Dr Oz Red Palm Oil | Lower Cholesterol 40% in One Month

Dr Oz: Red Palm Oil Miracle Oil 2013

Dr Oz: Red Palm Oil; Did you miss Dr Oz today? What was the name of that oil Dr Oz talked about? Today Bryce Wylde joined Dr Oz in the first segment of the show for 13 miracles for 2013. We have not heard much in the media about red palm oil, let alone the health benefits of red palm oil. It is amazing the what this oil can do for you.

Red Palm OilDr Oz’s Miracle oil for longevity, Red Palm Oil. Dr Oz said red palm oil can stop the signs aging, not only on the inside but outside as well. Palm trees contain an ancient remedy that can slow down the aging process, fight belly fat and combat heart disease. Palm tress native to Africa and South East Asia, a hard shelled red fruit which contains a powerful multi-purpose oil.

Research shows the phytochemicals pack a disease fighting punch making it one of the most powerful fruits on earth. There is a secret inside the flesh of this red fruit that extends the warranty of every organ in your body.

This mega oil may very well be the most miraculous find of 2013 said Dr Oz. Bryce Wylde believes red palm oil is the miracle oil of the year.

Bryce Wylde Red Palm Oil Benefits

Protect Your Brain: Red Palm Oil contains carotene which is a powerful antioxidant which is also found in carrots and tomatoes. Red palm oil has more carotene in it than tomatoes and carrots combined. A special form of vitamin-E (tocotrienol) in red palm oil stops destructive damage and improves blood flow to brain cells, which can also help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Bryce tells Dr Oz red palm oil benefits combined of tocotrienol and carotene together, you are going to stop the aging process, protect the cells and all the tissues of your body.

Dr Oz had a table full of oils together on display and explained that all of the oils don’t even come close to the antioxidant power contained in just one bottle of red palm oil.

Dr Oz: Red Palm Oil Health Benefits

The health benefits of red palm fruit oil can be achieved quite easily. Dr Wylde told Dr Oz that by incorporating only 1-2 tablespoons into your daily diet will give you all the advantages of that tocotrienol (vitamin E) plus the beta carotene. Just replace the other fats in your diet with the red palm oil.

Red palm oil’s benefits aren’t exclusive to heart health. Research is showing that the antioxidant power of red palm oil can be of help in protecting against a variety of health problems, including osteoporosis, asthma, cataracts, macular degeneration, arthritis, and liver disease. It can even slow down the premature aging processes by protecting the skin against damaging UV rays.

Red palm oil helps keep the heart arteries open, Bryce explained to Dr Oz how the red palm oil helps keeps the arteries open even though it contains saturated fats. The palm oil washes away the plaque in the arteries which makes Dr oz happy as well as everyone else when it comes to the heart.

Red Palm Oil Lowers Bad Cholesterol By 40% In One Month

Studies were done on red palm oil and cholesterol levels and folks who used this palm oil talked about on Dr Oz today had lowered their bad cholesterol by 40% in one month.

Next Bryce and Dr Oz moved onto the benefits of red palm oil and the belly fat, this oil will blast away belly fat. Another study was done Dr Oz said and women who consumed two tablespoons of oil like red palm oil it turned up their metabolism and it helped get rid of their belly fat.

Bryce Wylde says when you buy red palm fruit oil, in particular virgin organic red palm oil. This palm oil goes straight to the liver and when it gets to the liver it gets used up as calories for the day. It may help reduce your fat tissue concentration because you are not storing it, you’re burning it, it ignites your metabolism.

How to use red palm oil:

Red palm oil is semi solid at room temp. which will make this oil easy to spread on bread, yams or potatoes. Add to oatmeal and salads. Red Palm Oil has a high smoke point and has a long shelf life!

Red Palm Oil

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