Dr. Oz Turbocharge You Metabolism For The Apple Shaped Body Type

Dr. Oz Show: MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2013
Turbocharge Metabolism; “Apple shape“, pear shape or do you have the box shape body type.
The customized plan to BURN CALORIES FASTER. Whether you’re apple or pear-shaped- or fat all over– how to spark your metabolism and burn fat 24/7!

appleshapebodyToday on Dr. Oz, June 10 2013, Dr. Jeffrey Morrison and Dr. Oz gives us the secrets to turbo charge your metabolism based on your body type. First, you need to determine your body type to be able turbo charge your metabolism. Before you can turn on your body’s fat burning potential you need to know your body type specifically.

Dr. Oz: Apple Shape Body Type Solution

Here is what Dr. Jeffrey Morrison shared with Dr. Oz for apple shaped women, to burn calories faster.

Apple Shape Body Type Customized Plan: To be able to burn calories 24/7 for the apple shape who have excess fat around the middle. The apple shape woman as she ages, estrogen levels naturally decrease triggering your body to redistribute fat around the mid section. Stress causes cortisol to accumulate fat around the belly which basically suffocates the organs.

According to Dr. Morrison, apples should eat foods low on the glycemic index. One way to do this is by cutting out carbs. Carbs spike blood sugar – so reducing or eliminating them from your diet would prevent this and keep cortisol controlled. The less cortisol, the less belly fat.

Foods For Apple Shaped Body

Apple shaped women can blast their belly fat, turbo charge your metabolism burn calories 24/7 — Apples can replace simple carbs with the following foods:

  • Lentils, which are packed with protein and require more energy for the body to break down.
  • Red pepper hummus, also rich in protein; the spices can also boost metabolism.
  • Eggplant makes a great carb substitute. When used in certain recipes, for example an eggplant lasagna, it gives you the same density and texture as pasta.

Maybe you are Pear Shaped Body type or the Box Shape Body type, you can get the update of the Dr. Oz Show, Monday June 10, 2013 which originally aired Monday, November 05, 2012. Turbo Charge your Metabolism Burn Calories 24/7