Dr Oz Rules For 500 Calorie Dinners

Dr Oz Chef Rocco DiSpirito 500 Calorie Dinner Rules

Today Dr. Oz and Chef Rocco DiSpirito put the 500 calorie rules to the test. We just have to follow the Dr Oz Rules For 500 Calorie Dinners. Dr Oz helps to try and keep our calorie count under the perfect 500.

Rules: Perfect 500 Calorie Dinner
Follow Dr. Oz’s 3 simple rules and learn to make tasty 500 calorie dinners that will keep you slim and satisfied. Don’t forget to try Chef Rocco DiSpirito’s perfect 500 calorie dinner: salmon with mustard crust and sautéed spinach.

Dr. Oz’s Dinner Club Recipe

This week on Dr Oz seems to be focused on weight loss and keeping slim, earlier this week he did a show on Dr Oz Just 10 Challenge | Dr Oz Five Rules To Help You Lose Ten Pounds, plus a diet pill to take to help us lose 10 pounds – Dr Oz African Mango – Irvingia Gabonensis

Dr Oz 500 Calorie Dinner

Protein = 200 calories

Fiber = 200 calories

Vegetables = 100 calories

Dr Oz Dinner Rule #1: Portion Your Protein

Dr Oz says we should be eating no more than 4 oz. of lean protein during our meals. Measure our meat portions against an everyday kitchen sponge, or a deck of cards – compare them side by side and by volume; this will leave you with 4 oz. of protein and only 200 calories. You can pick up a small scale at walmart for under ten dollars that will do the job nicely. Oz recommends to stay away from “prime” cuts of beef means they have more fat in them, and stick to the lean cuts. If you can avoid the red meat go with chicken and fish.

Dr Oz Dinner Rule #2: Fill Up on Fiber

Dr Oz said we must get in at least 5 grams of fiber with your dinner. Look to low-calorie, high-fiber foods to get you there, go with whole grains and vegetables. We are to measure by volume – not weight. try using a 4 oz. ladle as aguide. For example, a 4 oz. ladle full of peas will give you the desired fiber and about 200 calories. The average American only eats 10-12 grams of fiber a day; the ideal amount for a healthy diet is 25 grams.

Dr Oz Dinner Rule #3: Double the Veggies, Double the Spice

The benefits of a meal full of vegetables and spices are many. These nutritional powerhouses harbor powerful antioxidants, can be digestive aids and potent cancer-fighters. Seasoning your meals with natural spices – instead of butters and fat – will help you conserve calories. By doubling your portion of vegetables, you’re only adding an additional 100 calories to your dinner.

Rocco recommended using Tamarind as a spice in a dish he makes called Rocco DiSpirito’s Sweet And Sour Vegetable Stir Fry. Tamarind comes in paste and juice form.

Add spices for they all have a unique chemistry and a lot of them have been studied for medicinal effects.