Dr Oz: Perfect Bra For Saggy Breasts

Sagging Breasts & The Perfect Bra

Dr Oz Perfect Bra: Do You Have Sagging Breasts? Well Dr Oz has the solution for sagging breasts today if this is your number one body complaint. Before you go out to buy the perfect bra, know how to find the right bra to prevent your breasts from sagging with tips from Dr Oz and Jene Luciani.

Perfect Bra


Bra Guru, Jene Luciani has the secrets to right bra to prevent sagging. Jene Luciani has written a book “THE BRA BOOK.” The bra bible on fit, lift, support the form of the woman.

Dr Oz asked Jene Luciani to explain the architect of the bra and why 90% of women are wearing the wrong bra. She explains the bra is like puzzle parts.

To begin the first thing to look for in the perfect bra is to check out the band of the bra. The bra band is bearing the brunt of the load, in other words supporting the cups, breast tissue and the weight of your breasts. We want the band of the bra to fit properly, feel snug, you should be able to slip two fingers beneath the band and pull it out. But not enough room to fit your whole hand under it.

Next part of buying the right bra is the straps, the straps help hold up the breast so make sure the straps are properly fitting each and every day when putting on your bra. Adjust them so they are not digging in, plus not sliding down of your shoulder.

The cup of the bra is what are holding the girls, make sure the cup doesn’t have any gaping, no part of the bra wrinkling or breast tissue spilling out.

Next is the wing part of the bra which sets under arm and around to your back, make sure it is not too snug and pinching.

The bridge of the bra should be flat between the breasts, you should not be able to put your finger under it and pull it outwards.

Two audience members tried out wearing the perfect bra for them. Nancy’s problem was sagging from having children as and as Dr Oz says Nancy’s girls were properly fitted in the right bra which made a huge difference in her appearance.

Tiffany lost a lot of weight and was wearing a 32B and she should of been wearing a 34E which made a big difference in her appearance. I mean a big difference, the girls looked well formed, not saggy and changed her whole shape, they looked twice the size.

The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra