Dr Oz Diabetic Diet Plan

Dr. Oz’s 3-step plan for maintaining a healthy diabetic lifestyle is rooted in making the right food choices and eating regularly – and responsibly – throughout the day. The Dr Oz Diabetic Diet Plan is a guideline to help you on the road with healthy lifestyle changes.

Diet control is a key component of diabetes management. The 3D’s to a Healthy Diabetic, created by dietician Elizabeth Somer, provide basic, easy and nutrient-rich ways to make mealtimes guilt-free and good for your overall health. Try them and stay on track with your Dr Oz Diabetic Diet Plan.

1. Downsize Portions
Reprioritize portions. It’s not just about eating smaller portions – it’s also about making sure you have the right amount of the right foods. Cut down on protein-rich foods, like meat. Increase your intake of vegetables and fiber. The serving size for meat is 3 oz.; fish is 4oz. Fill the rest of your plate with quality greens and colorful vegetables, which have a high water and fiber content to keep you feeling full.

Diet Plan For Diabetes Downsized Meal Suggestions

3 oz. piece of chicken with 3 cups of streamed broccoli and brown rice
4 oz. piece of fish with 3 cups of spinach salad
Dr. Oz-Approved Recipes;

Dr Oz Lemon chicken with asparagus
Dr Oz Blackened tilapia with grilled vegetables
Dr Oz Diabetic Daily Menu Recipes.

2. Don’t Skimp, Don’t Skip
Redefine snacking. Make sure to eat regularly throughout the day: 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day. Think of snacking as an opportunity to eat mini-meals. Just as your meals should be healthy and filling, your mini-meals should be too. Don’t skimp or skip on nutrients. Make sure to eat snacks that have protein or fiber to keep you fuller longer and keep your blood sugar stable.

No-Skimping Snacks
One piece of whole wheat raisin toast with 1 tsp of peanut butter and a handful of almonds
A slice or two of lean turkey breast with some whole grain crackers
Red peppers and hummus.

3. Dump the Whites
Rethink comfort food. Dump white potatoes (baked is no better than fried in this case) and processed foods like white flour, white rice and white bread. Instead, think about texture and color. Opt for a baked sweet potato with a little cinnamon or a bowl of brown rice. These have the bulk to satisfy your hunger in a healthy way.

White Foods Alternatives
As an alternative to mashed potatoes, try mashed cauliflower with a little bit of milk, garlic and chives
A crucial companion to the 3Ds is exercise. No diet plan is complete without it. With a condition like diabetes, extra pounds should be seen as a serious matter. Make sure to get your 10,000 steps and incorporate physical activity into your day. Try Dr Oz’s Diabetic Diet Plan for eating healthy, living right and taking charge of your diabetes.

If you are looking for idea’s on what foods to look for when shopping at the grocery store, have a look and download the Dr Oz Diabetic Food List

Always consult your diabetic dietician when making any changes in your Diabetic Diet Plan, especially if you are insulin dependant.

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