Dr Oz Dirty Restaurant Secrets

Dr Oz’s Dirty Restaurant Secrets

Dr Oz Dirty Restaurant Secrets: Today on Dr Oz dirty restaurant secrets is the low down on what the eateries don’t want you to know. Some you may have never crossed your mind until now but they all make sense when you think about it. Waiters confess and insiders tell all! Plus, Dr. Oz’s solutions for your biggest body complaints. Dr Oz’s guests today are Richard Blais, Peter Deluca, Dr. Luis Navarro, Jene Luciani, Dr. Heidi Waldorf, Elisabeth Halfpapp.

Dr Oz: Dirty Restaurant Kitchens

Dirty Restaurant Secrets


If you missed the Dr Oz today about all those little things that goes on in restaurants that you don’t know about here is a run down on those dirty little secrets that restaurants doesn’t want you to know. From the wait staff to the menu, dirty restaurant kitchen secrets with Richard Blais & Peter Deluca.

Are you eating rotten meat? Always order your steak medium to be assured you are getting a fresher cut of meat. The more your meat is cooked the more you disguise the flavour and restaurants can get away with serving you food past it’s prime.

Never order fish on sunday or monday, it’s old and they have to get rid of it before the order arrives. Stay away from fish soups and stews especially if it soup of the day. A lot of times you are being duped when ordering veal, you are getting pork. Apparently once it is pounded down and covered in crumbs and sauce it’s hard to know the difference, so always ask for veal to be grilled not breaded.

The next Dr Oz dirty restaurant secret they don’t want you to know is the added sugar to your food. Next time you order a dish and it has a nice shiny glow to it you can be assured it is the addd sugar to make it taste better and look better. Added calories to your meal is the last thing you want to pay for especially when you don’t know about it. Look at for the shine on your steak, it may look good and appetizing but there may be that added sugar isn’t that great.

The next dirty secret restaurants don’t want you to know is buffet foods. There can be bacteria in the buffet. Apparently after a recent test from the Virginia University it was found scrambled eggs from two restaurant buffets were not made from eggs but from liquid egg substitutes. This means less prtien and more water.

All you can eat buffets is either low quality or foods made from starch or heavy in fat. It is best to eat a buffet at noon and 5:00 p.m. when the food is freshest and try sticking with pastas, grains and veggies and avoid the meats. Look for time temperature control, things that have been sitting out for a really long time, this can lead to food borne illness’s. Plus the veggies are supposed to be green not dried out and discoloured which means they have been there too long and over cooked.

The next Dr Oz dirty restaurant secret they don’t want you to know is the serving tray is filthy. I never would have taking the time to consider the tray my food is being brought out on. They use the same old cloth wiping off one tray after another which is just spreading the germs. The solution here is to ask for your food in a take out bag, or if you are in line and get your own tray wipe it off with a anti bacterial wipe and use your napkin as a table cloth.

The next dirty secret restaurants don’t want you to know is to avoid the chef’s special. The daily special is often a bad deal. The daily spacial is often made from ingredients that have to be gotten rid of before they go bad. Foods such as aging fish, old veggies and left over sauces. This is not always the case but more times than not it is.

Don’t order a special on Sunday… Restaurants very rarely get food deliveries on the weekend, so this would be you are getting food that has been in the cooler for at least a few days.

The next dirty secret restaurants don’t want you to know is contaminated water. The water pitchers rarely get washed, usually once a day at the end of the day. Never let the pitcher touch your glass as that same pitcher was used to refill someone else’s glass and avoid drinking from the glass and always use a straw. Go with bottled water!

The next dirty secret restaurants don’t want you to know is if the kitchen is about to close, leave. This means ingredients have been prepped for hours which has become a playground for bacteria to grow, plus the staff is in cleaning mode to get out and go home. If you are that hungry go to a restaurant that is open later where they are happy for the customers instead of rushing you out the door.

The next dirty secret restaurants don’t want you to know is it is bester to ask for a takeout container brought to your table to take a doggie bag home. Pack your own!

Dirty Restaurant Lemons: The next Dr Oz dirty restaurant secret that restaurants don’t want you to know is dirty lemons. Always order your lemons on the side and squeeze them into your drink or on the plate yourself making sure the juice doesn’t touch the lemon rind.

Most restaurants never wash the lemons, an independent test was done and Dr Oz discovered that 5 out 5 lemons from five different restaurants were coated in germs including mold, bacteria, staph and candida yeast, the type found in the mouth and vagina. NASTY!

The next dirty secret restaurants don’t want you to know is a dirty bathroom means a dirty kitchen.

Chances are if you order coffee after 8:00 p.m. they don’t want to make two pots so they go with the decaf.

Dr Oz had clips of restaurant staff ratting out employees tricks of the trades and here are few things to ponder over:

Did you know that restaurants take clean silverware left on the table and look clean enough to reuse they put them right back on the shelf?

A lot food is not cooked on the stove top and it is zapped in the microwave then taken out to you. Servers have come back from bathroom break and not was their hands. Touching your menu’s, your drinks and your food!

Richard Blais says never be afraid to send food back to the kitchen if you’re not happy with it. You’re food is either supposed to be hot or cold, if it’s not hot how long has it been sitting there.

Myself I would second guess doing that as goodness knows what they would do to it once it went back to the kitchen. Heard too many stories about what kitchen staff will do to your food if you peeve them off. Dr Oz asked the same question we always think about, “did someone spit in my food”

I don’t think it matters how polite about it to the wait staff because as soon as it is returned to the chef it is a whole different ball game.

Have you paid a lot more than you expected at a restaurant? Your menu is designed specifically to help you spend more of your hard earned dollars. Richard Blais tells Dr Oz most people usually order the first item in a category, if it’s roast chicken it is because it for them to buy the chicken it is cheap and it has a high profit margin, same with the filet mignon. Wines are priced best to lowest on the menu so you will order in the middle. It’s called market research and restaurants pay good money for this service to get your money.

Dr Oz asked Richard Blais “is it true the top right corner of the menu is where the best deal for the restaurant is?”

Richard Blais says yes he thinks so. Those are the dishes the restaurant wants to sell. He then asks what does the boxed off part of the menu have to do with making you buy more? It’s just to get your attention to buy it. The side orders are up sells to get you to spend more money for food you’re probably not going to finish.