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Dr Oz Rachael Ray Eating Healthy On A Budget A Week In A Day


Rachael Ray teaches viewers how to eat healthy on a budget. Rachael Ray: Healthy on a Budget 30 minute meals
Celebrity chef Rachael Ray shows off her best budget strategies. Learn how to make a week’s worth of meals in 1 day!

Dr Oz and Rachael talked about when Dr Oz was on her show and he met a young woman Christina who was 18 years old, high school student who was over weight and who had been bullied because of it. She was bullied so badly Rachael said that she wouldn’t go back to public school, she is back on track and gone back to school for her senior year. Rachael explained that it takes a community of family to help with the whole lifestyle change when it comes to someone like Christina who has initially 70 pounds to lose.

Dr oz went on to talk about families that are totally addicted to convenience foods because they haven’t been able to take the time or the money to make the foods themselves. Parents feel forced and pressured to use the fast food because it’s cheap, it’s available and they can get it in a moments notice.

Rachael Ray’s Quick And Healthy Meal Fixes On A Tight Budget

Today Rachael gives everyone strategies to cook on a budget, and she started off by saying that some of the most important items in the grocery store are not in the meat case, it’s in the produce department. You can pay literally a fortune for broccoli. Whenever there is a great price in the grocery store on anything including broccoli, buy extra bring it home bring water to a boil and blanche your own veggies. Pop them into food storage bags and make your own frozen foods. Just leave the vegetables in the boiling water until the count of thirty.

When ever you go shopping buy the whole chicken – Rachael says she can take the whole chicken home, pouch it, turn it into soups, stews, tex mex dishes and top pizza’s with it. Chicken is an inexpensive protein for the whole week. Pouching the chicken is not hard – Pot – Water – Chicken.

Create A Food Fund: – Rachael and her husband keeps a mason food jar on the counter and when ever they come home with loose change they through it in the jar. When they head to the grocery store they take the change and put it into the Coin Star and out comes a ticket for money for food.

Dr Oz Rachael Ray Best Deals In The Supermarket

Buying Loose Buying Bulk
– Buy Bulk, Rachael said that most things you buy in packages you can buy in bulk in the supermarket. Everything from nuts, lentils, beans and dried fruit. Lots of healthy snacks that you purchase for yourself, once they put a brand name on it and packaging around it the price goes right up through the roof.

Unit Price:
– Why unit price is so important – Rachael’s tip on pricing when you go grocery shopping for anything do not compare the ticketed price on the actual item. The only true price is the unit price. Look at the smaller number to the left, that’s the price your paying per unit of measure, so when you compare all those you can see which item actually has the lower price for the peanut butter, or for the juice, olive oil etc. The unit price is what you want to buy from, never buy from the tag.

All pick up your circulars, if not at home get them as soon as you walk in the door of the store. Those specials on the front page are the ones you want to bring extra home, even if they are not your favorites. Even if steak is a 1.99 and it’s not your favorite bring home steak.

Rachael Ray’s Secret To Staying On A Budget

Prepare all the meals for a week in one day! This is all part of Rachael Ray’s new show on the cooking channel called Rachael Ray’s Look + Cook

A week in a day is the idea is to get a whole week of cooking done in one day, so even if you don’t want to deal with a thirty minute meal, on a day off commit to a couple of hours and you can get a leg up on the whole week. The recipes are designed so that the shopping list overlaps.

Start of with stock, root vegetables, old cheese rinds, you make one huger pot of stock and that stock is turned over into several meals. You also make some roasted tomatoes.

First Night Meal: Rachael Ray’s Hearty and Healthy 3 Bean Minestrone
Second Night Meal: Take your roasted tomatoes and make a marinara sauce with spaghetti squash a fantastic alternative to spaghetti. Just top it of with the marinara sauce.
Third Night Meal: Take more of the stock, different vegetables and serve it on a bed of polenta
Forth Night Meal: Mexican Pesto with whole wheat spaghetti
Fifth Night Meal: Whole wheat panko eggplant that you layer with your roasted tomatoes with some cooked greens like kale or chard. Rachael Ray’s Recipes From Today’s Dr Oz Show, plus Rachael’s famous you won’t be single for long Vodka Pasta.

Rachael says to keep starchy cooking water, every time you make pasta keep a little of the starchy water, it makes the sauce go around the pasta.

Rachael Ray’s Quick Fix Recipes On A Shoe String Budget

Stretching A Dollar To Feed A Family – Looking For Ways To Stretch A Dollar And Refuse To Compromise Your Families Health To Save Money! Rachael Ray’s Look & Cook every single recipe has a step by step picture for every recipe. There is also a thirty minute meal section where you can go online and cook live with Rachael Ray, turn her on in the kitchen and you can cook together.

How to make a dollar stretch – Ground anything says Rachael, ground turkey breast is 99% fat free. It’s a little pricy but it’s all breast, you can stretch a buck by turning it into mini meatloafs. Make turkey meatloafs and freeze them and you can then serve them up with mashed sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. Rachael mashed them up with a little chicken stock and a little orange zest. Rachael Ray’s Turkey Meat Loaves With Smashed Sweet Potatoes, Peas and Radishes