Dr Oz Health Warning: L-Carnitine In Red Meat Linked To Heart Disease

Dr Oz: L-Carnitine In Red Meat Increases Your Risk Of Heart Disease

A compound called carnitine found in red meat and supplements may increase the risk of heart disease. Are you taking L-Carnitine supplements to burn fat and boost energy? Did you know that studies have shown that Carnitine may be linked to heart disease, heart attack, stoke and/or death.


L-Carnitine, Nutrient In Red Meat, Linked With Heart Disease

L-Carnitine, Nutrient In Red Meat, Linked With Heart Disease[/caption]For years doctors have warned you about the risks to your heart from too much red meat in your diet. Dr. Oz said that all that time they thought the culprit was saturated fat and cholesterol. But now there is new science that says they could have gotten it all wrong. Today Dr Oz stood before all his fans and claims he has made a mistake, a popular supplement recommended on his show, L-Carnitine may be the real link to heart disease.

Joining Dr. Oz today, Dr. Tanya Edwards, Dr. Michael Greger, and nationally recognized expert on health and nutrition Ashley Koff speak with Dr. Oz about different health warnings of L Carnitine supplements and Carnitine found in red meat and other food sources.

The nutrient known as L-Carnitine may be the biggest culprit when it comes to heart disease related to red meat. L Carnitine turns fat into energy, something that our body produces. New research shows that bacteria in your gut can convert L-Carnitine into a compound to plaque build up in your arteries. This means heart attack, stroke and even death!

Food That Contain L-Carnitine

Carnitine is a nutrient found at high levels in red meat, other food sources with carnitine, fish, poultry, milk and other dairy products, some energy drinks and muscle milks, whey protein powders. Carnitine is also a popular over-the-counter diet supplement, often hyped as helps to boost energy and bulk up muscle.

Dr. Oz did a demonstration explaining that eating carnitine causes more cholesterol to be deposited onto artery walls, and less to be eliminated from the body.

Ashley Koff spoke with Dr. Oz about people who eat red meat and said that everyone will not react the same because everyone’s digestive system is different, reacts to different types of bacteria and different amounts.
She goes on to say that if you’re eating a lot of red meat, stop eating it for a while to let your body naturally rid itself of the gut bacteria. You can still have red meat but it needs to be less often and smaller portions.

Dr. Michael Greger encouraged listeners to reduce meat consumption, replace beef with beans, and explore the meat free meals.

Dr Oz asked Dr Greger if he thinks anyone should take L-Carnitine supplements?
Dr. Greger said he found this L-Carnitine study pretty shocking and he certainly wouldn’t take Carnitine supplements, and one should know that one energy drink contains the same amount of L-Carnitine as an 8 oz steak.

What Did Dr. Oz Say About L-Carnitine Supplements

Dr. Oz recommended L-Carnitine supplements to burn fat and boost energy, today he is changing his recommendation and said no one should be taking carnitine supplements.

People taking carnitine supplements could be influencing long-term risk of heart disease. So skip the Carnitine supplements, cut back on the red meat, all meat products if you feel you are at risk for heart disease and read labels!

That’s it for Dr. Oz’s health warnings for L-Carnitine, May 22, 2013. I suppose now online stores and vitamin shops will no doubt be scrambling with what to do about L-Carnitine supplements now that Dr Oz has had his say.