Dr Oz 5 Super Beauty Foods In Your Fridge

Dr Oz 5 Superfoods For Super Beauty Foods In Your Fridge

Dr Oz 5 Superfoods For Super Beauty: Dr Oz Red Peppers For Wrinkles; Dr Oz Capers For Redness & Inflammation; Dr Oz Pink Grapefruit For Protection Against Sun Damage; Dr Oz Collard Greens For Acne; Dr Oz Trout For Dry Skin; Its a national obsession, the search for the perfect product and procedure to help you look and feel more beautiful. Why do we always look for the beauty on the outside especailly when all the best kept beauty secrets come from within. Today Dr Oz looks at our food in an entirely new way, what you eat effects more than just how you feel. It can radically change how you look with the Dr Oz 5 superfoods for super beauty.

From wrinkles to redness to dry skin and the fix may already be in your fridge. Last year Americans spent over 2.5 Billion on expensive creams and cosmetics. Another $10 Billion on cosmetic procedures, everything from botox injections to chemical peels to facelifts. You can many of the best most beauty boosters in your own home says Dr Oz. All of them nutrient power houses at just a fraction of the price. So what are these super foods for super beauty, the grocery list to keep you gorgeous.

Audrey kunin joins Dr Oz today, she wants people to think of their refrigerator as a cosmetic counter. Too often we depend on cosmetics to hide all our wonderful imperfections that we dont want to show the world.

Dr Oz Super Food For Super Beauty: The first super foods to protect our skin from sun damage – Is it Pink Grape Fruit, Blackberries or Kiwi?

Dr Oz Pink Grapefruit To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

Pink grapefruit gets its bright color from an ingrediant called Licopene. Licopene is not just a pigment or a dye, it’s a very powerful antioxidant that helps sheild our skin against ultra violet damage. When ultra violet touches the skin, all to often the rays cause a chemical reaction. We’ve all heard about Free radicals. Those free radicals are what start to brake away our skin cells DNA…Free Radical Damage | What Are Free Radicals

Half a grapefruit once a week to start out with, if you eat more then that good for you! The second Superfood is for Wrinkles, which superfood can help prevent wrinkles? is it Apples, Red Peppers or Beets?.

Dr Oz Red Peppers For Wrinkles

Dr Oz Super Food For Super Beauty: Red Peppers Natural Botox: Red peppers prevent wrinkles – rich in Vitamin C – Eat 1/4 cup daily.

Dr Oz said red peppers are a natural botox. Red peppers are very rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin C helps build up collagen fibers and keep our skin like a nice chain linked fence. Red peppers has twice the amount Vitamin C as that of an orange per serving and a third of the calories. So, a half a cup of red pepper is 20 calories. Dr Kunin says to eat 1/4 cup of red peppers a day instead of worrying about using Vitamin C laden creams.

Collagen comes in 3 strains and these 3 strains have to be bound together and there is a reason for that. collagen is a like a rubber band of the body if we dont have 3 bound together, the rubber band gets too stringy and too loose, so basically its like taking a single strand and breaking it. You no longer have the bouncy to make the skin supple. If you take 3 strands of collagen and bond them together like a cross link, this is what Vitamin C allows them to do.

Dr Oz Super Food For Super Beauty: The third superfood is designed to help prevent Acne – is it Parsnips, Radishes or Collard Greens?

Dr Oz Collard Greens

Collard Greens prevent acne, rich in Vitamin A – By eating Vitamin A it works as a natural topical prescription that I give patients says Dr Kunin to help them exfoiliate naturally to prevent blunt formation. Dr Oz said Vtamin A is the most succesful skin remedy of all, the fact that you get alot of it in your food is essential for you to know. The higher your blood serum levels of Vitamin A in the body means the less acne you have. Eat 1/2 a cup of cooked collard greens per week, try cooking it with olive oil and garlic for better flavor.

Dr Oz Super Food For Super Beauty: Which superfood helps with dry skin – Is it Trout, Hazelnuts or Grapeseed Oil?

Dr Oz Trout For Dry Skin

Trout prevents dry skin and is rich omega 3 fatty acids: The omega-3’s in trout can hydrate the skin from within all you have to do is eat roughly 1- 2 average size filets a week. If you dont like trout that many times a week try salmon or mackerel.

Dr Oz Superfood For Super Beauty:

Which super food will help with redness and inflammation – is it Pears, Endive or Capers?

Dr Oz Capers For Redness & Inflammation

Capers reduces redness & inflammation, Rich in Quercetin: Capers contain a natural phytonutrient called Quercetin.

Quercetin has a two fold benefit it acts as a natural antihistamine, meaning its going to rid of inflammation. It also has an anti inflammatory benefits so if your skin is red or if its inflamed and puffy by consuming a small amount of capers you can see a remarkable improvment in your skin. Approximately one table spoon of capers sprinkled over your main meal for everone to eat is enough to do the trick.