Dr Oz Cryosclerotherapy Varicose Vein Treatment With Dr Luis Navarro

Dr Oz: Cryosclerotherapy For Varicose Veins

Today Dr. Oz invited Luis Navarro on to the show to talk about a breakthrough treatment for varicose vein call Cryo Sclerotherapy. We do our best everyday to look younger, so why wouldn’t we want a solution to make our legs look sexier. Roadmaps consisting of spider veins is not sexy, and the reason most women don’t want to show their legs in the summer. Below you can watch Dr. Oz May 27, 2013 – video of Dr. Navarro Cryo-sclerotherapy procedure performed on stage today.

CryosclerotherapyDr. Oz sits down with experts for every problem. Dr. Oz and Dr. Louis Navarro discuss therapy to help cure varicose vein, Jene Luciana gives her tips on finding the perfect bra, and dermatologist Heidi Waldorf and trainer Jolene Mathews show the top cellulite cream, plus the best moves to blast cellulite.

Dr. Luis Navarro, and Sclerotherapy Video

Watch the video as Dr. Navarro performs Sclerotherapy, and an informative session on the amount of Sclerotherapy treatments of need to see results.

Dr. Navarro received a U.S. patent for his invention and development of an Endovenous Laser Ablation (Endolaser, EVLT, EVLA), a minimally invasive treatment for large varicose veins. A method that has revolutionized the field of vein treatment (phlebology) and is now practiced worldwide.

In this segment Luis Navarro performed the Cryosclerotherapy procedure for varicose vein today onstage with Vanessa for Dr Oz to see how it works, and us as we watched the spider veins disappear instantly.

What Is Cryo-Sclerotherapy

Cryosclerotherapy is indicated to treat varicose veins of the lower limbs and other vascular malformation such as capillary hemangiomas, larger telangiectasias and venulectasias in the legs, by injecting sclerosing liquid inside blood vessels in order to make them to shrink and gradually disappear. Main advantages of cryosclerotherapy instead of traditional sclerotherapy relies in the physical effect of cold at treated vessel walls, increasing treatment efficacy while decreasing total number of sessions required, also relieving the painful feeling and diminishing incidence of mild ecchymosis deriving from procedure.

Dr. Navarro explains to Dr. Oz Cryosclerotherapy procedure: The cold destroys the internal wall, eliminating it. A great reduction in the number of necessary sessions is observed for the treatment and maintenance ( increasing the potency of the treatment). Besides, it decreases the painful sensation that was already small (analgesic effect because of the cold) and reduces the small equimoses that appear during the treatment (because of the constriction of the vases, caused by the cold).

How much does Cryosclerotherapy cost?

The cost of Cryo-Sclerotherapy for varicose veins $500 for 40 injections. If you live in the New York area:

Dr. Navarro’s Vein Treatment Center
327 E. 65th St., New York, NY

If you can’t afford to have the Cryosclerotherapy, you can always try Hesperidin for varicose veins, supplements that you take daily.
That’s not all today on Dr. Oz May 27 2013. Dr. Oz has the solutions to the biggest body complaints – varicose veins, Cellulite Creams, and sagging breasts. It doesn’t stop here because the first segment of the show today was Dr. Oz’s Dirty Restaurant Secrets.