Dr Oz Why You Are Always Cold | Blame It On Your Thyroid

Dr Oz I Am Always Cold

It’s a very common complaint – It’s freezing in here! Do you find that you’re always cold? Dr. Oz explains why your thyroid plays an important role in temperature regulation – Dr Oz Why Your Always Cold Blame It On Your Thyroid

Do you get cold alot? What do you do about it?

Dr Oz why You’re Always Cold: The thyroid to Dr Oz is a facinating organ, it is very challeging and is located in our neck the trachea(windpipe) If the thyroid starts to get bigger and you can feel and even see it in your neck and if its not working properly it can have a major effect on the temperature of the body giving you the sensation that that your not feeling the same temperature as the people around you.

So lets talk a little bit of why that is so, it is very important to know what it is, that a thyroid gland can make us feel so cold. The brain is very important, it tells the thyroid what to do, it sends it a hormone, the thyroid gets the message from the brain and tells the brain that it got the message and now its making the hormones, so the brain says, make more cause its cold outside and it does because it wants to make you warmer.

But what happens when you get chilly?

Dr Oz Why Our Thyroid Makes Us Feel Cold

The brain tells the thyroid what to do, so what happens is when you get chilly, the brain throws a message to the thyroid and the thyroid does not send the message back saying I got your message because it is not functioning normally and the thyroid is trying to work and send the message back to the brain but it can’t, so now the brain is sending all kinds of messages to the thyroid and the thyroid is not responding. The thyroid is trying it’s best but cannot keep up and this, thus is called hypothyroidism, which is an issue you have to deal with because the thyroid is not making the hormones it is supposed to make.

The thyroid level is now in a panic and its growing large to try to keep up with the fact that it can’t make the hormone’s its suppose to make. The question then becomes what are you going to do about it, thats why doctors always check the neck, we are always examining the neck to see if your thyroid is large because its a sign to us that your thyroid is not working properly.

Most women complain about their hands and feet always being cold, reason being the body has an inner core thats protective of itself, when the temperture gets cold the body protects the organs – the heart, lungs, belly, etc. So all that becomes red and warm, the extremities like the hands and feet are the last place where the blood will protect because it can afford for the hands to get cold.

So what is it that the thyroid does to make sure we turn warm?

When we feel cold our bodies may feel like ice now if you have a hyper thyroid and its not working properly its like trying to melt a block of ice with a little hand held lighter, as oppsed to a healthy thyroid that works pefectly the ice block will melt a lot faster and properly.

Dr Oz Thyroid Tests You Can Do

There are two great tests you can do to test your thyroid, the first one is feel to see if you have a large thyroid which you can feel with your two fingers. The thyroid which is located under the adams apple, place two fingers underneath and swallow and if you feel a lump as you swallow, chances are your thyroid is inflammed and should get a doctor to check it.

The next Dr. Oz thyroid test is to take a pencil and place it on the outside part of your eye and what you are looking for is the presence of hair outside the eye. With a hyper thyroid you loose the outer third part of your eyebrows, if this is the case for you I strongly recommend talking to your family doctor about getting your thyroid checked says Dr Oz.