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BEC 5 Curaderm: Eggplant Cream for Skin Cancer

Curaderm: BEC5 Curaderm; Eggplant Cream for Skin Cancer; Controversial alternative medicine guru Dr. Joe Mercola reveals his most radical cures. He told Dr. Oz Curaderm Eggplant Cream is an all-natural skin cancer cream.

Curaderm Cream

Dr. Oz Mercola informed Dr. Oz over 100,000 people have been effectively treated with it in other countries. You get some benefits from eating eggplant but it’s not going to treat skin cancer because there are very specific receptors on cancer cells that an extract of the family of eggplants that are very toxic to those cancer cells. The name of this Skin Cancer Cream BEC 5 Curaderm.

Dr. Mercola Says: “Cancer Can Be Cured naturally With Eggplant and there is a cream derived from plants in the Solaceae family of eggplant, tomato, potato, and Bell peppers. It’s called Solasodine rhamnosyl glycosides, BEC5 or Curaderm Cream.”

We have searched around done our homework on this skin cancer cream, one study found that 20 out of 24 skin cancer lesions disappeared after using this eggplant extract cream. There is currently one company that makes this cream – Curaderm; This eggplant cream costs $125 and is available online. BEC5 Curaderm cream is effective to treat true malignant skin cancers such as the non-melanoma basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. BEC 5 Curaderm – the clinically proven, cost effective treatment for both primary and secondary skin cancer care.


Dr. Mercola says: “Curaderm works by targeting a receptor that is only on the cancer cells so is very safe to use. You apply Curaderm Cream directly over the skin lesion twice a day under occlusion and treatment lasts about 14 weeks for most small skin cancers. While the cream is very safe it is recommended that one consult with a professional to make the initial diagnosis as one must be absolutely certain the skin cancer is not a melanoma as more aggressive treatment will be needed. Melanoma cells can spread to distant areas of the body and the cream will not work as it must be in direct contact with the lesion.”

In the image above Dr. Oz explained that someone used this skin cream for the skin cancer they had non-melanoma skin cancers. Basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) and squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs). On the right side of the image you can see the cancer seems to have disappeared. They used the Curaderm cream everyday for 3 months and said twice ‘It Shocked Me’

Dr. Oz asked Mercola why hasn’t it come to this country and Mercola told him that if your going to make a claim for a treatment of cancer it’s going to cost hundred’s of million’s of dollars for the appropriate trials to do that.Dr. Oz contacted three renowned dermatologists across the country that constantly monitor such claims for cancer have not even heard of this eggplant cream, Curaderm.

Cream for Skin Cancer – Eggplant and Similar Plant Extracts Used for Treating Cancer Since 1825

There are reports that extracts of plants from the Solanaceae family of vegetables are effective for treating cancer dating back nearly 200 years to 1825, according to natural health pioneer Dr. Jonathan Wright. However, it wasn’t until much later, after the 1950s, that they were formally studied.

Curaderm Research

Dr. Bill E. Cham, the leading researcher in this area today reported as early as 1991 in Cancer Letters that:


“A cream formulation containing high concentrations (10%) of a standard mixture of solasodine glycosides (BEC) has been shown to be effective in the treatment of malignant and benign human skin tumors.

We now report that a preparation … which contains very low concentrations of BEC (0.005%) is effective in the treatment of keratoses, basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) and squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) of the skin of humans. In an open study, clinical and histological observations indicated that all lesions (56 keratoses, 39 BCCs and 29 SCCs) treated with [the preparation] had regressed.”

Used Curaderm: A subsequent study by separate researchers also noted that a 0.005% mixture of solasodine glycosides called BEC5. Bec5 is a “safe therapy for basal cell carcinoma, with a cure rate of 66% at 8 weeks and 78% at 1 year follow-up.”

BEC5 Curaderm cream is therefore recommended to be used to treat areas of the skin that may have become discoloured, thickened or scaly as a result of exposure to sun (UV) light. These areas of the skin are known as keratoses. BEC5 Curaderm cream is effective to treat true malignant skin cancers such as the non-melanoma basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. BEC5 Eggplant Extract Kills Only Cancerous Cells, Leaving Healthy Cells Alone

BEC 5 contains a specially purified plant extract from the maeum, (the so-called Devil’s apple) which is found in the Australasia region. The extract itself, known as Solasodine Glycosides, (at a strength of 0.005%) is also found in the eggplant and aubergine (albeit in smaller quantities).

After two decades of research and clinical trials, biochemist, Dr. Bill E. Cham, has discovered that Curaderm BEC5 when applied topically can eradicate non-melanoma skin cancers, specifically:

1. Basal cell carcinomas (BCC).
2. Squamous cell carcinomas (SCC).

BEC5 Curaderm cream has also been shown to be efficacious with benign tumours and other skin irregularities, including:

1. Keratoses.
2. Keratoacanthomas.
3. Sun spots.
4. Age spots.

Numerous clinical trials in Australia and Great Britain have confirmed BEC5’s ability to regress non-melanoma skin cancers. In one open study with 72 patients, treatment used BEC5 Curaderm cream resulted in the regression of all treated lesions (56 actinic keratoses, 39 BCCs and 29 SCCs), with 100% healed after 1 to 13 weeks of treatment.

You can buy Curaderm Cream for Skin Cancer online without a prescription but consult with a professional to make the initial diagnosis to be absolutely certain the skin cancer is not a melanoma as more aggressive treatment will be needed.