Dr Oz 3 Stains To Worry About

Dr Oz Stains On Your Shirts Bras Underwear Could Be A Sign Of A Serious Condition

Dr Oz says the next time we do our laundry ladies he wants us to take an extra close look at our clothes because our stains could indicate a serious health problem, the warning signs in your laundry.

Dr Oz says when your body talks, listen and learn how to decode your body’s secret messages and decipher what those stains on your shirts, bras or underwear could be a sign of.

Darlene assistant of the day joined Dr Oz for this segment of the show to talk about weird stains in our laundry.

The stains Dr Oz talked about are serious stains, we get stains for different reasons but there are some stains that really concern Dr Oz and should be of a concern to us.

Dr Oz 3 Stains To Worry About

1. Stains you find under the arm pits of your t-shirts- undershirts. If the stains under the arms of your shirts or your husbands shirts have changed or gotten darker to a deep yellow stain, and if it’s happening more and more it could be a problem. These yellow stains could be a sign that your sweating at night, and normally at night you don’t sweat that much. Your body will force you to sweat if things in your body aren’t working correctly.

Yellow stains under the armpits could be caused from infections, tumours like lymphoma can cause problems and finally thyroid issues, people with hyperthyroidism can sweat a lot. Dr Oz simple blood tests can diagnose things.

Second stain to worry about is stains in the bra. Dr Oz says stains in the bra right over the nipple and it’s only on one side. Stains on both side sides of the bra Dr Oz says he doesn’t worry about as much, but if you got stains on one side of the bra means it’s not a systemic issue, it’s local to one breast. Oz says it is often one of the signs of a papilloma or breast cancer and here’s why.

If there is a little tumour growing in one of the ducts, it will block it and the fluid will seep out of the end, and will seep out into the bra on one side. Dr Oz says the stain in the bra is a very important clue and women miss it all the time. Dr Oz says Intraductal Papillomas are benign, it’s much more common than cancer but we have to take it out anyway.

If your experiencing any kind of discharge that is new and changing on one side do a self breast exam and see if you can milk it out that indicates we got something more in the ducts and a mammogram can help make a diagnosis for the doctor.

3. Blood Drop Stains In Underwear – Dr Oz said if you have blood drops, even a small amount on your underpants especially if your post menopausal it’s on of the first and most important signs of Uterine Cancer and Cervical Cancer. Even one drop of blood is too much your not supposed to ever have that once you’ve gone through menopause. In pre menopausal it happens for many different reasons ( polyp or uterine growth). But it it’s after menopause it requires you to see your doctor quickly and if it happens in between your cycle that’s a concern as well.

Get a pelvic exam done and a pap smear!