Dr. Oz L Tyrosine Supplements To Speed Up Your Weight Loss and Curb Cravings

Dr. Oz L Tyrosine: Speeds Up Weight Loss, Curb Cravings and Boosts Dopamine Levels

May 13 2013: Dr. Oz L-Tyrosine

Today on Dr. Oz May 13 2013: Today Dr. Oz explained how this easy-to-follow Dopamine diet curbs your food and hunger cravings. Bryce Wylde joined Dr Oz once again, today it was to talk about the Dopamine Diet, L Tyrosine, Tyrosine Foods & Tyrosine Supplements.

L-Tyrosine: The Dopamine Diet - Speed Up Weight Loss and Curb Cravings With L Tyrosine Supplements & Tyrosine Foods

L-Tyrosine: The Dopamine Diet – Speed Up Weight Loss and Curb Cravings With L Tyrosine Supplements & Tyrosine Foods

We learned about the benefits of L Tyrosine and how L-Tyrosine works in the body. We have a compiled a bit of information to help you to know more about why Dr. Wylde and Dr Oz recommends L-Tyrosine supplements and which foods contain L Tyrosine, which is an essential part of the Dopamine Diet.

Dr. Oz: L Tyrosine

Dr. Oz’s dopamine diet curbs your cravings and speeds up weight loss. Bruce explains that because higher levels of dopamine lower your food cravings, you can overcome the desire to overeat by eating nutrient-rich foods high in tyrosine, (tyrosine foods list below) which is dopamine’s natural building block of dopamine. He also recommends supplementing with the amino acid L-Tyrosine to boost your dopamine levels.

On a previous show – Dr. Oz recommended L-Tyrosine for Hypothyroidism when used as an alternative to prescription medicines. Plus on another segment of Dr. Oz’s 7 Day Energy Surge with Jim Karas it was recommended that when you’re chronically stressed your body cannot properly produce amounts so you may want a supplement. Take Tyrosine 3 times a day.

Take 500MG of Tyrosine 3 times a day to super boost yourself. You take the tyrosine capsule, open and put it on your tongue and wash it down with water.

Tyrosine is one of the amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. The body makes tyrosine from another amino acid called phenylalanine. Tyrosine can also be found in dairy products, meats, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, oats, and wheat.

Tyrosine is used in protein supplements to treat an inherited disorder called phenylketonuria (PKU). People who have this problem can’t process phenylalanine properly, so as a result they can’t make tyrosine. To meet their bodies’ needs, supplemental tyrosine is given.

L Tyrosine Benefits

Tyrosine has been proposed as a treatment for various conditions in which mental function is impaired or slowed down, such as fatigue and depression. It has also been tried for attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Benefits Of Tyrosine:

According to WebMD:

People take tyrosine for ADD (attention deficit disorder), attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),for depression, the inability to stay awake (narcolepsy), and improving alertness following sleep deprivation. It is also used for stress, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), alcohol and cocaine withdrawal, heart disease and stroke, ED (erectile dysfunction), loss of interest in sex, schizophrenia, and as a suntan agent and appetite suppressant.

Some people also apply tyrosine to the skin to reduce age-related wrinkles.

What Are The Benefits of Tyrosine?

  • Tyrosine is used in treating depression and mood disorders, helps improve concentration and emotional well being.
  • Tyrosine can improve endurance under stress
  • It is an appetite suppressant
  • It assists a lackluster thyroid, aiding dieters who want to lose weight.
  • Helps improve energy levels by fighting fatigue
  • L-Tyrosine helps improve a low sex drive
  • It helps speed up the metabolism
  • It helps to combat drug abuse when combined with tryptophan. It is purported to help with alcohol and cocaine withdrawal as well.
  • It is purported to help with PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

What Are The Side Effects Of L Tyrosine?
L Tyrosine side effects can include overstimulation, restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia. Heart palpitations or arrhythmias are potential side effects that occur from high doses of tyrosine. Usually over 500mg per day.

How Does Tyrosine Work?

The body uses tyrosine to make chemical messengers that are involved in conditions involving the brain such as mental alertness.

L Tyrosine Dosage

Dr. Wylde recommended to Dr. Oz that taking L-tyrosine for 4-6 weeks should reach full effectiveness to cut cravings. You’ll notice that you are not reaching for that bag of potato chips anymore, and you won’t be craving and having a visual image of every snack and meal throughout your day. Take 500-1,000 mg Tyrosine when you wake up in the morning (on an empty stomach) and then again between lunch and dinner.

You can buy L-tyrosine online, health food stores or vitamin stores at only about $15-20 per bottle.

Dr. Oz’s Dopamine Diet Curbs Your Cravings and Speeds Up Weight Loss

Dr. Bryce Wylde & Dr. Oz’s Dopamine Diet & Tyrosine: Did you know that over-eating eventually causes loss of dopamine in the brain and a decrease in receptors in charge of satiety, this leads to you craving more and more and never feel satisfied. Higher levels of dopamine may reduce your impulse to eat, and this sounds easy enough to do, but how?

By eating healthy micronutrient-rich foods high in tyrosine and supplementing with the amino acid L-Tyrosine, the temptation to overeat will diminish and slowly cause more of the dopamine receptors in the brain to reactivate. In doing so, it makes it easier and easier as time goes on for you to derive increased pleasure from smaller amounts of food.

You might be low dopamine if you make find yourself eating even when you are really full, making late in the evening trips to the fridge or searching through the cupboards.

10 Foods Rich In Tyrosine

The foods on Bryce Wylde’s dopamine shopping list are rich in tyrosine, which boosts your dopamine in your brain. The 10 powerful, protein-dense foods in Dr. Bryce Wylde’s recipes today on Dr. Oz will boost your dopamine and curb your appetite.

  • Duck
  • Chicken
  • Ricotta cheese
  • Oatmeal
  • Mustard greens
  • Fava beans
  • Edamame
  • Dark chocolate
  • Seaweed
  • Wheat germ

Bryce Wylde’s Dopamine Diet Recipes
So if you want to suppress your appetite naturally, curb your appetite as Dr. Wylde and Dr. Oz recommends on the Dopamine Diet, L Tyrosine is the answer.

Dr. Bryce Wylde Urinary Neurotransmitter Testing

Dr. Wylde says the best way to know if your dopamine levels are low or imbalanced is to have your neurotransmitters tested, and the way to do this is Urinary neurotransmitter testing. It’s a simple pee-in-a-cup test that is reflective of total-body neurotransmitter activity. It has been observed that urinary neurotransmitter measurements are correlated with neurotransmitter activity in the central nervous system.