

Dr. Oz:
” A lot of folks find breast cancer themselves and the reason we are doing this show is to make sure you know what the truths are about your cancers. So if you can examine yourself for breast cancer you need to do it more than every six months. Do a self breast examine once a month and same time of the month so you don’t have hormonal fluctuations throwing off what your finding”.

The big lie is that we actually don’t know how to do it right because we miss some things. Dr. Richardson you’re an expert in this area, why isn’t the breast the only place to look for breast cancer”.

Dr. Dara Richardson: ” When Anita was checking her breasts she only covered the portion of the breast that most people think of where there’s breast tissue. There is breast tissue all the way up to the clavicle down to below the breast line and also into the axillary area. It is very important for women to check all areas of the breast. Sometimes a mass can be in the breast that you can’t even feel and you can look in the underarms there could be a lump there that may indicate breast cancer”.

Dr. Oz: “The lymph nodes, small microscopic cancers can shed cells that love living in the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are above the clavicle in the neck area, the can be under the armpit area”.

Dr. Oz: ” One of the other myths you have to have out there that you have to have a lump. Tell us about breast cancers that don’t involve a lump”.

Dr. Oz Inflammatory Breast Cancer:
Dr. Richardson: “There’s a very aggressive type of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer that does not present a lump at all. In fact what you find is a change in the skin, it’s dimpling similar to the skin of an orange, thickening of the skin and dimpling of the skin. This is so important because one it is very, very aggressive and the big part is a lot of doctors don’t recognize this and women are treated as they have a breast infection and that is horrible and I urge every woman if you get an irritation in your breast that does not go away you must go an see your doctor. Even say ‘can this be inflammatory breast cancer’, use the words because this is so deadly it is more common in African American Women and it’s a very, very serious condition women need to know about”.

Dr. Richardson had breast cancer 13 years ago and beat it

“As part of my normal self breast evaluation I noticed a lump in my breast that was hard and firm and also I have a family history of breast cancer. My Mom had breast cancer, so even though I wanted to deny it was there I had to go get t looked at and sure enough it was breast cancer”.

Biggest Cancer Myth #4 You Can Only Get Female Cancers From Your Mother– Dr. Oz said cancer of the breast and ovaries strike fear in the heart of every woman. Your probably more likely to think you’ll come down with these cancers if there’s a history on your mothers side of the family. Nothing to worry about on your Dad’s side, right?

Dr. Oz: “Dr. Cass the fourth lie is that you can only get female cancers from your mother, why is that a myth, why is it possible to have other risks other than your mothers side “?

Dr. Cass: “So the reason for that is that it’s a very common myth, you have two copies of genes. You inherit one copy from your mom, but you inherit a copy from your father and these genes can sometimes contain mutations which Dr. Li had eluded too, and these mutations in some cancer syndromes including the breasts, the ovary and the uterus actually can be inherited or passed down from one generation to the other. It’s very important to know your family history on your mom’s side of the family as well your dad’s side of the family. If there’s a mutated gene and it’s passed down just like the color of your eyes or the color of your hair it makes a protein that doesn’t work properly and that can predispose or increase the risk of that person getting cancer from the mother or the father”.

“Now another myth that is commonly held is if you inherit one of these mutated genes or if you’re a carrier of one of these genes that it’s automatically a death sentence and you’re going to get cancer and that’s it. It’s actually not the case at all, we now have really effective techniques to screen people who are at risk based on their family history to see if they’re a carrier for the gene and we have very effective strategies that we can use both extra screening as well in some cases prophylactic surgery to remove the organs so that people can prevent getting cancer. There’s increasing research trying to understand why is that some people with the genetic mutation get cancer and some don’t”.