Dr Oz Cannonau Wine & Pecorino Sardo Cheese Live To Be 100

Dr Oz: Cannonau Wine & Pecorino Sardo Cheese

Cannonau Wine, Pecorino Sardo Cheese & Goats Milk can add 20 years to your life, Dan Buettner returns to reveal three blue zones and the secrets there that help people defy age. He says he has found the secret to living longer from secrets from the people who defy age.

Today Dan Buettner and Dr. Oz reveals a brand new blue zone from people who live a long time, die quickly in their sleep and occasionally after sex. These people feel younger, look younger and biologically healthier than we are.

Dan Buettner just discovered this new blue zone and it’s called Ikaria, where there are low rates of heart disease and cancer. The people of Ikaria are more likely to reach age 90 than in the U.S.

Goat Milk: They drink goats milk everyday and have been drinking it for a long time. Goat milk is very high in calcium, potassium and a happy hormone called tryptophan.

Goats milk is great for people who are lactose intolerant, so you can still get your milk and yogurt from the goat instead of the cow.

If you can’t sleep at the end of the day try a warm glass of goats milk!

Dr Oz: Cannonau Wine – Blue Zone Sardinia

People of Sardinia who drink this wine are 10 times more likely to live to 100. they have their first glass of wine about ten in the morning. Drink another glass of Cannonau Red Wine at lunch, another at happy hour and another at dinner.

Dan Buettner tells Dr Oz the best wine on the planet for longevity, “Cannonau Red Wine”. Cannonau wine has the highest count of polyphenols in the world. In his book, Blue Zones, Dan Buettner, in conjunction with National Geographic, determined that Cannonau wine does in fact play a role in the longevity of the Sardinian population. From this research and the known effects of flavonoids, it can be said that moderate wine consumption may increase life expectancy while also lowering stress levels.

People of Sardinia drink very small glasses of this Cannonau wine, which in toll may add up to two glasses of wine at the days end.

You can buy Cannonau Wine for about $15-$20 CLICK HERE for a selection of Cannonau Wine.

Pecorino Sardo Cheese is also another age-defying secret from Sardinia, Italy. Pecorino Sardo Cheese is made from sheep’s milk from grass fed sheep.

So sit yourself down with a bottle of Cannonau Wine & Pecorino Sardo Cheese and relax!

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