Dr. Oz Butterbur For Migraines, Willow Bark For Knee Pain, Devil’s Claw Lower Back Pain

Dr. Oz Butterbur For Migraines, Willow Bark For Knee Pain; Devil’s Claw For Lower Back Pain; Common Cures for the most common aches and pains. Got a migraine, instead of your favorite drug take butterbur, it has been used for centuries. Herbal treatment for headaches. Natural pain killers for your knees and back.

Dr. Oz Natural Pain Killers; Today Dr. Oz Oz reveals natural cures for our aches and pains. Roseann and Greta shared their common pains today which were stress pain in the neck and shoulder, pain in the hip and are looking for a natural remedy.

Dr. Oz would mention an ache and the ladies would have to dig through the pill bucket to find what they think is the best natural cure.

Dr. Oz Best Natural Cure For Migraines Butterbur

They had a choice of Butterbur & DHEA to choose from and they both picked DHEA for migraines, but Dr. Oz’s natural remedy for migraines is butterbur. Butterbur has been used for centuries as a herbal treatment for headaches. It can relax the blood vessels of the brain which can prevent those spastic headaches that sometimes happen in our heads. It takes weeks to work, it’s a preventative strategy, it doesn’t work after you have the headache.

On the screen it said to take Butterbur for migraines 75MG twice daily.

Dr. Oz Best Natural Cure Willow Bark For Knee Pain

He asked the ladies if it is Vitamin B 12 or Willow Bark and they both picked white willow bark for knee pain which is correct. Willow Bark contains salicin, a chemical which is very similar to what is in aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). Willow Bark is as effective or maybe more effective than aspirin for aches and pains. On the screen it said to take 120MG of willow bark a day.

Dr. Oz Natural Cure Devil’s Claw For Lower Back Pain

The ladies had a choice of Ginkgo and Devil’s Claw and Roseann picked Ginkgo and Greta picked devil’s claw as a natural cure for low back pain. The correct answer is Devil’s Claw for low back pain. Devil’s claw id used for swelling, inflammation and pain, it is believed to block the pro inflammatory cells that causes swelling and pain.

On the screen it said to take 500MG once a day of Devil’s Claw for lower back pain. Roseann and Greta both took home a bag full Butterbur, Willow Bark & Devil’s Claw, Dr. Oz’s natural remedies for migraines, knee pain and lower back pain.