Dr. Oz Lose 20 Pounds In 30 Days Tim Ferriss Diet Plan

Dr. Oz 4 Hours To The Perfect Body Tim Ferriss Diet Plan

Timothy Ferriss Diet Plan shows you how to lose 20 pounds in 30 days by using Ferriss’s own 80/20 principle in this segment of Dr. Oz In Case You Missed It Jan 24th. Dr. Oz Lose 20 Pounds In 30 Days Tim Ferriss Diet Plan

Tim Ferris Four Hours to Your Perfect Body
Is it possible to get the body you always dreamed of in just 4 hours a week? Women have claimed they did following Tim Ferriss ‘s diet plan and got their dream bodies. Is 4 hours a week enough time to get you your dream body? Tim Ferriss thinks so. Learn about his unconventional plan.

Tim Ferriss Four Hour Diet Plan

Tim Ferriss spent 15 years as a human guinea pig testing every diet, product and premise out there, now he’s challenging all the traditional studies on weight loss. Tim Ferriss reveals his method in losing 20 pounds in 30 days and increase fat burning by 300%. Tim Ferriss renowned author of New York Times Best Seller “The 4 Hour Work Week”, Tim’s new book “The 4 Hour Body”, may hold the key to achieving the body you’ve always dreamed about without doing all the work you hate.

Tim Ferriss: “I can teach people to triple the amount of fat they can lose per week by using ice, how to build Michelle Obama arms with 3 five minute workouts a week. How to enjoy their wine, coffee and still continue to lose a lot of fat.”

Tim Ferriss: “People can eat what they want, they can eat cheesecake all day long and not gain any fat at all, all they have to do is make a few simple changes to their diet, they don’t have to add exercise and lose a tremendous amount of weight very quickly. I do have access to the world’s best Doctors, top Scientists, PHD’s & Professional Athletes and that allows me to find information which isn’t always found in the Scientific Journals or Medical Studies.”

Tim Ferriss The 4 Hour Body: “The 4 Hour Body is looking at the smallest changes you can make consistently that produce the biggest results. To transform your body in just four hours a week is not a lot of time, what you realize is the dose you need, just like in medicine in some cases for profound changes aren’t really that much.

Does Tim Ferriss’s Diet Work?” – “I have worked with many doctors so the evidence based medicine is there, and most of the critics that I have run into have a product to sell that conflicts with the findings or advice. You need to take it with a grain of salt and also take a look at the motivations of the critics who say this diet of Tim Ferriss doesn’t work and isn’t sound.”

Dr. Oz’s Medical Unit said almost every single of the ideas Tim Ferriss brought up in his information to Oz was sound advice.

Dr. Oz & Tim Ferriss Ice Therapy 4 Hour Body Burn Fat Lose Weight

1. Losing Weight Through Ice Therapy

How Does Ice Therapy Work? Ice therapy triggers hormones helpful for fat loss, you can use an ice pack that you can put on the back of your neck. The best locations for activating fat burning fat is putting ice on the upper back and the upper chest for 30 minutes while you’re watching TV.

500 ML Ice Water In The A.M.
Cold Shower In The A.M.
Ice Pack On Neck P.M.

Dr. Oz Demonstration: what I want you to do is climb the ladder to the top and ring the bell. This medium ladder of temperture is what happens normally when you try to do a task, like to get up and put the trash out. This other taller ladder is the amount of energy it takes when you are cold. thats how it changes your metabalism so climbing the smaller ladder really doesnt require to much effort as opposed to when you have a chill or really cold climbing the taller ladder. Now we have both done the same thing but the big thing is on how many calories you burn.

What it boils down to is you burn more calories and fat when you’re cold as opposed to exercising in room temp. your body is working harder and burning more calories and fat.

Ferriss: “For each person you’re going to want to approach it gradually, test the theory for the skeptics out there. Maybe put ice packs on the upper back, then move to cold showers if you want to get really aggressive which works very well, you can move to an ice bath up to the waist for 10 minutes 3 times a week and it’s very good for a sports injury as well.

I recommend you take it one step at a time, I would never recommend you run home and jump into an ice bath, the small steps will add up to produce rapid acceleration of fat loss.

Dr. Oz 4 Hour Plan Eat Protein In The Morning

2. Eat 30 Grams Of Protein With 30 Minutes Of Waking Up

Tim Ferriss: “Eat 30 Grams Of Protein in the morning is so critical in the four hour plan, it’s start the day off with the right fat burning hormones.”

Dr. Oz: “Over the holidays I thought about the eggs which by the way doesn’t effect your cholesterol numbers unless you have a genetic problem, it’s a very safe way of getting protein. So have the Frittata’s or the turkey sausages.

Dr Oz asks why is this so important for the 4 hour plan?

Tim says this is very counterintuitive but it starts the day off with the right amount of fat burning hormones, a good example of this is my father was losing 5 pounds a month and when he starting doing this he lost 18.75 pounds of fat the first month by drinking protein shakes. You dont have to use just eggs you could use unflavored whey protein in the morning, it is a really safe way of getting protein.

Dr. Oz And Tim went on to say “It’s an experiment so everyone at home you have to keep track of whats going on with your body in regards of what makes sense and what doesn’t. These are 3 ideas that we have talked about but this idea is the most important and a postitive side effect of this is you won’t experience slump after lunch, the common fatigue most feel after lunch. Following what you feel is a very good indication of how much fat you’re burning.

Dr. Oz Pig Out Once A Week

3. Pig Out Once A Week

Dr Oz: “The third strategy is the last one for a reason, it is the most shocking. They say you should pig out once a week. How are we supposed to lose weight if we were to eat this junk food full of sugar?”

Tim Says ” by spiking your calories at least once a week 2 things happens.”

1. Pigging out once a week improves for example thyroid output, very important for women and mothers
2. Pigging out makes the diet sustainable, people don’t have to give up their comfort foods indefinitely and that allows people to be strict 6 days a week, and if you control the damage and there are ways that you can do that. For example grapefruit juice before you do the binge surpisingly will stabilize your sugar. So keep in mind next time you go on your once a week binge try drinking grape juice before hand.

Droz had a very hard time believing this theory so he checked into why this could possibly work. Tim says that we can do this if we let our muscles burn the calories rather then the fat storing the calories. The juice opens up those doorways.

Dr. Oz: “Tim what I was so shocked out to find about in this whole area was the concept you have a certain limited amount of time to do these things, how much time do you have?”

Tim: “You have roughly have an hour, so that means once you eat the food, if it takes 60 minutes for it to hit your blood stream when you get home you can do these on your own. The squats will be one example.

Dr. Oz says this is your test, the next time you make a mistake which we will all do one time or another we are going to pig out 1 day a week. We are going to do these activities:

A proper air squat – put your hands and arms straight out in front of you while standing, legs a little bit apart and then just squat down, you want to do this for roughly 60 seconds to 120 seconds and within an hour of making a mistake with a meal it opens all the muscles to burn off the calories.