Dr Oz: Cellulite Creams That Work

Dr Oz: Cellulite Creams That Work, the two minute solution for cellulite. Today on Dr Oz cellulite was a big body complaint, women complaining of cellulite from the waist down. Dr Oz guests, Dr. Heidi Waldorf and Elisabeth Halfpapp have two solutions for cellulite. One being, knowing which cellulite cream works, and the ingredients to look for in a cellulite cream and the other is exercises to get rid of cellulite.

Dr Oz: Heidi Waldorf Cellulite Cream That Works

Heidi Waldorf tells Dr Oz, effective cellulite creams should contain multiple ingredients, retinoids, caffeine and antioxidants in it. Look for a cellulite cream with these 3 ingredients, it should reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The antioxidants in cellulite cream will reduce the inflammation in the skin, the caffeine works beneath the top layer of the skin and shrinks the fat lobules down. The retinoids in the cream pull the superficial layer beneath the skin taut and smoother looking.

Make You Own Cellulite Cream: Dr Waldorf tells Dr Oz there is no permanent solution for cellulite but if you have something coming up where the part of your body that is over run with cellulite is not spend a lot of money, start by looking in your cabinets and you will likely find something that has antioxidants, caffeine or retinoid in the ingredients.

Caffeine is often in eye de-puffing agents and gels, antioxidants are usually found in lotions and retinoids can be found in acne medicine as well as anti-aging creams. Take 3 different products and put them on all together to make a cellulite cream of your own and save some money.

Dr Oz: Elisabeth Halfpapp Cellulite Exercise

Dr Oz’s second solution to fight cellulite 2 minute cellulite moves. Elisabeth Halfpapp has two moves you can do daily to help minimize cellulite. These two moves target where we hold cellulite the most, the thighs, glutes and lower abdomen.

Spread legs a little wider than hips width, pull the lower abdomen in, posture straight, ears over shoulders, hands on the hips and bend the knees, straighten back up and repeat. It’s the same as doing ballet exercises.

The exercise place your feet at a 45 degree angle, hands on the hips, pulling up on the lower core put the left leg back and make a butt muscle on the right butt cheek. Lift the leg 4 times up and down, each time resting it on the floor before the next lift. Next hold that leg out and do 4 quick little lifts back without the foot touching the floor. Next switch the legs and your done.

Do this cellulite exercise everyday to help keep the cellulite at bay, it takes two minutes a day, no sweat required. Or you can just use the cellulite cream for the quick fix, no sweat required for that solution either.

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