Dr Oz Self Exam For Thyroid Cancer

Dr Oz Thyroid Self Exam

Thyroid cancer cases in women are on the rise. Dr. Oz demonstrates the importance of early detection. Learn exactly what to look and feel for when performing a thyroid self exam. Dr. Oz demonstrated today in this segment of the Dr Oz Self Exam For Thyroid Cancer, the importance of early detection of thyroid cancer. Learn where the thyroid gland is, what to look and feel for when doing a thyroid self-exam.

The Thyroid Self Exam
One easy way to get a hold on thyroid health is to get to know your thyroid better by performing periodic thyroid self-exams. Like a breast self-exam, doing this evaluation routinely lets you become more familiar with the terrain. If you find a lump, even if it is the size of a tiny pebble, have it checked by a doctor.

Dr oz says you can save your life and catch thyroid cancer early by doing a simple self thyroid exam. If you find thyroid cancer early it is almost always curable, 97% of the time says Oz.

Get a glass of water and a mirror, and step one is to find the thyroid gland. Feel for your adams apple – two finger widths below the adams apple is the thyroid gland.

Dr Oz Thyroid Cancer Check

Here’s how to do a thyroid exam:

1. Stand in front of a mirror keeping your eye on the area just below the Adam’s apple and right above the collarbone.

2. Drink some water and tilt your head back slightly, just enough to keep your eye focused on the thyroid area while you swallow

3. As you swallow keep your fingers pressed lightly on the Look and feel for any bulges and bumps(unusual enlargements or swelling)

4. Repeat a few times – Report any findings to your doctor

Dr Oz Stages Of Thyroid Cancers

Dr Oz said the size of the cancer determines not only the success of getting the cancer out, but also the survival rate.

Stage 1 is the size of a pea – 1cm
Stage 2 is the size of a peanut – 2cm
Stage 3 is the size of a walnut – 4 cm
Stage 4 is the size of a lime – 5cm

At stage five the thyroid tumour has grown outside of the gland, Dr Oz says if you find any enlargements of that nature then you need to go see someone quickly.

Dr. Oz asked Dr. James Lee what does someone do if they find one of these lumps and Dr Lee’s response was that at least 15% to 30% of the U.S. population will have a thyroid nodule, and the first thing to do is not to panic. The vast majority of thyroid nodules are benign, not cancer. Your doctor will probably order a quick test called a fine needle biopsy to tell you your risk of thyroid cancer.

Dr Lee said that if you have a thyroid cancer the best treatment is to remove the thyroid, usually the entire thyroid. You will take a pill once a day which will replace the thyroid hormones that the thyroid normally produces.

Thyroid surgery has a very high success rate – Dr Oz says thyroid cancer grows slowly, when caught early it is easily treated and even cured. if you find a lump see your doctor