The Robertson Family: Duck Dynasty Joins Dr. Oz September 16, 2013

Dr. Oz Duck Dynasty: The Robertson Family September 16, 2013

Dr. Oz Duck Dynasty; The Robertson Family, shared the stage today with Dr. Oz to share recipes, quack medicine, and the benefits of coconut oil for beards.

Dr. Oz and Phil Robertson did a quick segment on what happens to human liver when someone does not take care of their body over a lifetime. With the comparison of a human liver and the liver of a duck Dr. Oz explained how the liver of the duck was beautiful as the duck lives of the land in it’s lifetime unlike most humans.

droz_duckdynastyThis led Phil to talk about his own personal life and how his liver would just like the dry and hardened liver if he never repented and gave his life to the Lord when he was 28. He was quite open about his faith in God, and said at the age of 28 he had enough of sex, drugs and rock and roll and the years between the age of 28 to 67 were far better than the first 28 years of his life.

He tried to pursue his conversation while onstage with Dr. Oz but Dr. Oz skirted the subject as gracefully as he possible could. He moved onto the subject about who in the Robertson family would be the most likely to have the healthiest liver and it turns out it was Uncle Si which is due to all the tea he drinks. Si Robertson is never without his jug of tea, as he has said “to get his tea one would have to pry it from his cold dead fingers.” Si drinks two gallons of unsweetened tea a day.

Next we moved on to Dr. Oz and Willie’s conversation about how faith has kept the family together and close over the years and Miss Kay talked with Dr. Oz about cooking and eating squirrel. Dr. Oz couldn’t get squirrel for the show but he did have frog legs he nibbled on.

Phil pranced across the stage with a white styrofoam cooler and told Dr. Oz he saved the best for last. Now take a quess what he had in that styrofoam container?

Aligator Balls, not to be confused with alligator testicles, these fried alligator balls consist of alligator jaw meat rolled up into balls.

Dr. Oz & Phil Robertson’s Fried Alligator Balls Recipe
Miss Kay’s Recipe For Frog Legs

Next we moved onto Dr. Oz’s Quack Medicine with the Duck Dynasty Cast

1. Muscadine Berries Help Prevent Heart Disease is True

2. Miss Kay married Phil at age 16

3. The human beard grows after death is False

4. Uncle Si’s job is head of shipping is False – As Si says “everybody knows I don’t have a job”

As Willie says “Si is a very part time Reed Maker”

5. Pickle juice relieves muscle cramps is Real

6. Willie’s favorite TV Show is Seinfeld is Real

7. Honey is a natural wound healer is True

8. Phil gave up a NBA contract due to duck season is quack

Next Dr. Oz showed pictures of the Robertson guys before they had their beards and guess who had the longest beard? We all know the answer to that, Phil Robertson has the longest beard. According to Dr. Oz the length of your beard has something to do with your testicles. Men who have long full beards have more testosterone receptors!

Next Dr. Oz recommended coconut oil for men’s beards to help condition and nourish the beard. Oz went on to explain that coconut oil protects your face against sunburn and blocks 95 percent of UV rays and humidifies the face and keeps it moist.

Coconut oil soaks up pollen and Dr. Oz said that people who have asthma, the coconut oil will prevent pollen from getting into the lungs so you don’t get asthma as much.

Si Robertson has a new book called Si-Cology and everyone went home with a copy today.