Dr. Oz: 7 Day Energy Surge Plan

Dr. Oz: 7 Day Energy Surge Plan | Jim Karas 7 Day Energy Surge & The Cardio-Free Diet

Dr. Oz: 7 Day Energy Surge Plan; Dr. Oz in case you missed it did a segment today on 7 Days To Regain Your energy, Personal trainer Jim Karas, author of The 7 Day Energy Surge & The Cardio-Free Diet. Today the epidemic of exhaustion ends with the Dr. Oz 7 Day Energy Surge Plan. Dr. Oz promoted Jim Karas The 7 Day Energy Surge Book and inside this book are the secrets to help you turn around your life around in 7 days.

You will feel better and more energetic, so if you are exhausted, sluggish, burnt out, drained, beat or worn out you are not alone. Dr. Oz said more than 2/3 of American women are sleep deprived and according to a new study 75% are stressed out on a regular basis.

Most of us to boost our energy turn to quick fixes to get by with coffee, soda’s and sugary snacks plus the super charged energy drinks.

Jim Karas has the answer to your energy, he is trainer to the stars with Diane Sawyer and Hugh Jackman as clients and claims he can totally turn your life around in 7 days. What he has taught them is what he he wants to teach all his listeners and that is to listen to your body. He drills about certain principles about sleep, about the stress relieving behaviours they have to try to do, and not to reach for chemical energy.

The Death Spiral: Too many of us are on this downward energy spiral, the death spiral. It starts the moment you wake up and you don’t feel refreshed. then that fogginess turns to brain fog that follows you all day long. Dr. Oz said we have the ability to harness your energy to reach to new heights and the 7 Day Energy Surge Plan is life changing.

Dr. Oz and Jim Karas developed the 7 Day Energy Surge Plan, it’s simple easy things you can do every day and you only have to do them for one week to stop feeling exhausted and get energized again.

Step 1 of the 7 Day Energy Surge Plan:

Make over your morning: When the alarm goes off in the morning do not jump out of bed be kind to your mind and your body and oxygenate it with placing the palms of your hands over your eyes and take your finger tips and massage the top of your forehead. The inhale for 6 counts through your nose and exhale for 6 counts through your mouth. Dr. Oz recommended using a wind instrument, he used a harmonica.

Throw open the curtains and turn on the lights and he said your mother was right breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s essential.

Have Muesli: Jim said to have this Muesli every morning to get your blood sugar levels up throughout the day and you will feel great.

Muesli Recipe;

1/2 cup of uncooked oats
1/2 cup 2% milk
1/2 tablespoon ground flaxseed
Walnuts, almonds

Mix together and refrigerate over night add berries in the morning

7 Day Energy Surge Plan Step 2:
A cocktail made of vitamins – Magnesium is very critical in energy production, 400 MG Magnesium with 600 MG Calcium.

Tyrosine-It’s so involved with stress and tyrosine is an amino acid that helps our cells talk to each other. When your chronically stressed your body cannot properly produce amounts so you may want a supplement. Take Tyrosine 3 times a day.

Take 500MG of Tyrosine 3 times a day to super boost yourself. You take the tyrosine capsule, open and put it on your tongue and wash it down with water.

7 Day Energy Surge Plan Step 3
Add a new pick me up to your afternoon routine. The 3 or 4 o’clock lull – have wheatgrass shots. Wheatgrass is a phenomenal superfood. Wheatgrass is packed with vitamins and nutrients. If you do not have the fresh real wheatgrass, powdered form is almost as good. Dr. Oz said with his sense of humor not everyone is going to get up in the morning to move the lawn to get an energy drink.

Jim said for those who cannot give up their coffee, do coffee right. Make it half coffee and half low fat milk. Jim Karas likes low fat products more than fat free. Stop grabbing the no fat products said Dr. Oz because then their all pretty much sugar then, you want some of that fat in your body it satiates you, the right fat and the right amount.

7 Day Energy Surge Plan Step 4:

Jim Karas The 7-Day Energy Surge:
– Sleep – Set your sleep stage with music, it has calming qualities and to play music for about 45 minutes before bed. Dr. Oz said studies have shown that music improves sleep by putting the music on in the background while getting the dishes done and getting the kids ready for bed as an example.

Be very well hydrated, drink water and high water content foods such as fruits and vegetables, you may have to get up in the middle of the night so have a very soft night light for the bathroom, keep your eyes at half mast shuffle to the bathroom and back and you will wake up feeling great says Jim.

Dr. Oz had some exhausted women do this plan for just 24 hours and they said they felt great. If everyone sticks with this plan for 7 days we are going to feel more energized than ever.

They created a very easy plan that you will find on doctoroz.com and it’s an energy surge quiz that you can use to figure out what’s going on in your life, test yourself to see where your weakness’s and strength’s are, it’s all on doctoroz.com.

“If you find yourself hitting the snooze button two or three times before dragging yourself out of bed, dozing off during meetings or your kids’ soccer practice, or perking up after your fifth cup of coffee only to crash an hour later, “The 7-Day Energy Surge” is for you.”

Jim Karas The Cardio-Free Diet:

“If you think that the key to weight loss is to spend hours on end on a treadmill, elliptical trainer, stair stepper or bike, you will soon learn that you are terribly wrong. Cardiovascular exercise will not only prevent you from losing weight, but truth be told, cardio KILLS. That’s right, cardio kills your joints, posture, immune system, time and desire to lose weight. The only thing it doesn’t kill is your appetite. You burn a few measly calories with cardio, then eat up twice as many thereafter. The result? Weight gain, and a lot of it.”

“Nutrition is essential to losing weight, improving performance and staying young. “Weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise” is a common quote by Jim Karas and recent research proves it to be true. NOTE – 25 % exercise is indispensible and MUST be strength training, NOT cardio.”