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Acacia Powder Today on Dr. Oz The Diet Pill without Chemicals

Monday April 29, 2013: Dr. Oz “Acacia Powder” the “Dr. Oz Diet Pill without Chemicals” plus the Dr. Oz 7 Belly Blasters that really work and Detox Foods – Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Detox Cleanse Week and SHRINK your fat cells FAST! Plus, Dr. Oz’s biggest breakthrough yet “curb your hunger, Acacia Powder”!


Acacia Powder can be an easy addition to foods and supplement to help control appetite and maintain a healthy digestive tract

Dr. Oz’s detox week week kicks off with 7 belly blasters that work to burn fat. Today we will learn about the seven parts of the belly and steps necessary to rev up metabolism, blast fat, shrink fat cells, detox your gut, beat bloating, lose the love handles and tighten up the core. Then it’s the Dr. Oz belly fat blasting work out you can do at home with youth restoring detox foods.

In the list of Dr. Oz’s seven belly blasters, Acacia Powder was one that will catch your attention. It is good for a diet because like all fiber it works to keep you feeling satisfied. Also, some individuals have sensitive stomachs and find that psyllium fiber found in products like Metamucil can irritate their intestines, and that acacia is a good alternative. Acacia fiber powder is also especially good at maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, which is good for dieting.

What is Acacia Powder or Acacia Fiber?

This soluble dietary fiber helps slow the digestion process down which helps suppress appetite leading to controlled hunger cravings and weight loss. Fiber helps delay the absorption of a meal and stabilize blood sugar levels. It also triggers a fullness hormone, CCK, that signals your body to stop eating because it is full. Research has also shown that fiber helps block the absorption of calories by eliminating food without it being broken down.

Dr. Oz: Acacia Diet Pills and Acacia Powder

Acacia fiber is available in powder or pill form and in foods such as breakfast bars. The pill can be taken with water and the powder can be dissolved in water or juice or can be incorporated into recipes. Acacia powder can be added to yogurt, cereal, soups, sandwiches, casseroles, baked goods and many other foods.

Acacia Powder

Benefits of Acacia Powder/Fiber?

  • Helps Boost Immune System due to he healthy bacteria found in Acacia
  • Effective Appetite Suppressant
  • Promotes Healthy Weight Management
  • Acacia powder stabilizes intestinal contractions and relieves the cramping and abdominal pain associated with IBS
  • Acacia powder will keep your GI tract healthy and functioning properly which normalizes colon activity.
  • Acacia powder reduces colonic fermentation, decreasing gas.

Dr. Oz: 7 Belly Blasters That Work

Here is the list of the Dr. Oz 7 Belly Blasters that really work:

  • Hot Pepper Jelly – Dr. Oz recommends 2 tablespoons of hot pepper jelly every morning.
  • Catechin and CLA – Dr. Oz says we you Shrink Your Fat Cells with Catechin and CLA. Catechins are found in green tea. For maximum benefit, drink 2 cups every morning. Let the tea steep for 20 minutes and drink it warm. You can add natural sweetener to the drink if you dislike the bitter taste. CLA is found in supplement form. Take 3,400 mg daily.
  • Acacia Powder – Acacia is the Dr. Oz diet pill without the chemicals! Sprinkle it on your meals and it will fill you up so you eat less. Make sure to drink a big glass of water with your meal.
  • Eat Pickles to Detox Your Digestive Track – Pickles are packed with probiotics, choose a low-sodium pickle.
  • Drink Red Wine to Reduce Stress – Dr. Oz said that red wine will help reduce the stress hormone cortisol, you can do this by having 4 ounces of red wine daily.
  • Eat Wet Foods to Flatten Your Belly – Wet foods have a high water content of 70% or higher and 5 grams of fiber or more per serving.
  • Belly-Blaster Workout – Dr. Oz says the only way to truly tighten your core is combine crunches with cardio. The Biggest Loser’s Brett Hoebel has designed a workout to get your heart rate up fast and work your abs from all angles.